Saturday, October 07, 2006

Bonnie's Spankologue: Part Eighteen

There is no shortage of brilliant spanko blogs. Here are three more.

Doc Tsai Spanking - We could argue about whether this site truly qualifies as a blog, but I'd rather just read and enjoy. Doc Tsai is in fact a doctor, not to mention a dedicated spanko. His site features spanking tutorials, opinion, ficton, scene reports, and photographs. What I find most unique, though, are Doc's spanking monologues. These are audio recordings of actual spankings. The monologues not only demonstrate various techniques, they also showcase his skills as a spanker. Check it out!

The Punishment Book - So when is punishment a joy? It is when it happens to someone else who happens to be a fabulous diarist. PB is authored by a collection of immensely talented and insightful women who generously share the context and details of their spanking experiences. Several of the authors are familiar to me from blogs or forums. The rest were a pleasant discovery. If you enjoy reading great writing and/or compelling spanking tales, you'll love The Punishment Book.

Pandora's Blog - Pandora Blake is a popular and beautiful spanking model from the UK. Her success is no doubt enhanced by the fact that she is an enthusiastic spanko and submissive off the set as well. Pandora's Blog offers the expected descriptions of the working life of a spanking model, but she adds to it a delightful mix of cleverness and humor. Her recent post about a spanko porn parody had me giggling all day. For more spanking fun, I also recommend Pandora's web site.

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Paul said...

A brilliant selection dear Bonnie, The Doc and PB are very good, I haven't quite made up my mind about Pandora Blake, she's very new!!!

sparkle said...

Thanks Bonnie. I love the PB girls... and I'm really glad they include me as one of them.


mija said...

Thanks so much for the kind words, Bonnie. Being part of the PB is such a blast. And I always love your "spankologue" posts.

And to the lovely life in motion blogger, I'm sure I can speak for the other PB girls when I point out that you're the sparkle, dear. The PB wouldn't be the same without you.

Pandora Blake said...


Wow, thanks for the kind words :) I've been neglecting the blog a bit lately - thanks for giving me the motivation to try and live up to your recommendation!

Bonnie said...

Paul - Thank you!

Sparkle - I'm glad too. You all do a great job!

Mija - You're most welcome!

Pandora - Whatever you do, I'm sure it will be splendid.

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