Friday, May 18, 2007

Friday Fun

Happy Friday!

This bit of frivolity comes to you through the wonderful facilities of the Generator Blog.


Southern Angel said...

Very cute! But now JD is going to make me get a shirt like that. LOL

Paige Tyler said...

Cute, Bonnie!!! Love the shirt!!!

Paige (Tigger)

Paul said...

Bonnie, maybe the U S mint should strike a coin in honour of your glorious butt.
I'm beginning to appreciate the beauty of a pair of well filled feminine jeans, I'm sure Randy would agree.
A chuckle worthy post, thanks Bonnie.
Warm hugs,

Kallisto said...

What fun! Have a great weekend!!!

padme amidala said...

Very fun post, bonnie. Have a lovely weekend!
padme amidala

Anonymous said...

The coin is great... really like that one. Too bad that one isn;t in circulation.

~Todd & Suzy

Bonnie said...

Angel - Getting the shirt is easy. It's wearing the shirt that would prove a challenge!

Paige - It would be fun to get a nightgown that says that. Or maybe a pair of shorts with those words on the seat.

Paul - Thanks!

Kallisto - I wish you a fine weekend as well, but I already know you have a spanking coming. Enjoy!

Padme - Thanks. You too!

Todd and Suzy - Thanks. I suspect the coin might be good for settling those debts that the mouth accrues and the bottom must pay.

Emmy_Doll said...

Um. I just have to say... I really want that shirt.

Buy one for me Bonnie.




Reesa Roberts said...

Love that coin! I'll never figure out how you did it, LOL.

This must be a bad day for me in bloggerland, as I can't find the comments section for your new brunch post above this one...


Bonnie said...

Emmy - Not only would you look terrific in that shirt, you're one the person who I believe would actually wear it! :D

Bonnie said...

Reesa - I'll admit the coin was a bit tricky, but only because the menus were in German.

As for the brunch post, I have an intermittent problem with Blogger where for some reason, posts sometimes don't allow comments. I've fixed it. Thanks, and sorry for the trouble.

Emmy_Doll said...

Are you kidding?!

No one else would wear that shirt?


I'm pretty open most of the time, unless it puts my job at risk.

But that shirt is amazingly awesome!

Bonnie said...

Emmy - OK, you're not the only one who would wear that shirt. You're just the first to come to mind! :D

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