Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Remembrance of Spankings Past

During the first weeks of My Bottom Smarts, I had precious few visitors. I vividly recall posting a number of my very best stories in hopes of attracting an audience. In the long run, it worked, but most of you missed these tales. In order to set things straight, I would like to present for your reading pleasure more literary highlights from my first month of blogging.

The Silent Treatment - A very quiet, but very effective, vacation spanking

Walking and Chewing Gum - Randy demonstrates his unique coordination

Buzzword Bonanza - Language is very powerful (and so is a wooden hairbrush!)

The Boat Story - An absolute all-time favorite!

I hope you enjoy these tales of bared flesh and rollicking lust. I certainly did!

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little one said...


I know now just how much I actually missed reading you... your insight, your wit and your amazing gift/talent of writing. Thank you!

little one

padme said...

I remember some of those stories, especially the Boat Story. :) I'm glad you reposted these for people who missed them. Your a excellent writer, bonnie. :)

Anonymous said...

OMG, I think I'm in live with whomever is attached to that magnificent derriere pictured in this post!!! Is that yours, Bonnie? Talk about butts made for spanking!!!

On an unrelated note, Bonnie I credit this blog for converting my wife into a full-fledged spankophile...in the last week there there has been more spanking, paddling, and genereal butt-blistering than I ever dreamed possible! Thank you! (I'll fill you in on the details sometime, if you wish)

Tony L.

Anonymous said...

That should be in love with whomever is attached to that beautiful rump, not in "live"...

Tony L.

Paul said...

Dear Bonnie, loved those stories when I first read them and still do, "time does not dim them or age corrupt,".
I always try to read a writers archives before I start to comment, it helps to get to know them.
Thank you Bonnie.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting them again, Bonnie!! They're all new to me!!! Loved them, btw!!!


Theresa said...

The silent treatment was a good one. I must admit as much fun as blogging is....it is the stories I like the best. I will be devouring the others now!

Edward said...

Thanks for digging those up I enjoyed re-reading them all!

Bonnie said...

Little One - Why, thank you! i've really missed you as well.

Padme - Thank you. Even I forget about these nuggets sometimes.

Tony - It's all in the illumination, and no one knows how to light me up like Randy! He definitely thinks my bottom is made for spanking.

Congratulations on your wife's conversion! That's wonderful. I'm delighted to have played a role. Would you consider chronicling your adventures and discoveries in a guest post?

Paul - You're most welcome. I appreciate you steadfast support.

Tigger Too - You're another reader who has been here for the long run. I'm pleased to be able to introduce you to some of my older material.

Theresa - Thanks. I like that story as well. I really didn't know what he was going to do.

Edward - You're welcome!

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