Saturday, January 06, 2007


Two friends of MBS recently recommended this blog to their readers.

Debbie from Fresh Air Lover said:

My Bottom Smarts: This is a blog about spanking. Tastefully, artfully, intelligently done. I love Bonnie. If you are curious about spanking or someone who is into spanking and want to find a community that embraces you, you should check her out.

Meanwhile, Ed from Chicago Spanking Review wrote:

MY BOTTOM SMARTS - I'm sure it does, for Bonnie (whose blog and bottom these are) is regularly spanked by her husband - sometimes, with a good-sized paddle (yes!). Bonnie views spanking as a prelude to passionate lovemaking, and has a great sense of humor. This last is in short supply in the spanking world, and something we value a great deal here at CSR. In addition to writing about her own spankings, Bonnie writes spanking fiction, gives advice, conducts spanking tutorials (valuable to a man who needs to know what spanking women want), and composes spanking-themed parody songs.

I sincerely thank you both for your generous words.


Anonymous said...

What is Debbie's Blog about? I started to read what she has written but couldn't get a handle on it.


Bonnie said...

Read - Debbie herself might be amused by that question. Fresh Air Lover presents many aspects of the life of a busy, intelligent woman.

I particularly appreciate her directness, her clarity, her sense of humor, and her unique ability to make even the mundane interesting. Her work life could be a sitcom. That's why I consider Debbie a kindred spirit and why I read her blog regularly.

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