Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Bonnie's Mailbag

Every month or so, it's fun to open the mailbag and examine the contents. Here, for your enlightenment, is the newest batch. Please note that in some cases, I have paraphrased messages for the sake of brevity.

Question: where can i find women like you?

Response: If you're truly interested in the middle-aged artsy type, try your local bookstore, especially if it has a coffee shop.

Comment: In the "50 Reasons" list you mention the pain of spanking is nothing compared to the pain of childbirth. I could add or amend that to, "The pain of a spanking is nothing compared to the pain of a Brazilian." I don't think many guys suffer guilt pangs over voicing that request!

Response: I like that version. It perfectly fits what I was trying to convey.

Comment: Hello, i am a male who has always being fascinated with spanking as a pleasure and as a punishment, or both. I don't really understand your site ( i think im stupid too) but i am interested,so i will keep watching and learning, by the way , i do have some real experiences that still excite me, and always will.

Response: Watching and learning are both free. Be my guest.

Question: Have you have any knowledge or experience with Leather Thorn Paddles?

Response: No, but a number of spanko friends whose opinions I value have great praise for John and his fine work.

Question: is that a picture of you bototm?

Response: No, I keep my bototm locked up in a safety deposit box. You can never be too careful with those.

Question: Are there any more at home like you?

Response: Nope. If they were sitting at home, they wouldn't be like me!

Question: Have you found that three to five swats will turn your "Minute Man" into an orgasm machine/Energizer bunny who while he may have tears in his eyes he will have lead in his pencil?

Response: Uh, no. That's not been my experience.

Comment: When I leave comments in Blogger, they don't seem to show up. Is there a problem?

Response: If you can't leave a comment here, then I consider it to be a problem. Blogger can be finicky sometimes when it comes to comments. Sometimes, it won't take my comment until I enter my password and magic word twice. If you think you've entered a comment, it's best to check and make sure it shows up before moving along. One secret I've discovered is that this problem occurs less often if I log into Blogger before I enter any comments.

Question: Would you be interested in reviewing our (pay) site?

Response: Thank you for your kind offer, but there are plenty of great review sites around. It's not practical for me to try to match what they do and still keep the blog running smoothly.

Question: Would you allow your husband to suck on the elastic of your panties?

Response: To tell you the truth, it's never come up in conversation.

Question: Hi iam a professional disciplinarian from uk .Ever visited one for a genuine spanking? .It seems to be getting popular in the uk

Response: If you're making a living as a professional disciplinarian, it must be popular! My amateur husband administers spankings that feel quite genuine to me.


Adele Haze said...

That last one is *such* a fibber! In his dreams, maybe :)

Paul said...

Bonnie, I have to agree with Adele on that one.
Warm hugs,

Kallisto said...

Bonnie, I agree with Adele and Paul! I loved your answer. By the way, you sure get some interesting/strange questions!

emeraldeyes said...

Interesting questions in your mailbag, once again Bonnie.
Great answers though!

Em x

Anonymous said...

(giggling) This reminds me of my feature, "The Correspondence Hall of Shame." I guess we all get these loonies!

"you bototm"? How hard IS it to type a seven-word sentence, most of them one syllable, and spell all the words correctly?

The mind reels... -- Erica

Reesa Roberts said...

Love your mailbag posts, Bonnie!


Anonymous said...

Honest to Pete, Bonnie! Do you ever wonder where the heck these people come from? I laugh like heck when I see Bonnie's mailbag!

Thanks for sharing! I know I'm a sane person when I see these things! But...they always make for a fun read.

Debbie :)

Bonnie said...

Adele - I suspected as much. Thanks for setting the record straight!

Paul - Thanks!

Kallisto: As I often say, I couldn't make up anything as weird as some of these messages. Sometimes, I have to read them twice to ensure they really did say what I thought they said.

Em - Thanks! With gag writers like these, I never run out of material.

Erica - Yes, I think we have some of the same correspondents! By now, I shouldn't be surprised, but I still find myself mumbling "Saywhat?"

Reesa - Thank you!

Debbie - Yes, as a matter of fact, I wonder precisely that quite often. Unfortunately, I have no satisfactory answers.

Around here, sanity is definitely graded on a curve! Thanks for your comment.

Der Whip mit der Quips said...

Your blog is a joy, as is your wit. I love fetish bloggers, in general, and spanking bloggers, in particular, because you all seem to be so intelligent, centered, well rounded (ha) people. Great Blog!

Anonymous said...

Great answers, Bonnie!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Bonnie

I have never posted before but I felt compelled to. My husband stumbled onto your blog and urger me to read it, Im glad he did... you are very funny. I am a semi-virgin spankee but look forward to enjoying a long life of ..well..pink bum cheeks!

Do you use any paddles?

Thank you!

Bonnie said...

Der Whip - Thank you, and welcome! Your blog is always a wonderful surprise. One never knows which flavor of kink will arrive next. But then, that's the point, isn't it?

Tigger - Thanks!

Lily - Welcome! I'm glad you're enjoying the blog.

I wish both of you well in all your spanko adventures. There's a lot of fun and enjoyment to be shared.

We have a number of paddles in various shapes, sizes, and materials. They are used fairly regularly. You can have plenty of spanking fun without ever owning a paddle, but it can makes the experience a bit more intense.

If you're considering acquiring a paddle (or any spanking toy), I recommend starting slow and easy. It's unwise to swing away until the spanker is familiar with the implement and his partner's reactions to it. Spanking is too way much fun to spoil with an injury.

Please feel free to comment any time. We would love to hear about your progress!

Dave said...

I am amazed at the variety, and some of the weirdness, of the emails you get! :-))


Naughty Princess said...

Just thought I'd drop by and tell you I have been lurking for some time and I really love your site! So much so my girlfriend and I started our own! Thank you for being such a great inspiration.


Bonnie said...

Dave - Me too! I originally started the mailbag feature because readers sometimes send me questions that are fairly generic and have answers that many people might appreciate. I figured that if I'm answering the question anyway, I might as well use that response for the blog. Occasionally, my response turns into an entire post. Most times, though, it shows up in the mailbag.

I've received screwball questions for nearly as long as long as I've had the blog. Some want a date. Others want a spanking. A few are after something exquisitely strange.

What always surprises me is that some of these people couldn't possibly have spent any time reading the blog. If you want to know what I'm into, it's pretty much all there.

Readers have responded very positively to including the bizarre e-mails in the mailbag feature. That's why I try to cherry pick (sorry!) a few good ones every month.

Believe it or not, these aren't even the weirdest e-mails I receive. I have gotten messages about non-consensual activities, children, and other really disturbing topics that I refuse to publish. I delete them and try to focus my mind on pleasant thoughts.

One fellow blogger has suggested that perhaps readers invent this stuff just to see if they can make it into the mailbag. I have no idea whether that's the case, but I admit that's definitely possible. Whatever the source and motivation, they're truely odd.

Elastic? Really?

Ma'am - You're welcome! I visited your blog last night. You and the princess have made a great start! I added you to my blogroll and I plan to return again.

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