Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Poll: Spanking as a Motivator?

Which statement below best summarizes your feelings about the use of spankings for motivation?

Spankings make a delightful reward for good performance.
Spankings work well as a deterrent against misdeeds.
Spankings can provide either positive or negative reinforcement, depending upon how they are administered.
We don't choose to use spankings for motivational purposes. It's just too confusing.
Motivation? We spank for fun.


Southern Angel said...

JD does (at times) spank me as a motivator, mostly to motivate me to avoid another spanking by behaving myself! But, due to my stubborness, spanking would not be a good motivator to help me doing something really serious like exercising more or quitting smoking (I don't smoke but it makes a good example). I do think GG are great for positive reinforcement.

Paul said...

Bonnie, good girl's make excellent motivators, punishment is much more complex, depends very much on the sub and the offence, and on the aftercare.
Warm hugs,

emeraldeyes said...

Hi Bonnie,
Interesting topic - I voted already. I 'love' spankings in general, for erotic play, for punishment and for motivation.
When I wanted to grow my nails, but found I couldn't stop biting them (as I bite them when nervous and/or worried) CM decided to help out. And he did this by giving my hands a couple of swats with a ruler...
It was a deterrent and now I have long, healthy and strong nails.
We also have begun to use it for dieting, as when you've been dieting for all your life it seems - motivation is very much needed!
Spankings in general work for me...

Anyways looking forward to finding out what opinions people have on this topic.
Em x

Anonymous said...

We spank for fun!!!


padme amidala said...

I voted for spankings can provide positive or negative reinforcement as they have done both for me in my relationship with Master Anakin. :)
padme amidala

Grizzly Bear said...

F) All of the above.

Yes, all of those reasons we have used at some point.

Ofia said...

I finally decided on 'e'... for fun!!!

Though, the afterglow of a spanking has multiple effects.


I love the polls Bonnie. :)

Anonymous said...

Spankings work as motivation for me; someone who always enjoys being spanked, when it's something I want to do anyway. Example when I wanted to lose weight I asked to be paddled, with a very evil paddle, if I gained weight and it kept me on track. Hitting a plateau, no weight loss, wasn't punished but when the plateau turned into a two lb gain I was sore for days because we also spank for fun frequently. Two days of sexy spankings preceded the weight gain paddling that Huge gave me at the end of our foreplay spanking on day three naturally resulting in even hotter love making, as you well know, and a rosy sore bottom. Day four started with a morning hand spanking and sex leaving me sore all day; unable to sit comfortably because of the cumulative effect. Day five evening hand OTK as a part of foreplay. The next four day weekend of play kept me sore and motivated to eat right and do my aerobics to avoid another evil paddling added to our play. Ouch! It took another 36 hours without spanking to be able to sit comfortably without pillows. I wasn't abused just motivated to lose the weight and keep it off because a gain that is sustained for more then three days brings the evil paddle back into play and me very sore. I can opt out of the agreement or take a one week special occasion grace period if needed. I weigh myself and tell Hugh when I need more motivation. I could lie if I wanted to but never would because I need the fear of the evil paddle to stay in shape. : )

Yes, I think spankings can work if they are severe enough for each individual.and you have agreed that you want them. I don't think another ordinary spanking is going to change anyone's behavior in this group. :) We seem to like them.

I do recommend trying our method if you can't achieve your goal any other way.


Anonymous said...

AAAIIIEEEEEE!!! I'm in the minority. LOL

xx gina

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