Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Story: Waves of Joy

For anyone who missed Tigger's Fantasy Friday post, here is the story I submitted. I consider it a profound compliment that most of her readers thought that CeeCi wrote it!

On this night, the roar of the ocean seemed to be reduced to a gentle purr. The tide was out and the moon was full. The fresh breeze caused me to shiver ever so slightly, as much with anticipation as in reaction to the cool night air.

Across the broad beach and down to the water’s edge my lover led me. Not a word was spoken. Not a word was required. He knew well the carnal desires we share. The time to unleash them was nearly at hand.

The cold sand compressed beneath my bare feet, seemingly determined to delay my moment of truth. I too was determined. We had waited too long for this moment. There could be no turning back. Fate lay before me in the lapping waves.

Upon reaching land’s end, I silently removed my clothing. My lover positioned me at the very point where the waves were breaking. He gestured for me to lie on my front with my head facing the shore. Over and over, the chilly sea water surrounded me and then receded. In the waves, I felt suddenly one with the mother of us all. It was a peaceful, reassuring thought.

My consciousness was swiftly returned to the here and now by the familiar sound of a gentleman’s leather belt snaking its way toward liberation. My lover intended to spank me here in the water. I knew this, yet somehow, the notion seemed strangely novel. I craved the sweet release, yet I wasn’t certain I was prepared for the requisite pain.

Events left no time for deep philosophical ponderings. The doubled belt struck against my damp skin with surprising ferocity. My lover waited for the next wave to pass before delivering a second and third smarting smack. I felt the odd juxtaposition of heat and cold as each successive wave covered and uncovered my punished bottom. My spanking continued in time with nature’s cadence.

After many waves and many impacts of leather upon flesh, my lover decided it was time for the next phase of our evening. He helped me to my feet and gently dried my body using a fluffy cotton towel he had brought. Now fully out of the water, my bottom burned with a searing heat. He took me in his arms and hugged me tenderly. When his hands gravitated inevitably downward toward my blazing cheeks, I welcomed his touch. His fingers traced the raised welts left by the belt. Amid the intense sting, I felt proud to wear his marks and to submit to his will. I was, and will always be, his to spank and his to love.

I can't wait to see whose fantasy Tigger will feature this Friday.

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bella said...

Very nice, Bonnie. I like the idea of hot and cold mingling there together.


Tigger said...

This fantasy is pure perfection, Bonnie... from the hot and cold to the pain and pleasure to the water and leather...

Hmmm, we DO have a swiming pool and Dante most certainly has a broad leather belt and a water fetish of his own. Perhpas I sense yet another fantasy turned real-life about to commence.

Big hugs and welcome back... looking forward to many more stories.

padme said...

I really enjoyed your fantasy, bonnie. :)

Grace said...

Fantastic story. I read it on Tiggers site, and I just thought about it all weekend!

Thanks for the great read.


freshairlover said...

Loved it!

SuZQ said...

Great story, Bonnie! Even though I read it on Tigger's site, I had to read it again.

Mary said...

wow, very romantic and original! What a wonderful fanatsy.

Bonnie said...

Bella - Thanks. Juxtaposition was very much the theme here - hot and cold, pain and pleasure, air and water.

Tigger - Thanks! A wet spanking is quite an event. I don't understand the physics behind why it hurts so much more, but it definitely does.

Padme - Thank you, Padme!

Grace - I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Fresh - Thanks!

SuzQ - I'm please you liked my story.

Mary - As you'll see next week (when I get around to finishing it), this fantasy was very loosely based upon some real events from a couple weeks ago.

lizzietush said...

Oh my! This was so hot and swet and sexy. I loved the beach and the waves (I live on a beach 2 1/2 months of the year).

The yummy leather warming up a wave chilled botton.



Bonnie said...

Hi Lizzie!

I'm glad you stopped by and delighted that you enjoyed my seaside spanko fantasy!

Anonymous said...

as usual I really love your writing. your style of writing is TERRIFIC (Im jealous) not really I just love it too much
thanks for sharing

Anonymous said...

Very H-O-T!!! Absolutely loved it, Bonnie!!! And I can totally relate because I'm such a beach bunny myself!!!


Bonnie said...

Mikki - Hello, and welcome to MBS! I'm glad you liked the tale.

Tigger Too - Thank you. There's lust in them there waves...

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