Saturday, September 09, 2006

The Awakening

I had planned to give you a new spankologue today. Sometimes, however, events alter my publishing schedule. I figured you wouldn’t mind a nice, fresh spanking story instead.

My first semi-conscious sensation this morning was my lover’s hands gently stroking my back. I emerged slowly from my deep slumber. My eyes opened just enough to detect light streaming in through the blinds. It was mid-morning. We had slept in. Randy’s massaging digits were by this time rubbing my hip and sliding down toward my bottom. “Mmmmm,” I uttered approvingly. I liked the way this felt. All of it – the cool morning air, the roughness of his palms against my smooth skin, my residual sleepiness, and the lust that was now swelling within me – fit well with my definition of a perfect Saturday morning.

“Turn over?” It was a both command and a query. I answered both with my compliance. Randy retrieved a favorite small leather paddle from his bedside table (I love a man who plans ahead). Upon spying the flexible, brown implement clutched in his strong right hand, I braced myself for an inevitable assault on my exposed posterior. Crossing me up, as he does so often, he merely rubbed the paddle’s surface round and round against my lower cheeks. This too was a feeling I liked. He was taking his time and making it a spanking to remember.

“Do you need the paddle?” he inquired, knowing full well what my answer would be.

“Yes,” I purred in a small voice.

“I want you to ask me to spank you.” Randy was really playing me now.

“Please, spank my bottom with the paddle,” I cooed. I did desire his vigorous attention.

“Is it a hard spanking you crave?”

“Yes, please, spank me hard.” I probably would have agreed with anything at this stage.

As soon as I spoke those fateful words, my husband knelt beside me and took aim. The first blow wasn’t severe in the least. It was a nice, crisp smack. I liked the way it felt and the way it made me feel. He continued with moderate swats to build up a nice heat on the surface of my skin. In time, he began employing a bit more wrist action to increase the sting. Still, I never felt out of control or as though the spanking was more than I wanted. In all, he probably brought the paddle down at least a hundred times, but I loved every deliciously stinging whack.

I thought the spanking might be over when Randy’s nimble fingers sought out my sexual wellspring. I instinctively parted my thighs to welcome his overture. Ambidextrous as he is, however, he was quite able to stimulate and paddle concurrently. I was panting. He holds the keys to my desire and the lock was open. Soon, I was shaking with blind erotic ecstasy.

The events that followed are still slightly fuzzy, but I’m certain that he mounted me and gave me another teeth-rattling series of orgasms. Afterward, we snuggled in bed together. We happily exchanged kisses, caresses, embraces, and “I love you’s.” It was simply wonderful.

When I went in the bathroom in a little while later, I couldn’t stop staring at the mirror image of my nicely pink bottom. Randy had to go to work for a while, but he left me with a warm glow and a smile on my face. It’s going to be a great weekend!

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Tiggr said...

Wow, Bonnie... GOOD FOR YOU!!

Spankings all around this weekend, I think... I am really glad that you are one of the lucky ones! You both needed this and it sounds like the purr-fect beginning for a weekend of fun for you AND Randy.

Just think, he went off to wrok witha relaly big grin and a spring in his step, too! And all because of you!

Big hugs,

Anonymous said...

I'm glowing with you, Bonnie. My Saturday has been similar to yours with a few variations. Details in my blog later next week. Enjoy the glow, the afterglow and all that comes with both!!


Theresa said...

I anticipate that the pace has been set for rest of the weekend goes! Enjoy!

Mistress Sky said...

Lucky Bonnie - what a superb way to start the weekend!

Lily said...

Sounds like you had a much better morning me.



New Beginnings said...

Wonderful morning, wonderful story. I feel sorry for the rest of the world. No one could have more fun than a spanko!


Anonymous said...

Hot, Bonnie!!! I sooooo love when my hubby tells me to ask him to spank me!!! There's something so sexy about asking for a spanking!!!


caryagal said...

Awesome story Bonnie. I just love your stories! Have a fantastic weekend! It is truely off to a good start! Mine too:)


Paul said...

Isn't it great when the one that you love asks for what you so want to give.
The best possible start to a week-end, we thought so too.
Loved the story, thanks Bonnie.

ShyAboutThisStuff said...

Thanks for visiting my site. Still gearing up for my first spanking. Nice blog. I've been reading for a while.

Bonnie said...

Tiggr - You're right. We did need this. It's been a splendid weekend.

Eva - That's great! I look forward to reading your account.

Theresa - I'm pleased to report that's been true!

Sky - I do feel lucky. Thank you.

Lily - Here's hoping the rest of your weekend has been much better.

Elis - You'll sure get no argument from me!

Tigger Too - Thanks. There is something about having to ask that just pushes my buttons.

Caryagal - Thank you!

Paul - Great is the right word. Happily, the rest of the weekend has been excellent as well.

Shy - Welcome! It's a pleasure to meet you. If there is anything I can do to assist, you need only ask.

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