Monday, September 11, 2006

More Keyword Chaos

I am always surprised by the variety of search terms that bring readers to this blog. Many, it would seem, have little to do with a spanko blog. Others are simply humorous. Here's a new sample.

  • lets get real kinky tonight he whispered - "All right, this time YOU wear the gorilla suit"

  • spanked girdle - Girdles are very uncomfortable, but spanking them won't help

  • sssspanking - Snakeskin flogger anyone?

  • sorority hell paddling - In hell, sororities aren't allowed to play with paddles

  • diy bondage - Save those twist-ties and bottle caps!

  • domestic discipline knee socks - Say what?

  • giving a fashion spanking - Leather is hot this season

  • horny moths - Entomology is sexy

  • whore inserted blogs - A novel use for a blog

  • spanking tourism - This could be a million dollar idea

  • beautiful naked bonnie - Nice try

  • hippie spanking - Dude! Is this your, like, whippy thingy? Groovy...

  • ghost spankings - "Honey, what's with the sheet?"

  • spanking is healthy - You know, I do feel pretty good

  • gagging panties - At this point, you might want to pull your underwear down a bit

  • embarrassing wedgie ass spank ice - Perhaps they're commemorating the sinking of the Titanic

  • spankos shoe inserts - For a taller, more confident spanko

  • professional spanking - When spanking is too important to be left to amateurs

  • paddle butt plug - It's a whipped topping, it's a floor wax!

  • how to become a spankee - Step one: Bend over...

  • spanked by cheerleader - Don't make me use this pom-pom

  • lucy spanked - ...And this is for being a fussbudget

  • tying date to bedposts - It might be better to start with a kiss

  • naming a submissive - I dub thee "Wench"


little one said...

Oh Bonnie, I laughed until I cried at this! Too funny!

I'm sorry I missed the Brunch yesterday! Loved reading the commentary though. Happy Monday! :)

Anonymous said...

Those are absolutely too funny, Bonnie!!!


A.S.S. said...

Very cute. "beautiful naked bonnie"... they must have been looking for you!

-Todd & Suzy

FelineFrisky said...

Oh so funny, Bonnie! lol D

CeeCi said...

These were a riot!

**Big Hugs**
♥ CeeCi

New Beginnings said...

I love coming home from work and being able to LOL! You made my day!


Lily said...

What strange things people put in there search boxes. very funny though.
Thanks for the laugh.
Luv, Lily.

Eva said...




Bonnie~ You're killin' me!!!

Bonnie said...

Little - I'm glad you enjoyed the keywords. happy Monday to you too

Tigger Too - I get tickled every time I read my search word statistics. Some of them just beg for this treatment.

Todd and Suzy - Well, I'm Bonnie anyway and they did find me.

D - Thanks!

CeeCi - As I've said, I couldn't make up stuff this funny!

Elis - It's my pleasure!

Lily - Yes, my thoughts exactly. What, I often wonder, were they hoping to find?

Eva - If you gotta go, you might as well leave with a smile on your face... :D

caryagal said...

I love these! I have to stop reading them with the kids trying to go to sleep! I'm keeping them awake with my laughing!!! Keep them coming!!!



bella said...

Thanks for that good laugh.

I'm putting this one in my idea jar: spanking tourism - This could be a million dollar idea

It could happen!


Cocktail Princess said...

lol, very cool, keep it up!

Bonnie said...

Caryagal - I try to share some of the more bizarre and humorous search words every few weeks. What's great for me is that I can quickly produce an entertaining post without having to think up a new topic. The readers do the real work!

Bella - The idea is yours. You may have it. Do with it as you wish. Just remember to invite Randy and me up to the chalet once in a while.

Cocktail - Welcome to MBS! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

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