Sunday, December 17, 2006

MBS Spanko Brunch #48

Welcome back, dear friends, to our holiday Sunday brunch. I'm delighted you stopped by.

As most of us are rushing about and making preparations, it seems only proper that our discussion this week should deal with the joys and the stresses of the holiday season.

Have you and your lover any especially romantic plans for the holidays? If so, we'd love to hear about your upcoming celebration. If it's too early to plan something spontaneous, please share a treasured spanko holiday memory or a favorite seasonal fantasy.

I invite you to submit a contribution to our brunch discussion. Please leave a comment below, send me an e-mail, or post a response on your own blog. Once everyone has provided their responses, I will publish a summary of the discussion.


Doc said...

While my lover and I do have a lovely night planned for the weekend just before Christmas, it likely won't involve spanking.

A lovely seasonal fantasy to share though, would either be Santa taking me over his lap for being on the naughty list, of mistletoe being twisted in a delightful manner.

Tis the season to be Jolly, and remember red is the colour of the season!

Mary said...

I loved your spanko Christmas carols and the posting of the spanko version of twas the night before Christmas. As far as fantasies go - hmm - home from boarding school with a bad report maybe. Or I would love to find those pajama's with the flap for the seat. I think it would be quite fun to get a naughty girl, bedtime spanking with those pj's on.

Fitz said...

Oh boy! We're so frazzled by having to clean the house from top to bottom, do all the shopping and still try to make it special for two little kids that right now "romantic" entails nothing more exciting than cuddling up without mentioning what presents we've got left to buy...

I'm sure there'll be some sexy gifts in my brats' stocking this year, though, and I reckon a nice, juicy Christmas Day spanking might be just what the doctor ordered...if we're not both too full on turkey!

jeanmarie said...

First of all, Mary, a spanko named Bobbie Tawse has drop-seat flannel p.j.'s that are sexy and functional. Hope that you love your pair as much as I love mine!

Now, spontaneity will rule this holiday, so who knows what may transpire? But a fav memory is the first Christmas my lover and I were together. I thought that we'd opened all the gifts, when he reminded me that the stockings still hung by the chimney with care. I'd forgotten to get Kyle a "stuffer" but in mine was a freshly cut switch. I felt guilty that he'd purchased so many more lavish gifts for me than I had for him, so doffed my bathrobe, bent over and received a very smarting impromptu session. Of course it was followed by love-making. A perfect Christmas morning; lots of gifts, a stingingly real lesson on my bare butt, and passionate sex.

Jean Marie

Paul said...

Dear Bonnie, what a nice subject, mine of course can only be memories.
Christmas Eve was for us, Christmas Day and Boxing Day were spent with in-laws.
We opened presents at 6 PM by the Christmas tree, Mel wore a little red baby doll nightie and nothing else, her bottom would already be red from frequent good girl's given during the day. Our gifts always included something kinky, a sexy article of clothing for Mel and a new strap or Tawse for me. Mel would model the clothing and eagerly present her bum for the maiden run of the new toy. Slipping off what little she was wearing, she would bend over the arm of the sofa, she looked so appealing in the candle light and the flickering light of the fire.
After the trial run and Mel's little dance, I'd blow out the candles, put the fireguard in front of the fire and we'd retire to the bedroom where the festivities would continue.
Thanks Bonnie, seasons greetings and warm hugs,

Anonymous said...

No plans to go anywhere. We'll share the upcoming holiday at home with family and friends. We had our anniversary and a birthday that just recently passed. Those both were a lot of fun. We took romantic getaways, that included some private-time spanking fun. Suzy's birthday spanking... which she wrote a blog post about... was the most memorable. Very cool hot-tub suite in Vegas, new paddle to play with... and a great reason to bust it in.

~Todd & Suzy

Anonymous said...

We do!!! I found the sexiest Santa-girl outfit from Victoria's Secret that I wear for my hubby!!! It's hot pink, and consists of a bra and matching panties, a white faux-fur trimmed mini-skirt, and the cutest matching Santa hat!!! My hubby loves it!!! And the best part is that I get the yummiest spanking!!!


Anonymous said...

Our kids are still fairly young, so my husband and I are used to be awoken early. We take turns opening gifts, then I cook a big breakfast (all the while I'm as horny and eager as a randy teenager). Then, while my oldest watches her younger brother, and they both play with new toys, hubby and I sneak off to our bedroom. I'm given my last gift in private, I always ask for some new implement, a really nice one. We have lots of multi-use things, like wooden spoons and spatulas, but this is a special toy. Over the years I've gotten a Lexan paddle, several other big paddles and quality hairbrushes, and a host of leather straps. I get the present, then get a brief test with the present, followed by a quickie. Mommy usually can't sit comfortably for Christmas dinner, but she's always very full of Xmas cheer!

Reesa Roberts said...

D wants me to always wear skirts/dresses around the house with no underwear. So I told him it's getting too cold, and he said he was buying me some long flannel nightgowns for Christmas - since we're both off for a week I'm expecting good times!


Bonnie said...

We plan to spend our Christmas holiday here at home. Our daughter and our granddaughter are coming to visit! We hope to make little Emily’s first Christmas something special for everyone.

Our private holiday celebration will occur a few days later. Randy reserved a chalet in a very scenic area. We’ll be there for several days between Christmas and New Year’s. I know he will have some fun surprises in store for me, and I might even have a trick or two of my own. :D

Amber said...

There are lots of vanilla ones, but I am also giving my husband two tawses and two paddles for Xmas. :)

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