Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Top 20: Advantages of Being a Spanko Blogger

The other day, Tiggr invited spanko blogger wannabes to give it a try. While less eloquent, my own appeal features twenty positive aspects of this pastime.
  1. Friendship
  2. Free advice
  3. Fun
  4. Feedback
  5. Foolishness
  6. Confession
  7. Creativity
  8. Community
  9. Cleverness
  11. Insight
  12. Inspiration
  13. Innovation
  14. Interactivity
  15. Introspection
  16. Storytelling
  17. Snickers
  18. Sharing
  19. Sex
  20. Spankings!
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Tiggr said...

Gee thanks for the mention, Bonnie! I actually did my initial post kinda from thinking about how you are always helping the newbies and commenting on how quickly some blogs go by the wayside...

So you started this after all. Never mind that ALL of us look to you for guidance, suggestions, insight and encouragement from time to time. WE are virtually all here ultimately because of you and this lovely little MBS blog of yours.

I just want people to know mainly that it is really is to start a blog (and it's fun to maintain)... and to hang in there in the beginning cause it just keeps getting better and better! And we are all here to support and love each other.

Hugs and TTFN,

A.S.S. said...

Wonderful list, Bonnie. We'd like to add, for those that are thinking of starting a blog... realize that you don't have to put up the spectacular effort Bonnie does! You don't have to blog everyday, you don't have to come up with incredibly interesting ideas. You don't need to have a fancy site with lots of bells and whistles. All you have to do is, honestly share your thoughts about spanking... and many of the benefits Bonnie speaks of will come your way.

-Todd & Suzy

Anonymous said...

Yeah, what they said. Not a word I can add to Tiggr, Todd, & Suzy.


New Beginnings said...

I have experienced every thing on your list! And thanks again for being there to be found and helping calm the fears of those of us who jumped in!


Bonnie said...

Tiggr - Thank you for your kind words. The truth is that I didn't start this. Not by a long shot. I owe a huge debt to people like Dan and Bethie, Patty, Aunty, Sparkle, Mija, Tracy, Annie, and Kasey.

These are the spanko bloggers who inspired me to get started and still show the rest of us how to do it well.

As for helping the newbies, I'm always pleased to assist when I can. While some of their blogs won't survive, for a variety of reasons, many will grow and thrive. Behind each blog lies an interesting and talented person with a voice that should be heard. Through blogging, I have found friends, mentors, and collaborators. For that, I am very grateful.

Todd and Suzy - Thank you. A blog can truly present anything we choose to share. I can never be as prolific as Anakin and Padme, as artistic as CeeCi, as open as Rose, as intelligent as Magdelena, or as beautiful as Katie. I can only be me, and most of the time, that's plenty good enough.

Eva - Thanks!

Elis - You're very welcome. It's been my pleasure.

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