Friday, September 22, 2006

MBS Rosy Bottom Replay

When I began this blog a year ago, I had plenty of spanking stories, but very few readers. As a result, when I published many of my very favorite tales, almost no one saw them. I now have the ability to remedy this deficiency.

Presented as an encore for your reading pleasure, here are four golden oldies:

The Talk - A serious vacation spanking that borders on discipline

A Rub in the Tub - Conclusion of the vacation adventure, purely erotic this time

Halloween Heatwave - A costumed classic!

Our Very First Spanking - The start of something wonderful

I hope you enjoy these stories as much as I do!

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Anonymous said...

Love them all, Bonnie!!! Thanks for posting them!!!


Paul said...

Bonnie, loved these stories when I first read them, and I still do.
You're something else Bonnie, Thanks.

Anne Elizabeth said...

I loved 'a rub in the tub' ! and am looking forward to reading the others tonight !
Have a good weeeknd !
Anne Elizabeth

alexd said...

Happy Blog Anniversary.

I haven't commented here before.

I read your blog regularly and always enjoy it. I am always impressed by your economy--you manage to convey a great deal of sensory detail, dialogue, and internal monologue with remarkably few words. Many of your stories are exceptionally well-cut gems. I also like the way you devote as much attention to your relationship with Randy as you do to the bumwarming.

Thanks for the effort you've put into this blog. It shows.


Nistress Sky said...

I enjoy all your stories, Bonnie! Thanks for sharing :)


brian said...

Congrats Bonnie on your One Year Blogaversary.(((hugs)))

Your marriage is an inspiration to many of us and the love you and Randy share glows brightly in your stories.

I for one, love your *mature* bottom and enjoy reading about the various and devious ways it is reddened. Never apologize or feel embarrassed, we are in fact, always jealous about how much you get spanked. :)

Have a great weekend, looking forward to some brunch.

New Beginnings said...

When I first found you this summer I went back and read everything. They are still some of the most wonderful things I have ever found.

Congrats and please, keep writing!

Anonymous said...

Happy blog anniversary and thanks for the stories, Bonnie!

Of course, you could post the listings from the phone book and as long as it was posted with delicious pictures of your magnificent butt, like with this post, I'd read it!

Hmmm, there's an about a "Bonnie's butt pictorial post"? Pictures of your zaftig can in different clothes and different poses? I'll bet that most of your male readers would love it!

Thanks again,

Bonnie said...

Tigger too - You're welcome!

Paul - Thanks, as always, for your steadfast support.

Anne - I like that story too. That was really fun. I hope you have a wonderful weekend as well.

Alex D - It seems strange to welcome you if you've been here all along, but I'm pleased to meet you.

I really appreciate your kind words. Thank you!

Sky - You're most welcome

Brian - Thanks. Please be aware, though, that the events I present here is but a small part of our lives. Just because I don't bother to share the rough spots doesn't mean that we don't face the same issues and challenges as everyone else. I can assure you that we do.

As for getting spanked often, it waxes and wanes. The spankings described in my archive stories took place over a number of years. I am fortunate to be able to retell them now in the blog. In truth, I am typically spanked about once or twice per week.

Elis - Thank you!

Tony - Thanks. For the record, I have no plans to publish phone book listings. Let's hope it doesn't come to that!

As for the pictorial, I would prefer to show you my words.

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