Saturday, September 16, 2006

Bonnie's Spankologue: Part Fifteen

There's just nothing better than a great spanko blog, unless it's three!

The Secret Life of Librarygirl - Although she hasn't worked at the library for some time, the name stuck. Library Girl is in fact an intelligent young woman and dedicated spanko blogger. For more than two years, she has shared experiences and insights regarding our favorite subject and much more. Most recently, she and her beau, Matt, attended the Shadow Lane party in Las Vegas. Her personal and light-hearted writing makes this blog a fun stop for any spanko.

Facing Fear - Flinchflower is an enigma, sometimes even to herself. Remarkably self-aware and introspective, she explores her deepest doubts and strongest aspirations. The reader often feels as though they are reading a combination diary, confession, and to-do list. Flinchflower's tastes in spanking run toward classic disciplinary scenarios. She often laments the absence of a full-time disciplinarian in her life. On one hand, it would be hard to not wish that this desire be fulfilled. On the other, I think I might miss her longingly brilliant ruminations.

Ruby Redd's Spanking Pages - This blog is a spanko potpourri. I've not seen another blog with this breadth of material. There are many spanking-related photos. Also to be enjoyed are film reviews, artwork, book reviews, commentary, and Web links. The most unique feature, however, is a state-by-state presentation of spanko and BDSM resources. Ruby generously serves up a little something for everyone. Check it out!

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A.S.S. said...

Wow, some really good ones this week. We saved them all.

-Todd & Suzy

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the recommendations, Bonnie!!! I've been visiting Ruby Redd's for awhile and really like it!!!


Paul said...

Bonnie, I know Flinchflower and Library Girl, Ruby Redd I haven't tried yet.

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