Thursday, September 21, 2006

Poll: Bonnie's Birthday

This poll was Randy's idea. My birthday is next week and it's a foregone conclusion that I will be thoroughly but lovingly spanked in celebration. When, where, and how remain to be determined. Here's your opportunity to register your opinion.

Bonnie's Birthday Spanking
Which Implement Should Randy Use?

Wooden Paddle
Leather Paddle


bella said...

I vote for the "Brush with Death."

Evil, wicked brush.


little one said...

You forgot the "all of the above" option, Bonnie, for which I vote for. ;)

And an early Happy Birthday wish to you!


Theresa said...

That was my's your birthday why can't you have them all?

Scarlett said...

Early Birthday greeting to you.
I have to agree with the above - a girl should be spoilt on her birthday!
love Scarlett x

Anonymous said...

Where are the choices for a lexan paddle or a cane?

Don said...

Is there some reason you could not have them all? All things in moderation. Well almost all. Best wishes to you.

Anonymous said...

Your cutest poll yet, Bonnie!!! I'm thinking a nice hand spanking, since it's way more intimate!!!

Oh, and Happy Birthday!!! You will let us know what he uses, right? *grin*


Paul said...

I voted for the Strap Bonnie as we loved leather.
Mel always liked to go overboard on our birthdays, Mel always put out all our toys and she got to feel them all, but never punishment strength, it was always a good girl spanking.
Nice poll and happy birthday dear Bonnie.

padme said...

Your birthday is next week? Your a libra too? Mine is in October.
I picked the hair brush. :)
I had a hard time making a decision on which one.

Anonymous said...

Betcha can't guess which one I voted for!!


New Beginnings said...

Having yet to find and experience the crop, I picked the strap. It's my favorite of what we've tried. Have a wonderful birthday!!


tulsa said...

I went for strap. Mainly because it's my personal favorite, but still hurts and leaves some nice bruises on me.

And I bet he'll use all of them, I'm sure you'll have a great time!

guy said...

MY little one reads my mind...



SmartNnaughty said...


First of all, happy early birthday!!!!

I voted for a hand spanking because there is something special about flesh connecting with flesh!

I hope you have a wonderful celebration.


Mary said...

Happy Birthday Bonnie!
I hope it is a great one! Sounds like it is setting out to be wonderful! I just love birthday spankings! My last birthday I was given a present – a riding crop, and he wasted no time trying it out on me! Quite delicious! Although I am still wondering about the fairness of he getting me a present for him to use??!
My plan - get even of course. I will buy a new sexy and bra set for his birthday! Isn’t the spanking life fun!

brian said...

Happy Birthday...early. :)

I think that all would be good, perhaps in a rotating fashion. A different inplement every hour.

Have fun.

Bonnie said...

Everyone - Thank you for a lovely gift. I hadn't anticipated that Randy's hand would prevail, and I'm sure he didn't either. This is going to be a truly enjoyable celebration. When it happens, I'll post the details here.

Bella - Eeek! I mean, ow! I mean, not so hard! That brush is deadly.

Little - I guess I hadn't thought of that option. In the end, I'm sure Randy will use whatever he wants (and he often likes to change implements in mid-spanking).

Theresa - We thought it might be fun to let the readers select the implement. Now I know it's going to be fun!

Scarlett - Thanks! Don't worry, there will be plenty of spoiling going on.

Anon - This is supposed to be a celebration, right?

Don - Thanks. We've done a lot of different things for past birthdays. Some were VERY different. But I have to say, I don't believe we've ever just has a hand spanking. I know this will be a fine birthday, thanks to my wonderful readers.

Tigger Too - Thank you. Yes, I will definitely share the proceedings here.

Paul - Thank you!

Padme - Yes, I'm a Libra too. Thanks for your well wishes and for your vote!

Eva - I'll bet I can! :D

Elis - Thanks!

Tulsa - He might use them all before the night is over, but I suspect that he'll follow the voters' mandate, at least to begin. Thanks!

Guy - She's very perceptive. Thanks.

SNN - That sentiment seems to be carrying the day. I think this will be a very fun birthday celebration. Thanks.

Mary - Thank you! These things have a way of evening out, don't they?

And yes, there are few things in life more fun than an well executed erotic spanking with all the trimmings.

Brian - Change implements every hour? I doubt I could last through the first. Ouch!

Kayley said...

I had to vote for the strap, birthday girl! *eg* And I hope to hear a story about it too. hehe All of them might be too much maybe? *thinking for herself* But I would go for hand, brush, belt, in this order.

Hey, you need a pole about the position you should get into to get spanked. lol

Anyway, happy happy birthday! And one to remember! ;)

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