Sunday, October 01, 2006

Recap: MBS Sunday Brunch for October 1

This week, we discussed the potential for an International Spanking Museum. Here are your enlightened thoughts:


Anon: It would have to be in an open minded area, probably a large city, such as LA, London, or NYC.

Todd and Suzy: A traveling museum might be nice.

Jean Marie: London has a proud history of corporal punishment. New York is very cosmopolitan. L.A.'s cool because of its warm sunshine and buff bodies. But this museum should entail a pilgrimage by the devotees, like Mecca does for its faithful. Not far from Butte, Montana is the tiny town of Buttocks. The museum should be halfway between these two evocatively-named places. People shouldn't stumble upon the museum. They should trek there with purpose and piety.

Cuddlybum: I'd say locate it somewhere in Europe, so I can go see it! Preferably, it should be somewhere dreadfully uptight, like Dublin. The papers will take care of all the publicity for you. There are plenty of gorgeous buildings to take over, including old schools that will probably have most of the implements you need anyway!

Bella: LOL at Jean Marie. I would trek to Buttocks, MT to visit said museum. Can't you just see all the "themed" hotels that would pop up in the area? It gives a whole new meaning to Comfort Suites.

Anne Elizabeth: The spanking museum should be located next to a Victoria's Secret.

Diesel Diva: Could a museum dedicated to the activity of spanking go anywhere other than the town of Climax? It's in Virginia.

Paul: I agree it should be a place of pilgrimage, preferably somewhere quiet, but with good connections.

Tigger Too: I'm thinking that NYC would be the best place. They already have the Museum of Sex, so why not a Spanking Museum!

D&S: London, of course. Why do the French always refer to spanking as Le Vice Anglais?

Mary: Hollywood or Vegas - someplace with a reputation.

Bonnie: I would place the museum in the heart of a city that truly celebrates kink of every, um, stripe – San Francisco. The Bay Area is one place where the community would wholeheartedly embrace a spanking museum.

Rose: Tigger already had my idea about where. My thought immediately was NYC, next to the Museum of Sex.

Mija: My first thought when I read the question was that the museum already kind of exists. It's in Glasglow, Scotland and is called the Museum of Scottish Education.

Having visited it a few times (and even having pictures taken of me bending over a desk in my school uniform), I can say with confidence that this is a spanking fetishist dream -- especially for those of us with the school CP kink. There are tawses on display in cases, accounts of CP used at the school and even a re-enactment complete with tawse weilding maths master (though he only whacks the desk).

That aside, the building itself is a marvel. I love the restored Mackintosh with classrooms from both pre- and post-war eras.

J: I had originally thought maybe Smackover, AR, Boody, IL, or possibly even Thong, UK might be good locations. Then I realized what a museum like this would really need is a sponsor, so naturally it should be located in Detroit. I think the Detroit Lions would be a natural sponsor.

"The Detroit Lion's proudly support the International Spanking Museum. The Detroit Lions, getting their asses beat 16 Sundays every year!"

Kayley: New York, central location


Anon: I think a group of small buildings each representing various settings would work best. The building could include replicas of a woodshed, a schoolroom, a bedroom, and for those with more intense interests, a dungeon. If it had to be limited to one building, the building should be non-descript on the outside. Inside is where the soul of the museum should be.

Todd and Suzy: Having a building would be nice. Perhaps it could be shaped like a bottom.

Jean Marie: The Guggenheim has curved walls. I.M. Pei designed an addition to the Louvre that is a glass pyramid. This museum should closely resemble the exquisite beauty of the human derriere. It could feature two large, round mounds. Roundness is erotic. The bottom, the breasts, and the eyes all capitalize on this fact. The architect who did the Brown Derby restaurant in Hollywood knew this, and should be commissioned for this design. The outside walls should be reflective glass because spanking is the mirror to the soul, and the way to contemplate who you really are at heart.

Anne Elizabeth: The building should be made of white marble with neon pink (and red!) lettering.

Diesel Diva: I love the many buildings theme with activities in each. So, when's the groundbreaking?

Paul: It should be a large building with room for displays of all periods of history.

D&S: A large discreet town house would be perfect, with entrance to member couples only. Candidates would appear before a committee, and one, or the other (if that were their scene) would have to show that they could accept a sound bare bottom spanking. Members might wear a badge. The logo of a figure eight on its side with two horizontal stripes across it comes to mind.

Mary: The building needs to be a rounded dome. Perhaps with a paddle shaped annex hall for rotating displays.

Bonnie: The building would be two joined geodesic domes. The covering would be beige-colored at the bottom and slowly fade to pink and then red as the observer’s eyes wander skyward.

Rose: The door could be shaped like a paddle (wide end down to walk through, of course).

Kayley: The building? Glass, transparent.

There should be a notice saying that you can't enter unless you have a sore bum. And the guards should check on that. Oops! Sorry for the spankers... I'm sure we can come with a policy for them too.

Exhibits and Activities

Anon: Each exhibit would have museum volunteers both giving and receiving. As mentioned, a woodshed, schoolroom, etc. would be the settings.

Charity fundraisers where patrons would pay per swat (give or receive) to help keep the museum running would be a key activity. Private parties where guests would have access to the toys and exhibits, under the supervision of museum employees would also be fun.

Todd and Suzy: We would need four wings, but a good architect could fit that under a couple of ass checks. Right?

Wing 1: Implements. This area would show the advances and changes in paddles, hairbrushes, belts, tawses, etc. It could also display things such as spanking benches, 'scene props' (such as a school desk)... and, spanking hands could be honored in pictures and sculptures.

Wing 2: Spanking erotic, literature, images and film. Highlights would include everything from John Wayne spanking in the Old West to modern adult spanking movies. Media would include old magazines, books, and newspapers that depicted and talked about spanking to the blogs of today.

Wing 3: A Hall of Fame wing. The hall would be filled with well-known spankos. John Wayne, Lucy and Ricky, and other spankers of the past. Up and comers, like Katie Spades, and you, Bonnie, could create a buzz when they entered the hallowed hall.

Wing 4: An interactive wing. There would be hands on demonstrations. Volunteers would be welcome to participate. Instructional spankings would be offered where the ins-and-outs are explained from erotic to discipline. Role paying spankings would be played out.

Jean Marie: More than mere displays of myriad disciplinary implements, this museum should excel in performance art. All of us tour-guides would wear uniforms with nothing below the waist, and our fannies would be in a constant state of pinkened perfection, blushing and hot from frequent attention by the "art aficionados." The air would be filled with the highly-charged sound of multiple spankings being administered at every installation. Imagine a Shadow Lane party times a thousand. Slaps and giggles and gasps blend together. The swish of the cane melds with the smack of the paddle, the thwack of the strap overlapping the crack of the crop, and tears and laughter conjoin. Consequently, all of the chairs and benches in this museum would be super soft, overstuffed and plush. Even so, few patrons sit.

Cuddlybum: For each implement (canes, paddles, hairbrushes, straps, etc.), there would be phases presenting history, literature, and practical demonstrations with participation. Each phase would also include separate sections for schoolroom, study, woodshed, kitchen, bedroom and other traditional punishment places.

Anne Elizabeth: The exhibits should be every conceivable type of spanking implement, displayed so they are three dimensional and hanging suspended in beautifully lit acrylic cases.

Paul: There should be practise rooms set up with different scenarios, also suites of well insulated bedrooms where aftercare can be given to those who need it by their partners, and good person spankings can be administered by those not into scenes.

And finally, there would be beautiful and quiet grounds where people can meditate on what they are about to receive or have just received.

One would leave such a place, encouraged, spiritually strengthened, and morally uplifted.

Tigger Too: As for what should be included, I definitely think the museum needs a complete display of spanking implements, a detailed history of spanking, spanking stories, spanking pics, and spanking movie clips!

D&S: Inside, there would be a huge collection of every possible type of implement, and items for restraint, gagging and blindfolding. Members would be welcome to make use of these items as they wished, but this use would of course be in full view of other members present.

There would be an archive of books, photos, films, drawings available, covering as much as possible of our huge subject. There would be a Hall of Fame wing, as Todd & Suzy suggest, with the premier position going to our Bonnie. There would also be a collection of spanking tableaux, the figures frozen in mid-spank, also the automated ones in which mechanical spankers pound mechanical bottoms at the touch of a button; both can be seen in Madame Trousseau’s Wax Works in London, albeit on a more mundane subject!

The largest room would contain all of the apparatus used to present a spankee's bottom to perfection, including trestles, pillories, stocks, stools, etc. These would again be available for the use of members, but if they were not so inclined, a staff member would be happy to offer her own bottom, or lay on what ever implement was requested, in return for a modest fee.

Mary: Well, if in Hollywood, you could start with all the props that were used for spanking and the benches for sitting that have been used in the old spanking scenes in the movies. There could be a continuous loop of the scenes playing on a plasma screen in the background. I think there should be multiple halls, starting with "school discipline" (cheerleaders too) moving through various forms and reasons for spanking: secretary, cute Padme in her maid outfit, and erotic displays, including a dungeon room. Multiple spanking implements should be displayed as well as wax figures displaying the marks such implements leave behind. The museum gift shop needs to have many implements for sale to remember your trip by. Including t-shirts that state: I got spanked at -------. Gift shop panties need to be sold too. It could be so fun with costumes and props. There could even be an interactive section, like all good museums have. Perhaps there could be a spanking machine you could stand in and see how it felt and other "hands on" exhibits. Of course, this would feed into our public spanking fantasies. For cleanliness, panties should be left on (of course, I have ulterior motives for this rule.) OH, how fun the museum could be.

Bonnie: The museum would feature five thematic areas that visitors would be free to explore in any sequence. The “Spanking Through the Ages” section would highlight the people, events, locations, and techniques that characterized spanking and corporal punishment throughout history. Temporary exhibits would focus upon specific times or environments.

The second area would be entitled, “Our Spanko World.” It would present spanking practices in the context of contemporary cultures around the globe.

The “Hall of Implements” would feature a collection of rare and unusual spanking implements, include some that were owned or used by celebrities past and present.

The “Spanking in the Media” wing would offer a sight and sound retrospective of spanking as portrayed in film, television, radio, and the web. Both mainstream and adult media would be examined.

The final museum area, “Spanking Here and Now,” would provide a rotating schedule of live demonstrations and performances. Upon signing the customary waiver, visitors can optionally participate in a spanking booth operated to support a local charity. In addition, well known spanking models would make occasional appearances and meet fans.

Rose: Exhibits should include spanking implements through the ages, spanking art, history of spanking, spanking and sex, along with lovely private space for spankings if two (or more) feel in the mood.

A gift shoppe with special spanking equipment... Hmmm, one could go on and on here.

J: I think it should have all the exhibits that have been suggested so far, plus a more "hands-on" sort of wing, an exhibitionist exhibit if you will. Since I live in the neighborhood, I would be willing to volunteer as a docent.

Kayley: I don't really care what they have inside, as long as I see the best implements ever. Maybe a picture of a nice butt showing its effectiveness would be cute. And they should have a shop from which you can get replicas of the original, and a few private rooms to try the toys.

OK, so maybe my museum is more like an exhibition or shrine, but well, they can make it look like a museum with a few historical 'implements'. LOL


Anon: Start by advertising on "My Bottom Smarts" and watch the word get around quickly.

Todd and Suzy: How to publicize? LOL. The mile long line would create a big enough stir, so that that won't be a problem!

Anne Elizabeth: The museum should be publicized on all of the spanko web sites!

The price of admission... Hmm, what do you think ? A warm bottom?

Bonnie: The strategy for promoting the International Spanking Museum would be twofold. To lure visitors living in the Bay Area, local media outlets should be heavily utilized via features and targeted advertising. To reach potential pilgrims, the museum should operate an extensive web site as well as promotions through national and international news and travel-oriented media.

Kayley: A massive ad for all the vanillas to see. Maybe a sexy billboard would also help. *eg*

Wow! I want to sign up as a charter member…

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Anonymous said...

Great reading!!!


Anne Elizabeth said...

This was great, Bonnie ! Quite the creative discussion ! I like your Sunday brunches !
Have a happy Monday !
Anne Elizabeth

Kayley said...

Hey, Bonnie, just crossed my mind -do you plan on opening one? If I got it right, you should give me free entrace! ok? hehe


jeanmarie said...

Should we pool our vast personal fortunes as seed money to endow this museum? I loved thinking about it, wishing it were in existence...
Jean Marie

sixofthebest said...

Bonnie I would love to be the curator of a 'spanking museum', and have branches, located in London, Paris, New York City, Tokyo, Shanghai, Rio de Janeiro, Berlin, Madrid, or any other major world cities, and the different exhibitions, could be moved around once a year.

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