Sunday, September 10, 2006

MBS Spanko Brunch #34

Many spanko couples share a secret word, phrase, or gesture that clearly indicates, even in public, that a spanking is forthcoming. This is our topic for today's brunch.

Are there any signals that you or your partner use to threaten, promise, or suggest a spanking? If so, please describe these words, phrases, or gestures, and the context in which they are most commonly employed.

I invite you to submit a contribution to our brunch discussion. Please leave a comment below, send me an e-mail, or post a response on your own blog. Once everyone has provided their responses, I will publish a summary of the discussion.


jeanmarie said...

My mother used to warn my sisters and me, "You're on thin ice, young lady," whenever we were close to earning a trip over her knee to feel her hand (or the wooden spoon for serious offenses). In pillow talk after a particularly splendid spank/fuck session,I shared that little detail with Kyle when we were first dating. Then months later, when we were in Nordstrom's Department store shoe section and I was pleading too vociferously for a pair of Jimmy Choo's, Kyle took me by the elbow and marched me out of the store, whispering, "You're on thin ice, young lady." My head exploded in fireworks, my sex instantly became aroused. I got my first semi-public spanking that day in the back seat of his car in the mall parking lot. We made semi-public love for the first time immediately afterward. That was the first time I heard those magic words from him, but not the last. That's our potent phrase.
Jean Marie

Anonymous said...

A meaningful double pat on the seat of my tight skirt, implies a spanking to come, but seems quite a normal gesture to others. Susan.

Paul said...

We had two signals, the first would tell Mel that she was close to being out of order, this was a raised right eyebrow, for bratting being cheeky, pushing her luck.
The second would indicate a punishment was in order, "my girl, my love or Mel, you are riding for a fall." It wasn't used often, but when it was, Mel knew she'd crossed the line.
Hugs Bonnie,

Tiggr said...

Dante doesn't need to say a word to let me know I've overdone myself and bounced a bit too high... he has a LOOK, an indescribable look that somehow I am quite sure you all can picture vividly.

He also refers to me as "little girl" or comments that I'm obviously "feeling feisty" or am "needing some attention."

That's all the reassurance I need to know that my bottom will soon be hot and stripeddy!

Good question, Bonnie!


Anonymous said...

It's much like with Tiggr... I just get "the look." Problem is that his look of "you are gonna get your buns warmed" and his look of lust create the same physical response in me. I don't think my body will ever know the difference. LOL

Theresa said...

Just wait til I get you home! Yikes!

A.S.S. said...

The phrase "we'll talk about it later," with a slight emphasis on the word ~talk~ is a pretty good indicator. A dead give-away is saying something about *counting*. As in, "we'll see if you can count to 10 still"... or... "you should count to 10 before getting that angry." Sure sign that a spanking (with a set number of spanks to be counted) is coming.

The already mentioned :look: is another one... as if the most basic signal... a pat on the bottom with that look..

good question!
-Todd & Suzy

Storm Rider said...

Oh yeh, we have those!
She usually whispers the word "asshole" and I yell "Bend over!" LOL
I have missed you Bonnie!

Mary said...

That secret conversation between lovers is grand. More than warning is that feeling when I am taken out to dinner on a freshly spanked bottom. The twinge of remembrance as I sit - and his noticing my body stiffen momentarily - our eyes meet, we smile, me perhaps shyly - in a moment our secret is shared and it is a bonding of lover's speak.
The "warning" can be that gentle "normal" looking pat on the behind - usually used when a fun frisky spanking is coming. OR The look where his jaw is set lips are firm -no smile, there is a slight tilting forward of his head as his eyebrows seem to raise slightly and the phrase is something along the lines of. "Are you sure about that?" Tells me I better think about my next action if I do not want over his knee. He uses Young Lady" but I cant specifically recall how publically, and when his tone of voice is firm and directive, I respond with "Yes, Sir" almost by instinct. even if others may hear and suspect something is up.

padme said...

Usually Master Anakin gives me the "Darth look" that tells me I have stepped a bit too far and that a warning is happening that a spanking could happen if I keep going.


Anonymous said...


The lifted brow is always a good signal. As is when my hubby says, "Are you trying to get yourself into trouble?" Both make me absolutely melt!!!


Bonnie said...

Randy and I have developed quite a few signals over the years. In the early years, we set out a paddle or hairbrush. As our daughter grew older, that approach became impractical. We decided that wearing thong-style underwear was a good method for me to signal my interest. Randy is considerably less subtle, even in public. He thinks nothing of patting, grabbing, rubbing, or swatting my bottom. He derives a twisted amusement from watching me blush or others quizzically glare.

In terms of verbal clues, there are many permutations. Anytime that Randy mentions words like warm, pink, sting, heat, or glow in normal conversation, he’s talking to me about spanking. Other times, he makes some obscure reference about me needing to stand later. Regardless of the technique, I receive his message loud and clear.

New Beginnings said...

I told Nick this morning that I really liked the brunch topic but that I had nothing to add to it. He just laughed and said "It must be hell to be deprived!" Obviously we have to work on this.LOL


rose said...

in our short time together, i've discovered TND has "that look" that tells me i've crossed a line. usually He'll ask me "what did you just say"....also my clue that i've got a paddling coming.

me...if i want a spanking, i simply resort to my sassy self...that usually elicits the desired response from TND...a good spanking. ;-)

your question made me smile, bonnie. thanks!


caryagal said...

Great question Bonnie!

For us it is usually a look, or "wait until the kids go to sleep then we'll talk" I know then that I'm in trouble. Another signal is for us to turn the lava light. A sure sign of what is wanted or needed.

Thanks Bonnie!


FelineFrisky said...

HonBun gets to the point, wiwthout any fear, He gets face to face and tells me I need a spanking and, depending on the offense, how much it will entail. Diane

veronica said...

if i've been particularly bratty or moody the first thing i get is "the look" like so many others have written. if i keep arguing or whining or pouting the next words out of his mouth are "keep it up." as soon as i hear those 3 little words i know that i'm in for one helluva bottom warming very soon. yeah, i hear those words pretty often. "keep it up, just keep it up and see what happens." LOL :-)

Lisa said...

well, I can say as far as knowing he is going to spank me, It is his smirk on his face and the twinkle in the eye. Which only makes me become more sassy. But I haven't really figured out a way to cue him into the fact that I am interested in getting paddled. but I love the lamp Idea.

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