Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Poll: How Recent?

Please forgive me if I've been negligent in my rounds the past couple of days. Randy was generous enough to share his head cold with me. We hope to both be better in time for the weekend. In the meantime, here's a new poll.

When was your most recent spanking experience?

During the past 24 hours
During the past week
During the past month
During the past six months
During the past year
A really long time ago
Still dreaming...


Anonymous said...

Had a very nice erotic spanking this morning... :)

Hope you feel better!

~Todd & Suzy

emeraldeyes said...


Just wanted to say nice blog. I have only started reading but I am enjoying very much what I have read so far!
I had a spanking two weeks ago, which definitely wasn't plesant with strap and corner time included! However the 'things' you get after are very nice ;-)

Keep up the great work,


padme amidala said...

Got a anniversary spanking just yesterday. :)
Hope you feel better soon, bonnie.
padme amidala

Paul said...

Bonnie, hope that you are feeling better.
I haven't spanked anybody really, since Mel died.
Not quite 13 years, too long.
So far 130 votes, wow!!!
Warm hugs,

MaggieDear said...

How 'bout that! I'm not the only on still dreaming! lol

~Hugs and feel better!

dwcmike said...

Bonnie: how in heavens do you get your sparklit polls to look so good. Maybe you could copy and paste the code to me to look at, so tht I can fix mine next time I use a poll. Thanks

Bonnie said...

Everyone - I'm delighted to see that there's a whole of spanking going on out there. Nearly sixty percent of the respondents have participated in a spanking during the past month. That's really cool.

For those who are still dreaming, these numbers should provide evidence that it can and does happen for real people.

Todd and Suzy - Very nice. Good for you!

Em - Hi! Thanks you.

Padme - I love an anniversary spanking. Congratulations to you both!

Paul - I think we're recovering, albeit slowly. We're not sick enough to stay home, just generally foggy.

Maggie - No, you're in good company. Dream until your dreams come true.

Mike - I have to do a lot of manual code tweaking each time. Otherwise, they look awful. I always mean to find another source for such things, but when the time comes, I invariable slip back to the one i know.

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