Friday, February 16, 2007

Top Ten: Why I Hate an Unbalanced Spanking

Have you ever received a spanking that was unbalanced? By that, I mean one where one unfortunate cheek takes the bulk of the punishment? I really dislike that!

Here's why:
  1. Who wants half a spanking?

  2. Striking one spot over and over is simply not fair

  3. Heaven gave me two cheeks, and now I give them both to you. Please use them appropriately!

  4. Captain, we're listing to starboard!

  5. It violates Nature's symmetry

  6. Look, how often do I ask you to keep spanking?

  7. Have you never heard of equal play for equal quirk?

  8. Life is about balance in all things

  9. Repeating the same motion over and over makes the spanker susceptible to repetitive stress injuries

  10. It messes up my wiggle

So, all you spankers out there, I'm not asking you to ease up. Just even up, OK?


MaggieDear said...

I can see where it might mess up your wiggle! I don't believe I've ever seen just one wiggle. *g*

Fun post, Bonnie!


foxthatsspanked said...

Oh boy do I concur with this one. It is a constant problem too. I thought maye one side was more sensitive than other, but it seems to be a common problem. Not cool...but I have to admit, when My Honey tried switching sides, it REALLY threw me off balance because I wasn't used to it. I guess its something we will have to work on.

Paul said...

Bonnie, balanced buns rule. LOL
Warm hugs,

Greenwoman said...

You are just too cute. I loved number 4. LOL!

jeanmarie said...

This made me laugh out loud, but also cringe with a memory. I had a boyfriend who, for punishment, would "Stars and Stripes" me. This meant that I got thirteen stripes across my bared butt with the cane, then had to lie over his lap while he paddled just one spot (usually the lower corner of my right cheek)with the hairbrush until I saw stars. I hated the imbalance as much as the pain!
Jean Marie

Chris said...

haha, my new lady just read this and decided she would spank me on just one cheek a i'm sitting here with a seriously red right cheek and an untouched left....grrrrrrrrrr

New Beginnings said...

When I saw it was a top ten list I knew better that to read it when Mollie was in the room! By now she has quit asking what I am laughing about she just asks "Mom are your friends being weird again?"

Thank you for addressing this seriously annoying problem! You are providing a great public service.


Anonymous said...

Hi Bonnie,

As a spanker I am careful to spank both cheeks as nearly the same as possible.Mrs.A invariably 'enjoys' the same amount of discomfort on either side of her bottom accordance with your no.5 with which I wholly agree.

Hpe your bottom is feeling better after your spanking...again thanks so much for the photo of your bent-over nether regions.

Take care


mthc said...

.....and i thought i was the only one with that problem......

Mary said...

lol - yes - I have found myself trying to tilt or lean so the other side gets fair treatment

Bonnie said...

Maggie - It's true. Nobody wants a messed-up wiggle!

Fox - I was only half kidding. I really do dislike an uneven spanking.

Paul - Thank you!

Green - Thanks. The only problem with #4 is that if I use it, Randy asks me if I've perhaps taken on too much ballast!

Jean Marie - That's no fun at all!

Chris - Wow, sorry about that. Obviously, she missed the point.

Elis - Weird? Yep, that's us. :D

Aristotle - Thank you for your even-handedness, from both of us!

MTHC - Nope. Based upon these comments, the plague of unbalanced spankings appears to be approaching epidemic proportions.

Mary - Me too. I've definitely done that.

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