Saturday, January 06, 2007

A Fair Question

My friend Nancy (she of the traveling blogs fame) asked me a question the other day. Two questions, in fact.

What do you like best about blogging and what keeps you going when it gets tough? I think I know the answer but I will wait to see what you write.

Fair enough. Nancy is way ahead of me because I'm not sure I know the answer, or at least all of its nuances.

Way back in the beginning of my blog, I wrote a post that examined my reasons for blogging at that time. This was at a moment when I was just starting to acquire regular readers. I was absolutely thrilled that people were actually enjoying my stories. A number of the good folks who commented remain friends to this day.

Since then, my thinking has evolved a bit, but all the points I made are still valid. To summarize, here's what I wanted:
  1. A place to share the spanking stories I had written

  2. A forum to discuss spanking experiences with like-minded people

  3. A chance to give something back to the community in the form of spanking tutorials

  4. An opportunity to demonstrate how spankings need not always be serious, and can, in fact, be hilariously funny

  5. The ability to portray consensual spanking and those who practice it in a positive light

  6. A celebration of the wonderful human relationships that develop through blogging

That list is really pretty close to the mark. Today, I'll add a few more:
  1. A vehicle for encouraging, supporting, and promoting spanko bloggers

  2. A resource for the spanko blogging community

  3. A voice for safety, consideration, and tolerance

  4. A constructive outlet for all of my goofy ideas

The second part of the question is a bit more difficult. Why do I keep coming back to this keyboard as if drawn by a siren's song? Even when I'm tired, busy, or not feeling my best, I'll post something if I can.

I guess it goes back to my training as a journalist. When a writer is on deadline, the article must be delivered and it must be clean. And it will be. I don't feel stress or pressure to publish here on the blog, but writing is what I do. When I don't write something new every day, I feel as though I've missed an opportunity.

As I've documented before, Randy and I have gone round and round on this topic. He simply doesn't get it. He believes I ought to be able to take a week off and not look back. The reality is that I can take a week off, but I always look back. Perhaps I act like a mother hen sometimes, but this egg is one worth hatching.

I suppose this is a wordy way of saying that what keeps me going is me. It's simply my nature. There will undoubtedly come a day when I decide that it's time for me to turn my attention and my energies elsewhere. On that day, I'm sure I will attack my new project with no less gusto than I apply to MBS. That's just the way I do things.


Paul said...

Bonnie, firstly, may I say that I hope that it will be a very long time before you become weary of MBS.
Secondly, thank you so much for your kind comment on my biographical story The Honeymoon.
A great deal of the kudos must go to CeeCi she did an excellent job as editor, until now I hadn't realised how important a good editor is!!!
Warm hugs,

Anonymous said...

I agree with Paul, I hope you are able to continue MBS for a long time. It has fulfilled a useful function in reassuring the many like me who have wondered just how unusual we are to enjoy spanking. To know that there are loads out there for whom spanking is a happy and integral part of their normal lives gives comfort, and obviously, other opinions to consider and discuss.

You have said why you write MBS, I'd say I read it because it is well written and on subject. Many blogs are not well written, and ramble, so and they are difficult to engage with. Yours is a pleasure to read. Thanks.


Kallisto said...

I will join the chorus--Spanky and I hope you continue writing MBS for a very long time. Reading your blog was a huge turning point for us! Thanks for everything!

Storm Rider said...

Ive missed that bottom of yours sweety! I had to come back for another look!

padme said...

I hope you will blog for a long time. I enjoy MBS. I often ask myself the same question...why do I keep blogging? Thank you for doing this post. :)

Bonnie said...

Paul - I've been around long enough to know that few things last forever. I also recognize that I will eventually seek a different sort of outlet. Until then, I'll be here at MBS talking about spankings.

I really loved your honeymoon story. You had mentioned the trip before, but never in such lovely detail.

OPB - Thank you! I'm glad you enjoy the blog. It continues to evolve. Happily, it's still enjoyable for me too.

Kallisto - Thanks. I'm delighted to be able to help folks like you.

Storm - Well, you know where to find me! I hope you and Wind enjoy a fantastic 2007.

Padme - Thank you. That's a good question for all of us to answer every so often. I love your blog too.

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