Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Bonnie's Mailbag Revisited

I thought it might be fun to dive into the mailbag once again. Here are some of your e-mails along with my responses. Please note that in some cases, I have paraphrased longer questions for the sake of brevity.

Question: My husband spanks too hard. The pain is excruciating and I hurt for days afterward. I like the idea of spankings, but the reality is just a bit much right now. What should I do?

Answer: Talk to him. Make sure he knows that he is going beyond your limits. Ask him if will consider backing off a little. Just because you're in a submissive role doesn't mean that you have to be a doormat. Have a safeword and use it if necessary. Your needs must be considered as well. As a dominant, he has a responsibility to look out for your best interests. If your husband is unwilling to do this, perhaps spanking play is not a good idea.

Question: Do you have any tattoos?

Answer: Nope. Sorry. No ink here.

Question: Will you look at my blog and give me some ideas as to how I might improve it?

Answer: Sure. I haven't a lot of time to spend on this sort of activity, but I'm glad to share some intial impressions. I'm far from an expert on Web page design, but I have plenty of opinions. :)

Question: If I send you some panties, will you model them for me?

Answer: In all honesty, there's only one man who gets to watch me parade around in my underwear (and fortunately, he seems to like it).

Question: Do you spank?

Answer: No.

Question: Do you think that women who are into spanking are more likely to go for anal sex too?

Answer: I've never seen a study on this topic (just imagine trying to obtain a grant!), but I imagine that might be the case. We spankos tend to be a little more adventurous in the bedroom and we're certainly very aware that our bottom is an erogenous zone. So my guess would be yes.

Question: Have you had a butt lift?

Answer: Only by Randy when he wants a better angle to spank it!

Question: Do you think naughty boys should be paddled?

Answer: If they're adults and they like it, absolutely.

I couldn't make up this stuff!

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bella said...

Question: Have you had a butt lift?
Answer: Only by Randy when he wants a better angle to spank it!

Good answer! Good answer!!

(who found some additional letters for her name)

Anonymous said...

Hi Bonnie - Diane here. I have a question for you! Have you ever attended one of those Shadowlane spanking gatherings? Came across their announcement for a Brat Pack Party - this month in Vegas. They reserve a whole floor of the hotel for attendees. They have vendors, dancing and dinners - and if you so chose - play. always in private. The attendees are even encouraged to have suite parties and invite other attendees. Sounds wild - the idea of a whole group of spankos in one place - for mutual interaction. I'm not there yet - hmmm, maybe longer. It's actually quite well managed and organized, from what I've read. They have some rules and suggestions, too. Hubby thinks it's a grand idea! Maybe next year! LOL

Mija said...

Diane: Shadow Lane parties are fantastic. :) They're fun, classy and relaxed, kind of like Tony and Eve themselves.

My husband and I are going this month -- it'll be my 6th. If you have any questions I could answer, let me know!

Anonymous said...

Great answers, Bonnie!!!


Paul said...

Bonnie, as usual, love your answers.

Cassie said...

Love your answers. Why do they keep asking you if you spank? With husbands as wonderful as ours why would we do the work!

Love, Cassie

A.S.S. said...

We're waiting for the Email that asks you to spank your husband... and then mail off the panties you were wearing while spanking him.

-Todd & Suzy

Fireman Chris said...

Don't mean to hijack the comments, but since the Shadow Lane party was mentioned...Sparkle and I will be attending our first one this time around. We're very much looking forward to it.

Bonnie said...

Bella - Thanks. You're welcome here under any name!

Diane - No, but some of our regular readers have...

Mija - Thank you, Mija. Those parties always sound like fun.

Tigger Too - Thanks.

Paul - Thanks. Just when I think I've answered every possible question, I get a whole crop of new ones.

Cassie - I dunno. I think they're probably newbies who have yet to master some of the roles and distinctions the rest of us take for granted.

Todd and Suzy - You know, I haven't seen that yet. Nor have I been asked to punish Elvis' alien love child.

Chris - Please hijack away. Your expertise is much appreciated. I look forward to reading your reports (and Mija's too!). Thanks.

Snow White said...

LOL Your questions and answers are better than Letterman's... probably 'cause yours are real! xox

bella said...

Nor have I been asked to punish Elvis' alien love child



Fanny Annie said...

Bonnie, I love your answers.

Papa does the same thing to me - pushes my cheek up to expose the sit spot...delicious!

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