Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Poll: Favorite Spanking Position

It's hard to believe I've never conducted a poll about spanking positions. If your favorite is not listed here, please describe it for us in a comment.

Which is Your Preferred Spanking Position?

Across the Spanker's Lap
Over the Arm or Back of a Couch
Lying Flat on the Bed
Standing While Grabbing Ankles
On Back with Legs Aimed Upward
On Hands and Knees
Atop of a Pile of Pillows
Standing w/ Hands Tied Above


Anonymous said...

Hi Bonnie - I voted, even though my experience with spanking is so limited (for now). But I know the position that I most fantasize about, the one that immediately comes to mind when I think about being spanked, and that is over my spanker's lap. I can't think of anything more intimate than that And I see from the results so far that a lot of people think that way, too. I must say, though, that I often fantasize about being spanked with a belt or large paddle, and I doubt OTK would be the best position for either of those, so my second choice for those types of spankings would be atop a pile of pillows.

Great poll! --SuZQ

Anonymous said...

My favorite is one you suggested a while ago. My wife sits on the center of the bed with several pillows behind her propping her up. I then lay on top of her legs with my legs behind her and my face next to her feet, though her legs are wide spread, so I don't feel like I am face down on her feet. She has an excellent view and scope of my behind in front of her, allowing her a full swing. A benefit I didn't expect is that I experience a little bounce with her swats.

paqster said...

chuck has a great position...never tried it, but i think that's next on the agenda... can someone pick a favorite position...seriously. my favorite position is one that involves my hand on her butt or her hand on my butt...the rest is just incidental...

As for the views, i LOVE a girl grabbing her ankles...

Paul said...

Bonnie, over the OTK was our favourite position, as the majority of her spankings were good girls. We used many of the others, we didn't like the hands tied above the head, and I didn't like the grab ankle position as it made the butt to tight and was conducive to bad bruising.

little one said...

Hey Bonnie,

Over Guy's lap any day for me! My most favorite place to be!

Nice poll too! I hope you have a great day! :)

little one

Anonymous said...

Over my hubby's lap!!! *sigh*


Anonymous said...

What about the "Open Bailey" pose.She sits on my lap, facing away, leans right forward between my spread legs, hands on the floor, her legs up and around my waist. Two cheeks on my lap to be played like a tom-tom,with both hands.

padme said...

I like being over Master Anakin's lap but I really enjoy the most being over a pillow for some reason.
Great poll!!

Bonnie said...

Everyone - That's a pretty definitive verdict. It's OTK all the way!

SuZQ - I'm sure most of those who voted for over the lap would agree with you. It is the most intimate.

A belt works fine OTK (assuming it's doubled). A big paddle, though, begs for a different position.

Chuck - I know that position!

Paqster - I think you might like that position. It's certain worth testing.

There are a lot of possibilities. The ankle grabber is definitely fantasy material, but it leaves the spankee really exposed. Care must be exercised when using rigid implements.

Paul - Good points all. Thanks!

Little - Thanks!

Tigger Too - That sounds nice!

Anon - I'm not sure I'm athletic enough to hold that position! But it's certainly something different.

Padme - I like the pile o' pillows too. It gives the spanker the freedom to use any (or all) implements.

Anonymous said...

Something from the movie 'Secretary,' stand in front of the counter (desk, table, whatever) now put your elbows and plams on the counter.


A.S.S. said...

We voted 'across the spanker's lap'... which is a great way to describe it, as it allows for both the classic OTK (with spanker sitting on a chair or couch)... as well as sitting on the bed, where the spankee is laid out over the lap.

Todd & Suzy

Bonnie said...

J - That's a good point. How could I forget the Secretary position?

Todd and Suzy - As the poll numbers show, over the lap is clearly the most popular choice.

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