Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Poll: Fabrics, Materials, and Textures

For many of us, the tactile sensations associated with touch can be very arousing. This poll considers which fabrics, textures, or materials help to put you in the mood for a sexy spanking.

Fabrics, Materials, and Textures
Which of the following do you find most arousing?



Haron said...

Velvet! When I see a girl in a velvet dress, I just want to climb over her lap.

On men, I like nice woolen suits.

Anonymous said...

A silk skirt straining over a fine plumped out botttom, and a thin cane in my hand, What could be better ? D

Paul said...

I loved the feel of silk especially when it was pulled tight for an impromptu spanking.
I was going to say that you can't beat it, but I did, very often.
Thanks Bonnie.

Mary said...

Although initially I thought silk, in a moment of hesitation, I realized that it is cotton that I love best. The simplicity, the softness - the variability, the clean freshness - all of coton's characteristics - warmth too - cotton it is

Anonymous said...

Add to my last one - if silk not available, thin white cotton hugs the cheeks superbly, and even more so it is is wet. D

Bonnie said...

Everyone - OK, you really surprised me! I wouldn't have figured good old comfortable breathable cotton as number two behind only sexy silk. I love cotton, but is it really that arousing?

Haron - Ah, I wish I'd thought of that! Good points.

D - That does make quite the mental image, doesn't it?

Paul - I think you're in good company with your appreciation of silk.

Mary - As I say, I love cotton. It's the most practical and most comfortable of all fabrics. But can it be sexy?

D (encore) - I guess I'm just going to have to start thinking about cotton in a new way.

Anonymous said...

Had to pick silk!!! It's just sooooo sexy to wear!!! Though I must admit, my eveday panties are VS cotton bikinis!!! I think they're pretty sexy, too!!! So does my hubby!!! *grin*


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