Friday, September 08, 2006

An Argument for the Metric System

Here's a fun adventure from my archive. I recorded this tale back in 1999. Happy Friday!

I've been trying to finish writing this story for about three days. Every time I sit down (ouch) to tell it, I seem to get distracted. This afternoon, however, all is quiet, so I'll give it another try. This is the saga of my Tuesday night paddling.

Despite a rather vigorous visit from our favorite hairbrush on Sunday, by Tuesday morning, I was again interested in generating some excitement. Call it hormones. Call it the approach of a full moon. I don't know why, but I was just eager for another amorous adventure.

My husband, Randy, works a later schedule that I do. In fact, he lives his life much the same way. Often, I leave for work before he wakes up. I kiss him and he typically mumbles something and then rolls over. On this morning, that wasn't going to be sufficient. We have an understanding that anytime I wear thong-style underwear, he is to spank me. Not only was I wearing them on this fine morning, I was wearing them to work! I was so proud of myself, I just had to wake him up to show him. He was pretty groggy, but he definitely perked up when I raised my skirt to reveal what was underneath. The response was closely akin to waving a red cape in front of a bull. He wanted to spank me right then and there. Intriguing as that offer was, there was no way. I had to get to work. He got up with the intention of spanking me, but I grabbed my coat and bag and rushed out the door. I didn't look back.

Later in the day, I called Randy at work. I wondered if he would be mad that I teased him and then ran off (BTW, that was really not my intention at all). He was remarkably subdued. I asked him if he would be home on time. He assured me that he would.

By the time I arrived home after work, my heart was aflutter with anticipation. If it was a spanking I wanted, I was now certain to get my wish. I puttered around the house finishing nothing. I answered some e-mail. All the while I pondered the spanking to come. I resolved that I wasn't going to resist. I had asked for this. Besides, although I only wanted to share my excitement that morning, the result of my enthusiasm was that I woke, teased, and then deserted my dear partner. Any way I considered it, I deserved every swat he was about to deliver.

By the time I heard Randy drive into the garage (on time!), the butterflies were as big as bats. In preparation for his arrival, I had changed into my short white lace nightgown. It's a nice blend of innocent and alluring. Underneath I wore only that thong. I was waiting for him in the kitchen when he came up the steps from the garage. I greeted him with a lover's kiss. While returning my greeting, he embraced me. As is his custom, slowly his hands moved southward. When he reached my bottom, his eyes widened and a smile crossed as he felt the thong. He walked with me into the family room. He suggested I sit down until he called me upstairs. Now those words really sent a chill through me (a short nightgown in a cold climate doesn't hurt either). He headed upstairs. I tried to get comfortable on the couch, but the anxious waiting kept me on edge, both figuratively and literally.

About ten minutes later, I heard those words I simultaneously dreaded and craved. "OK, Bon, c'mon up!" My heart was racing as I climbed the stairs step by step by step. I strode slowly into our bedroom. Randy was standing before me. He was wearing his white terrycloth robe tied at the waist. With his dark hair and moustache, he looked so sexy! In his right hand, he held the tear-shaped paddle. He wasn't cross at all. In fact, he was very sweet. He sat on the edge of the bed and placed a pillow to his left. Next, he asked me to strip. Usually when I wear a thong, I get to keep it during the spanking, but not this time. Once I was naked, he helped me down into the classic position.

Randy picked up the paddle and rested it against my cheeks. He told me that I was about to receive ten whacks. Instinctively, I arched my back and thrust my bottom upward to demonstrate my willingness. Without any delay, Randy began the paddling. He worked quickly, alternating sides and delivering hard, stinging whacks. I buried my face in the pillow. After the tenth fierce swat, he stopped. My bottom was definitely hurting, but I didn't expect him to let me off so easily. Still, when he dropped the paddle on the bed, I wondered if that was all. It wasn't.

I soon learned that he dropped the paddle in order to free his hand for other pursuits. He quickly determined that I was exhibiting that uniquely feminine expression of readiness. His fingers knew me well. They worked their special magic as I panted my way into erotic ecstasy. A few moments later, the scene changed again when I looked back to see through the corner of my eye that he had lifted the wooden paddle high above his head.

"Ten more" he said with an even tone. These were even harder than the last round. I grabbed the pillow with both hands and just held on. I was determined to see this through. Ouch! For anyone who has yet to be soundly paddled, let me tell you that it hurts a lot. I believe he gave me ten, but I sure wasn't counting.

Again he dropped the paddle, again his hands took over, and again I was most receptive. It took barely one touch before I was writhing all over again. I was lost in pleasure and pain when I heard the words "Ten more." I didn't think I needed *any* more, but I pressed my head into that pillow and stiffened my resolve. Randy didn't let up on me this third time. Even with the pillow pulled tightly around my ears, I could still hear the unmistakable thwack of wood meeting flesh. That sound echoed through my mind as each burning sting exploded across my bottom. By the time he finished this set, I was practically limp.

He rolled me onto the bed and seemingly all in one motion positioned himself atop me. We made love twice over the next hour, first strenuously and then tenderly. In between, we lay nearly motionless in bed. We were both on our sides with him immediately behind me. It was nice to feel his strong body so close to mine. He couldn't keep his hands off my glowing derriere. It was wonderful.

After an evening like this one, it seems as though a positive aura envelops our relationship for a few days. Randy treats me so nicely and I feel ready to do anything for him. I always feel energized as well. I definitely needed that bonus this week.

This was a good experience and I'm glad I asked. For those readers who've never requested that their partner give them a spanking, I encourage you to consider it. It's liberating. It's fulfilling. It's fun!

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little one said...

Ahhh, "the asking". 'Tis so sweet, isn't Bonnie? This was a wonderful account. It's so nice to see a couple so in love and so in tune with one another. Thank you for sharing!

Theresa said...

Sounds like lots of funn!

Anonymous said...

What a sexy, hot story!!!
Loved it, Bonnie!!!


A.S.S. said...

It was your wonderful telling of past spanking adventures that first caught our eye. This one is excellent, and has a great little lesson in it... don't be afraid to ask for a spanking. Well, maybe be afraid, but still ask!!

Happy Friday!
-Todd & Suzy

Paul said...

Lovely story dear Bonnie, as are all yours and with a good moral too.
Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Bonnie~ It's happened again... I get on here and start reading. Next thing I know I'm hopelessly craving a spanking. And now, here it is the weekend.... and Adam's promised to be home on time tonight. Yeah for me!!

I think I'll have him read your post and tell him "Just like that." LOL


Tony L. said...

Ditto what Paul said, Bonnie, lovely story! But not as lovely as the delicious denim-clad fanny pictures you keep treating us butt-loving men to! Now if we could just see that magnificent butt in those white shorts... :)

And yes, I'd love to do a guest post on my wife's recent "conversion" to full-fledged spanko (as you mentioned below). I'll email something to you.

Thanks again for the great stories and even greater pictures! Keep 'em both coming, please!


caryagal said...

Great Story Bonnie! So full of love between you two! thank you so much for sharing your wonderful stories with us! we too have a signal that we are just figuring out is a signal! Tonight my husband left the lava light on in the bedroom. I think I know what is coming after the kidlets get to bed :-)

Have a wonderful Weekend!


Anonymous said...

Oh! I love reading your spanking adventures! This one was great - very sexy! Thanks for sharing it, Bonnie.

bella said...

Excellent, Bonnie!


New Beginnings said...

I love everything about your stories but I really thought about the pillow in this one. I have to have a pillow to hold and bury my face in. I hadn't realized how important it really was until I read that you use one for the same purpose!

I love that you are reposting some of your earlier stories. Some I have read, but some I have missed.


Bonnie said...

Little - The asking changes the dynamic and often introduces the vital element of fun.

Theresa - It surely was!

Tigger Too - I figured many readers would enjoy this nugget.

Todd and Suzy - It takes a certain amount of nerve to ask, but I've never been disappointed with the results.

Paul - Thanks!

Eva - I'm glad to be of assistance. I look forward to reading your account!

Tony - Thanks. I'll look for your e-mail.

Caryagal - As it turns out, we've developed a number of signals over the years. Long ago, it used to be a paddle or hairbrush resting on the dresser, but as our daughter grew, we had to become a bit more subtle.

If you ever have the inclination, I'd love to hear about some of your adventures.

SuZQ - Thanks. I'm pleased that you enjoyed it.

Bella - Thank you!

Elis - Yes, the pillow helps in several ways.

By the way, this story is not a repost. It has never appeared on MBS before.

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