Saturday, October 21, 2006

Bonnie's Spankologue: Part Nineteen

Here are three more great spanko blogs for your browsing enjoyment!

Well Spanked Bot - WSB and her partner, BotPaddler, are dedicated spankos living in the UK. She is submissive and benefits greatly from their weekly spanking sessions. WSB provides excellent descriptions of their activities as well as the thoughts and feelings they evoke. Every bit as interesting are BotPaddler's contributions. I love hearing both sides of the story. I think one visit will reveal why readers keep coming back to Well Spanked Bot.

Natty's Spanking Blog - Long a mainstay of the soc.sexuality. spanking (SSS) newsgroup, Natty is well known to many spankos. She is an accomplished writer and dedicated practitioner of the spanking arts. Some medical issues have slowed her lately, but her wit and enthusiasm remain fully intact. I consider Natty an influence and an inspiration. I think you'll enjoy her writing as well.

Le Journal de la Fessée - Don't let a little bit of Français scare you off. Spanking is just as good in any language. This "Journal of Spanking" offers the reader a potpourri of fun photos, video, links, and text. Many of the features I've not seen elsewhere. Even if you understand no French at all, I think you'll recognize the attraction very quickly.

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Kayley said...

I dunno the other sites, but I love Le Journal de la Fessee. Definitely a good blog, updated almost daily, with lovely clips. :)

SpankedMinx said...

Hiya Bon,

Having just got back from France I'm loving la fessee................. EH and I had a few fun times with me trying to ask and thank for my spankings in french after a few bottles of wine :O)


Natty said...

Another boring Saturday and I'm spanking blog surfing during the commercials of Saturday Night Live and all of a sudden realize "oh! somebody's talking about me! And she's staying such nice things!" Seriously, I'm all flushed now. ;)

That and I always seem to end up here on Saturday night and think "oh oh damnit, I missed contributing to the brunch again!" LOL

wellspankedbot said...

Thanks for the review Bonnie, we got almost double our daily hits after you posted this!


Laurent said...

Thanks Bonnie,

Happy spanking from Laurent of "le Journal de la fessée".

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