Monday, May 21, 2007

Slippery When Wet

Friday evening is our traditional time for adult fun and games. Randy had mentioned the previous day that he had “something in mind.” When he says that, it usually means generous portions of spanking and lovemaking. I pondered the possibilities as I drove home from work. Knowing my husband as I do, almost anything was possible. It does little good to speculate, but the spanko mind simply has to wonder about the fate of the spanko bottom.

We work slightly different hours so I arrive at home about two hours before Randy. This gives me an opportunity to tidy up the house, do some chores, catch up with the blog, and make myself presentable. On this evening, however, he was already home when I arrived.

Randy greeted me with a luscious kiss, much as I often do with him. We embraced for more than a minute as hands and fingers explored and caressed. We both knew at that moment that our passion could be neither contained nor deferred. Randy took my hand and led me to our bedroom.

I think I must have gasped when I spied his intricate preparations. My lover had spread a plasticized tablecloth over the center of our bed. Arrayed around it was a collection of assorted love toys.

“Well?” He inquired, knowing that I understood the question.

“I guess I had better lose these clothes,” I replied sheepishly. He nodded his affirmation.

I was wearing an expensive business suit that I didn’t want to damage, so I removed the jacket, blouse, and skirt and folded each carefully before setting them on a chair. I fiddled several seconds with my necklace before releasing the clasp and putting it safely away.

Randy was now tapping his foot impatiently. I knew he was mostly kidding, but I still felt compelled to step up my pace. I slid out of my pantyhose, pulled off my slip, yanked down my panties, and unfastened my bra. With one quick toss in the general direction of the hamper, I was now ready for action.

My lover gently guided me down onto the bed. I hadn’t noticed previously that there was a pillow beneath the center of the plastic tablecloth. I arranged myself so that my pelvis was directly over it and my bottom was jutting upward. I was now as prepared as possible given the circumstances.

Upon first contact, the flowered tablecloth seemed cool and slick. Within a few short minutes, though, it felt warm and sticky on my bare skin. I soon learned its purpose.

Randy began by generously applying scented massage oil to my back, shoulders, and neck. The strong, rich smell of vanilla filled the air. The rotating motion of his palms relaxed my muscles even as his dancing fingertips ignited my carnal imagination. I exhaled deeply, expelling the troubles and stresses of a long week.

After a while, he moved down to my hips, thighs, and bottom, liberally applying oil as he proceeded. I absolutely love to have my bottom rubbed and kneaded and caressed. To my delight, Randy gave me all of this and more. This part of the massage lasted probably ten minutes. The entire time, I expected him to switch over to spanking, but he didn’t.

I shivered with glee as his slick fingers probed my willing orifices. He parted my cheeks to gain complete access to my feminine treasures. I opened my legs to aid in his quest. Soon the oil mixed with my own lubrication to yield a slippery sweet confection. All the while, I panted my desire.

I next became aware of a dull object pressing at my most private opening. It was a smooth rubber plug. Once I relaxed, it slid in without too much effort. I felt filled in a most decadent way. There are times when I would prefer to skip the anal play. But on this evening, the plug served to draw out and accentuate out my basic submissiveness.

Now, finally, I figured Randy was ready to spank. He even went into the bathroom and washed off his hands. But it was not to be, at least not yet. He applied more scented oil to my hindquarters, patting and squeezing as he rubbed it into my skin. Again, I adored all of the wonderful sensations of being massaged in this most erogenous zone. But where, I wondered, was the spanking? Had my dear mate turned as vanilla as the oil he employed? Surely it couldn’t be so.

And, of course, it wasn’t so. At a certain point, my man decided that the time had come to move ahead. He popped out the butt plug, set it aside, and began to swat my bottom using both of his hands. As if playing a slick, fleshy bongo drum, he spanked with a fast cadence and a hard stroke. Each time one of his hands impacted against my slippery slopes, it produced a resounding “Crack!”

After a minute or two, he stopped long enough to admire the crimson glow and radiant heat he had generated. Then, he was back to spanking with the same two-handed alternating style as before. The blows stung, but not unbearably so. In fact, I rather fancied this slightly jarring departure from the state of relaxation he previously induced.

After a while, my Prince Charming slowed his pace and mixed in more of that splendid stroking. By now, all of the stimulation had me in a state of profound horniness. He could have done virtually anything to me and I would have accepted it graciously.

I knew the spanking was over when I heard the sound of Randy removing his pants. Once he too was naked, he approached me from behind and climbed on my back. I raised my hips and tipped my pelvis to bid him welcome. When he joined with me, I moaned with pleasure. I didn’t care who might hear. His strong hands latched onto the meaty portion of my hips and pulled me backward even he thrust forward. The result was several electrifying climaxes for me. He too found his explosive release deep within me.

After the action had concluded, we shared a leisurely shower, complete with more touching, more spanking, and a lovely round of "swallow the sword." There was one particularly memorable moment when we tightly embraced and professed our love as water cascaded down over our faces. Clean seldom feels quite this satisfying.

Later in the evening, we dressed and went out for dinner. It was a pleasant meal, but I think we were both a bit preoccupied by all that had preceded it. I was so relaxed that I was ready to go to bed almost as soon as we returned home. It’s great to be able to leave the week’s stresses behind.

Lesson: I will never again giggle when someone enters the search term "vanilla spanking."

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Anonymous said...

Wonderful !!! You are SO fortunate in your relationship. A great read that leaves me green with envy. :)

Paige Tyler said...

Very hot, Bonnie!!! My hubby and I love making massages a regular part of our weekend!!! Along with spanking, of course!!!

Paige (Tigger)

emeraldeyes said...

Lovely Bonnie, sounds like you had a wonderful time!

Em x

Anonymous said...

A lovely post Bonnie, you are a lucky, lucky girl, I am green with envy.


Kallisto said...

It sounds like you had quite an evening! Thanks for sharing it with us!!

Paul said...

Bonnie, great tale, what fun, massage adds a lot to a spanking. *G*
Warm hugs,

Anonymous said...

Bonnie~ This is an awesome post. Thanks for sharing!!


Southern Angel said...

So beautiful! Randy must be a great guy to plan such a romantic and fun evening for the both of you. :) Thanks for sharing your fun with all of us.

Reesa Roberts said...

Great post, Bonnie! We've used fresh sheets over the regular bed linens when we use massage oil, but never though of a plastic, slippery cover! Can't wait to try it!


New Beginnings said...

Bonnie this sounded like heaven. And on a completely different topic, would you be interested in having my daughter come spend a month or so with you this summer??


SmartNnaughty said...


What a wonderful story. It is hot, hot, HOT! You and Randy ROCK!!!


mthc said...

Love one myself tonight!

Bonnie said...

Self - I agree. I am fortunate indeed.

Paige - Thank you. I think you've cooked up a fine recipe for a perfect weekend!

Em - Thanks. Wonderful is an excellent description.

Ollie - Truer words...

Kallisto - You are very welcome. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Paul - I love a massage spanking. In fact, these are the three most relaxing activities I know.

Eva - You're most welcome!

Angel - He definitely is a great guy. Even after all these years, he still manages to surprise me.

Reesa - Thanks! Randy gets the credit. I wouldn't have thought of that one either.

PK - It was definitely a good evening. As for the daughter, I'll have to politely decline. I already have one (and it took us years to get her out of the house!).

Nancy - Thank you! I'm pleased that you enjoyed it.

MTHC - Aren't massages wonderful?

ZED & ginger said...

wow! This was very steamy! I enjoyed the read and may have been inspired for tonight!


Bonnie said...

Ginger - Thank you! I hope you two enjoy a fantastic night!

Anonymous said...

i reli loved ur story. but unfortunatly my husband likes me chained up when he spanks me. jus last night i was tied up in the basment spanked by a huge wooden paddle. it felt so good. but i also wish i can exprience ur type of pleasure

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