Sunday, May 27, 2007

MBS Spanko Brunch #71

Welcome back, everyone, to our community spanko brunch. This is Memorial Day weekend in the US and the traditional start of summer. To herald the arrival of this season of romance, we have an appropriate and fun discussion topic.

How do spankings fit into your definition of romance? Do you find spankings romantic? If so, how? What can partners do for each another to add a little romance to their spankings?

If you have thoughts you would like to add to our discussion, the process is the same as we've used in the past. You may leave a comment below, send me an e-mail message, or post a response on your own blog. Once everyone has provided their input, I will publish a summary.


Tiggr d'Amore said...

Oh, YES, spanking can be ever so romantic... the very act of giving and receiving a spanking incites passion, ignites that rush of endorphins, adrenaline... all the love hormones. Nothing is better for sparking the flames of romance.

How? Well, touch is paramount... slow, soft, sensual touch, not just whacking away. Lots of rubbing and touching and kissing and caressing all over, followed by slow undressing and an even slower warmup. Lots of touching across the lap or laying on your partner. And liberal application of the hand at least to start...

GREAT topic idea this week! Hope you have a super weekend... thansk for stopping by the party. Better late than never!!!!

Huge hugs,

emeraldeyes said...

I agree completely with Tiggr, spankings can most definitely be romantic. Providing there is lots of caressing along with it (in my opinion)...

It's that deep understanding of what you both want, and need. Where words aren't needed, just intense feelings (both physical and non physical)...

I know sometimes when I am feeling a little neglected, or unappreciated. CM just has to take me over his lap, begin the gentle touches along with the semi-painful spanks and i'm 'his'...

Great topic, and I look forward to seeing what others think about this.

Em x

Anonymous said...

Spanking can be playful or erotic, serious or fun. It is certainly an intimate act too. One is removing/pulling down their bottoms, and the other is touching the bared bottom... in an act designed to fulfill needs and desires. And, if the people spanking are in love, and have a romance in place... spanking can indeed be very romantic.

To add to the romantic feel of a spanking, for us... the erotic nature of spanking is focused on. A more vanilla person would imagine a candlelit room, floral scents, music, loving words, naked bodies, massage oil, touching and kisses. That's a romantic scene. We feel the same way... just as spankos, you know... we throw a leather paddle and some OTK time into the mix. ;)

Paul said...

Bonnie, are we so different from those we call vanilla.
Picture the scene, I have finished up downstairs, locked up, checked the windows, settled the dogs. Mel went up about thirty minute ago. I enter our bedroom, the bedside lights are dimmed, there are candles on the dresser and mantle our favourite incense is burning. Mel is in the bathroom combing her hair. I remove my slacks,throw my shirt and shorts in the hamper.
I walk into the bathroom, the sight of my girl naked, as always, turns me on. From behind I smile at her in the mirror, kiss her neck and stroke her butt, she giggles, as always, and blushes, as if we haven't done this a thousand times.
I hop into the shower for a quick wash, my beloved is waiting.
Mel is sitting on the side of the bed waiting for me, she looks so serious, I open my arms, she flies across the room and into my arms, we kiss and caress as I deposit her on the bed. I climb onto the head end and Mel crawls into my arms, she whispers in my ear, I've been a naughty girl, so what did you do this time, she always had to earn her good girls. After much cuddling, stroking and more intimate touching she was over my lap. This happen very often in our life together, yet the first spank always seemed to come as a surprise. After ten to fifteen minutes spanking intermixed with stroking and the sort of touching that position encourages, Mel came, this led to me giving her several orgasms, do I need to go on!!!
For me spanking is the most erotic form of foreplay possible.
Thanks Bonnie, sorry about the essay, love your brunches.
Warm hugs,

Erin said...

I consider spankings to be very romantic, especially when there is a great deal of rubbing. We have also used candles to set the mood. Although, the most romantic spankings for me are the ones that I don't know are coming.

As always Bonnie that was an excellent question.


Paige Tyler said...

Spanking is all about romance for us!!! In addition to the sexy lingerie I like to sometimes wear, there's also the prelude to the spankings my hubby gives me. This includes kissing, caressing, and sensual massage. Then of course, there's all the touching and caressing that he does during the actual spanking. All of that combines to make a very romantic, not to mention very fun, afternoon or evening!!!

Paige (Tigger)

Scout said...

Hi, Bonnie -

I definitely find spanking romantic. One reason is that I know it was hard for my husband to sign on, but he did and continues to do so because he loves me, which deepens the love I feel for him.

And, the spanking itself is exciting. There's no other type of foreplay where we talk, giggle, tease, "act," and engage each other as much as we do in spanking. It always leads to high energy, passionate lovemaking - the fulfillment of romance!

Spanking also makes us more generally aware of the little charge between us. I notice his confidence and "dominance" traits all the time, and it's kind of fun to think myself, "he spanked me!" when I'm watching him do something as ordinary as taking out the trash. It makes life seem romantic.


Mary said...

I love the romance of a spanking. Spanking is incredibly intimate. Even when it is for punishment - there is such an intimacy with submission, and an intimacy with knowing someone wishes you to be your best self. The trust between partners is romatic, the fire that builds is incredibly romatic. The tender wince when sitting down to dinner on a toasted bottom - is this sweet secret between partners that bonds like no other. To me spankings are as romantic as can be.

New Beginnings said...

I agree with much of what Scout said. Since spanking did not come natural to Nick I think it is very romantic every time he spanks me. I know he is doing this for me, because he loves me. What could be more romantic!


Caryagal said...

I think spanking is very romantic. It gives us such a closeness that I feel. I know PS spanks out of his love for me. He is more a vanilla with sprinkles, than a spanko, so every time I get spanked by him I cherish it because I know that to do this he is showing his ultimate love for me and my needs. It is absolutely the most romantic thing!


Pagan said...

My hubby is a vanilla, so he spanks me because he knows I want/need him to.

I'm not sure I'd exactly call it romantic (particularly when he has me solidly pinned and is going to town on my butt); but it's definitely an act of love. :)

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