Friday, December 15, 2006

Happy Birthday Elis!

Today is the birthday of our dear friend Elis! I considered singing Happy Birthday, but I came up with a better idea. In honor of Elis' birthday and in recognition of the holiday season, it's my pleasure to share ten of my favorite spanko song parodies.

As for the birthday girl, let's hope she gets everything she deserves!

Love you, Elis!


Spanky said...

Great list! Can't wait to hear the lyrics.

Mistress Sky said...

PMSL @ your list Bonnie - *applauds*


Eva said...

Jumping in here... spanky, they are all links. Click on them and you can "hear" the lyrics!!!

Bonnie~ I think "We Wish you a Very Sore Ass" has got to be the best!!!


SuZQ said...

These are so great, Bonnie! My fav is "Sting Her Well", but they are all so clever!

I wish they all come true for the birthday girl (and all of us).

::hugs:: SuZQ

Anonymous said...

Very cool, Bonnie!!!


Grace said...

These were amazing!!

I will never hear one of these songs again without thinking of the "alternate" lyrics!


Anonymous said...

What a great Birthday wish for Elis! I enjoyed it also!

Is there any special reason you did not sing!!!


Anonymous said...

Love these songs Bonnie, how about a music DVD with spanking models or spanko blogger taking the appropriate roles.
PK is a pretty fab 50 year old.
Warm hugs,

Anonymous said...

Thanks Bonnie,
This has been a wonderful day! The songs are perfect, wouldn't it be great if we could all go caroling together. You are amazing!

Big hugs,

Doc said...

Oh happy birthday indeed!

CeeCi said...

I was hoping we'd get to see these again! Thank you for bringing them back.

Happy Holidays and Happy Birthday, Elis!

**Big Hugs**
♥ CeeCi

Bonnie said...

Spanky - As Eva said, please help yourself!

Sky - Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed this little bit of holiday silliness.

Eva - Thanks. I liked that one, but my favorite is probably the twelve days.

SuZQ - Thank you. I have a couple more holiday song parodies in the pipeline.

Tigger - I'm pleased you enjoyed these slightly corrupted songs.

Grace - That's great. I'm sort of like a spanko Weird Al.

Theresa - I thought it would be nice to give dear Elis a present with a holiday theme and one we could all enjoy.

Paul - We'd have the percussion section. All we'd need are the singers and the rest of the band.

Yes, PK is one hot pentagenarian!

Elis - Happy birthday!

It would be fun to go caroling. Just imagine the strange looks we'd get!

Doc - Getting old isn't so bad when you're surrounded by good friends. I truly believe that we can enjoy our lives at any age.

CeeCi - You just knew I couldn't keep these songs in hiding. Like the holiday decorations, I simply have to drag them out, dust them off, and put them up.

I figured what better occasion that a landmark December birthday?

Happy holidays to you and Mojo!

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