Monday, August 28, 2006

Bonnie's Mailbag

It's time again to check the contents of my mailbag. Wow, it's full this month. Lots of readers write e-mails and I do nothing to dissuade them. I try to personally reply to my mail messages. Some, however, are simply too good not to share.

Question: What would you do if you couldn't get spanked?

Answer: I have to imagine that day will come eventually. I'm sure I'll miss it.

Question: Will you accept paid advertising?

Answer: Probably not. That's not what this blog is about. This blog is not my job. It's my recreation. I want to be free to post precisely the material I choose to share with my readers.

Question: Are you officially back from your break?

Answer: Yeah, kind of. We are scheduled to go out of town again, but this trip shouldn't cause too much disruption (at least in terms of the blog).

Randy asked me to back off a bit on my posting pace, but I keep thinking of new topics that I simply have to write about before the inspiration escapes. On one hand, I like the idea of having more time to spend with him. On the other, when he's not around, I tend to think about my second love.

Question: Do you wear a sports bra?

Answer: I own a couple and I'll wear one under a t-shirt when I go to the gym. In truth, my boobs are fairly small. I don't have the same support issues that many women do. After years of wishing I had more on top, I now find myself feeling relatively OK with this arrangement. My hips, of course, are a different story...

Question: How do I get to be a guest poster on MBS?

Answer: In eleven months, I've had only four or five guest posts. This is not something I am inclined to do very often. It works as a a change of pace, but I doubt I'll ever feature a lot of guest posters.

I am willing to consider story and article submissions, but I'll make no promises.

Question: Was Randy surprised to meet a girl who enjoyed spankings?

Answer: We had been dating for a while before we discovered this common interest. I would say it was a very pleasant surprise for both of us.

Question: I notice that there are some spanking-related blogs that you don't link. Why?

Answer: I think at 150+ links, my blogroll is more extensive than most and I spend considerable time maintaining it. With that said, there are spanking-related blogs I don't link. In some cases, I simply may not know about them. From time to time, I look for new spanko blogs, but it's impossible to find them all.

There are other blogs and sites that I deliberately choose not to link. Quite naturally, I tend to skip blogs that lack substantial spanko content. Sites whose sole purpose is peddling commercial content don't need my help. Other blogs include photos or descriptions of acts with which I want no association. I consider any depiction of spanking children or non-consenting adults to be out of bounds. Nor do I go in for really extreme scenes.

Finally, I steer clear of blogs where the author begins with the assumption that women must be punished because we are inherently inferior. I find that perspective offensive. It conflicts with the reality I see everyday. People can say and do as they please, but I will link what I like.

If you have specific suggestions, please let me know.

Question: What's it like to pull down your panties and lie across your husband's lap knowing full well that he is about to paddle your bottom?

Answer: That's a really exciting feeling. I call it the moment of truth. It combines tension, anticipation, concern, and lust. Many times, Randy places me in a position where I must deliberately choose to be spanked. Waiting for me to pull down my own panties is one example. He may be swinging the paddle, but I have to be a full partner in the proceedings. The spanking that follows is not something he does to me, but an act we share with my full consent and participation.

There's something deliciously decadent about agreeing that I need to be spanked. By allowing me to exercise my free will, Randy brings out my submissiveness. It also hastens the surrender and the acceptance that often occur during the spanking itself. In short, I love it!

Question: Do you ever get tired of writing about spanking?

Answer: Yes, but the feeling passes quickly!

Question: May I peel your jeans off and lick and spank your beautiful ass?

Answer: I'm sorry, but those activities are reserved for my husband.

Question: How can I get more people to visit my blog?

Answer: I posted three lists of suggestions that address my thoughts on building and managing a blog. You can find them here, here, and here. If you have any specific questions, feel free to write me. I'll help if I can.

Question: You said you were on vacation at the beach with Randy. Did he take any pictures of you wearing a bikini and will you share them with us?

Answer: Bikini? Surely you jest.

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Tigger said...

Good morning, Bonnie!

You get so of the most fascinating questions... what's up with the need to know about a sports bra?

You've been getting a LOT of mail, perhaps more than usual, or so it seems... maybe cause of your vacation hiatus?

I know how your mind works and you will always be thinking of new posting ideas, but maybe it is time to give Randy's thoughts some extra notice... you've been going like gangbusters for a year now (or very nearly) and blogging to that degree does take its toll not only on you but it can also pit a strain on the relationship.

Sorry for being so direct but I've wondered a bit, since your personal spanking stories have taken a back burner lately... I don't worry about the endurance of your relationship but are YOU getting the amount of spanko time you want and deserve? Is Randy?

Please don't put all of us before your own needs and those of your ever loving man... you both deserve only good things and lots and lots of them!

Big hugs,

Paul said...

Bonnie, I second Tigger in what she says, nothing is more important than that relationship.
Thanks for the wonderful replies to questions most of us regulars know not to ask.
I am quite resigned to seeing only your nicely filled jeans, you wouldn't care to surprise me!!! *G*
Thanks Bonnie girl.

Master Enigma said...

I found this post to be informative. I have always appreciatted your candor and wit. I also read your hints on how to increase blog traffice. Those were excellent.

Well done.

Anonymous said...

Bonnie~ Personally, I love knowing that many of us here keep ourselves only for our husbands. Don't apologize for that!!! I think it's awesome!!


brian said...

I am glad to see you back full time sorta.:)

I know this is a labor of love for you and I sincerely appreciate the blogroll. I never surf for spanking info anymore, I just come here for a spanking.

Bonnie said...

Tigger - I have no idea why that fellow cares about my bras, but it's a fair question.

I do receive a good bit of mail. In the mailbag segment, I try to highlight those messages that are interesting, unusual, or helpful.

I do respect Randy's views about the blog and most other subjects. But when I have both inspiration and opportunity, I want to get some words out here.

As for the first person spanking stories, I have a couple of good ones to tell, but they're not yet ready. Where do you suppose my inspiration originates? Hee hee.

We're OK. I suppose I need to publish my spanko sagas to prove it!

Paul - We're fine. Thank you, dear gentleman.

Master E - Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Eva - I only apologize because this guy seemed to think he might have a shot.

Brian - Thanks. Stay tuned because I'm about to highlight a new group of blogs.

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