Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Poll: Spanker's Choice

One for the Spankers
Do you find an ample, rounded bottom more spankable?

Yes, absolutely
It makes no difference
No, I prefer a slimmer target


Tony said...

easiest. question. ever! Ample, plump, big, whatever you call them, nice big, curvy and round butts are my favorite! But that's not to say that I dislike small butts...I find beauty in all bottoms. For example, go to Katie Spades blog. She has about the cutest l'il fanny you'd ever care to see and I could spank that all day long, too! But if I had to pick, Bonnie's size is pretty much my ideal.

A.S.S. said...

Wow... great question! Has to be something there is spank. So, I voted rounded and ample... figuring I'd be in the vast minority. Nope, at least not thus far. I guess Calista Flockhart's ass (wherever it is)... is safe.

-Todd (& Suzy)

Anonymous said...

Yes, big and rounded any day, as Tony says. Bonnie style. They can absorb more, and when the landing paddle makes them vibrate, they are poetry in motion.

Kayley said...

I couldn't vote. I expect I have no interest in spanking any bums. Who knows?

But if I were a guy, I'd go for a petite butt belonging to a petite young lady. Who also happens to be a brat... who just skipped school... and is in need of a...

okokenough! At this hour I shouldn't start stupid fantasies...
I'll just vote for one of them butts!


Anne Elizabeth said...

Interesting survey !
Mine is heart-shaped... Not too round. I wish it was !
But when my cop gets around to spanking it, I hope he loves it because he loves me !
Bottoms all unite ! Your man loves your bottom because he thinks YOU are hot, whatever your shape or size !
Anne Elizabeth

Master Fitz said...

Big and round wins the day chez Fitz. Gorgeous!

Sky said...

When I'm spanking someone, it has to do with my control, so to me, it makes no difference. As long as it responds to me... :)

Anonymous said...

Since I'm not a spanker, I couldn't vote. But I know what my spanker would say. He loves my ample 50-yr-old bottom!

Edward said...

I voted no difference,but then I've only ever spanked one bottom!

Bonnie said...

Tony - Why, thank you!

Todd - No, you definitely aren't in the minority. However, the readers of this blog may not be an entirely random sample. :D

Anon - Vibrate? Hmmm...

Kayley - Far be it from me to constrain your fantasies! Dream away.

Anne - You know, that makes a lot of sense.

Master Fitz - There's nothing so wonderful as a man who knows what he likes.

Sky - I have no doubt you elicit eager responsiveness!

SuZQ - Good for you!

Edward - In this case, quality is far more important than quantity.

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