Sunday, August 27, 2006

Recap: MBS Sunday Brunch for August 27

For our brunch this week, the topic was silent spankings, or at least as close to quiet as can be managed. Here are your wonderful comments.

Eva: Are you kidding me? You mean this can be done silently? And I could have busted out all over a long time ago?

Oh, the sadness. I'm mourning my loss!

Mary: Eva, you made me laugh. Or should I say I am sorry for your loss? Either way, for us, I do not believe it is possible. First off, I am just not good at being quiet when my bottom is on fire. Secondly, most toys make some noise and the noise is quite distinctive. Lastly, isn't the sound part of the stimulation and fun? Due to distance, we are already in a habit of delaying spankings, so they would just wait longer if no noise could be made.

Tom: As a gift from another spanko couple, we got a small rattan carpet-beater. It does a sound and silent job and you can take it with you in the car or in the hotel room. Dust needs to be removed, doesn't it? An other possibility to restrict noise and yet make an impression is to spank the upper thighs with your fingers stretched out when no normal noise (radio, tv) is possible.

Jean Marie: My lover would not comprehend this question. If I misbehave in front of friends and family, I most likely will be reprimanded within earshot of them. It's a part of the required humiliation. I count myself lucky that he hasn't done the deed right in front of them. I had to confess our spanko orientation to my best friend one Sunday afternoon, with much blushing, because Kyle had paddled my bare butt vociferously the night before at a party we threw. He took me into the bedroom, where I had to lay over the coats on the bed, but the closed door did not keep the sound effects contained. Silencing the sounds has NOTHING to do with the process as we practice it.

Eva: I'd like to add to my answer please since I was kind of being a smart ass the first time. I realize you weren't asking about silence, but minimal noise. I've found in our limited experience that when we aim for minimal noise, like recently in hotels, that it spoils the mood. I'd prefer to just wait until we're not inhibited by anything!

Elis: I hope your readers can provide some help on this topic. I am fast getting to were I wouldn't care about noise around strangers or even adult family. But kids! It traumatic enough to realize you parents have sex. I don't think finding out they spank is something they could ever get over!

So unless I can find some help here, it’s five more year of waiting, delays and frustration. Of course, it does make out private time together much more special!

Tigger: We use the silent toys (you know, those thin, whippy ones we almost all loathe) for silent spankings. I am learning to keep as quiet as possible under threat of much worse the next day or whenever it is safe to make noise. Why is it that the most silent toys generate the most noise from the recipient? Is that nature's way of making us the butt of the joke?

Truth be told, Dante has developed an unhealthy fondness for all things whippy and/or quiet of late. He is really starting to enjoy all the wooden spoons and their many variations (we own about 10, I think). And he is using all the similar toys lately as drumsticks and pounding out his heavy metal music on my ass (well, OK, not heavy metal but he even makes the slow songs quite impressive, believe me).

Seriously though, for the newer spankos, we've learned through years of practice, experimentation and self-control. He once offered me a roll of socks to stuff in my mouth if I couldn't keep quiet. I can be tremendously vocal or hardly so. But, sometimes, the vocalization is what makes it so sweet.

He loves my spanko language, as I've invented several new words and the tone of the noises I make stuns us both and often even makes me laugh, if only briefly.

Bonnie: I agree that there is no completely silent spanking technique. I’ve heard people advocate capsaicin creams and the like, but they do nothing for me.

Fortunately, absolute silence usually isn’t required. A TV or stereo can be used to mask some of the noise, especially in hotels. Running the shower is a second technique. There are two separate problems to be solved here. The first is the sound of the spanking itself, that is, the impact of an implement upon one’s bottom. The second problem is the spankee’s vocal response to the spanking. The first noise will arouse suspicion and get you some strange looks. The second will attract law enforcement officers.

For the sound of the impact, we’ve found that lower pitched sounds, such as the impact of a heavy wooden paddle, seem to travel farther. Higher pitched noises, such as a blow from a short cane, tend to be more localized. They’re also easier to cloak with other sounds. Also, covering the bottom with even a thin pair of panties helps to muffle the swats.

Even if you can minimize or drown out the actual spanking, there’s still the recipient’s reaction. Getting a spanking, even a quiet one, causes one’s bottom to hurt a lot. There’s just no avoiding this reality. It makes me want to scream and carry on. The way we get around this is that I bury my head in a fluffy pillow.

This combination works pretty well. Unfortunately (at least for this discussion), I married a man who simply adores the sound of flat implements striking bare flesh. Oh well. Such is the price of a good time!

Hidden Flames: I am so glad you brought up this topic. We are currently living with my mother (!) and there is a connecting door between our room and our 8 year old's bedroom! Talk about frustrating...

Paul: I must agree with everyone half the fun of a spanking is the singing that the spankee does. Mel was mostly very well behaved when we were out. I always carried a short soft wide strap in the car for summery spankings. It was very quiet and very stingy, Mel wasn't fond of it at all. There was many a spanking in hotel rooms and once even in a changing cabana by a swimming pool.

We were never heard, but Mel really liked to sing when being spanked. She said that it hurt much more when she had to be quiet.

Tigger Too: To administer a serious spanking with the minimum of noise, I'd recommend the Loopy Johnny. Quiet, but ouchie, not to mention super effective!

However, while the Loopy Johnny might not make any noise, I sure do when I get spanked with it! And I only get GG spankings! LOL!

Did I mention that it's absolutely perfect for vacations?!

Todd and Suzy: The air conditioner in our house makes a decent amount of noise and the vent is located right by our bedroom door. We crank it up if spanking sounds are an issue. That helps. It also helps that we live in Arizona, where turning on the A/C makes logical sense 300+ days out of the year.

We also turn up the sound on the TV or radio, sometimes to levels that don't make logical sense. LOL Using different, quieter, implements isn't something we normally do. If the wanted spanking can't be done, we might as well wait, and waiting is something we do pretty often.

Marcus: My main experience with trying to be quiet was at hotels. I've found that cloth over her bottom helps the most. I have to say, my favorite implements tend to be loud smacking ones, so that doesn't help. And as Paul said, listening to a spankee singing is one of the fun parts. However, pillows work pretty well.

FelineFrisky: No silent spankings here. No need for them. No kids, etc. I am fascinated with the options available, if we wanted to though.

Theresa: Paul taught me about end hotel rooms. Mike and I had a quiet hotel end room spanking dream come true. He decided the wooden spoon was his favorite for impact and silence. In chapter 19, Danny and Mayye deal with just that, quiet implements. The implement takes some thought and the vocal cords take some restraint, which I think add to the experience!

Men have asked me forever whether my son knew of my spanking desires? I always responded, "No, did you know the details of your parents sex life?" Why does he need to know? Next...

Raggedy Man: Silence is golden, but hard to get in a spanking. The best method I know is leave her panties on and use hand spanking or a short flogger. Caution her not to make noise or there will be more later, and a lot more severe. Don't be too rough, though. Remember, spanking is a manifestation of love.

Grace: This is a big dilemma at my house. Lucky for me, my husband has a flexible work schedule and can come home when the children are at school to administer needed spankings. I cannot be spanked when I even think the children can hear. It just doesn't work for me.

Unfortunately, summer is our downtime when it comes to spanking. Unless we can get rid of the kids, no spankings will occur. Needless to say, summer is not my favorite season!

Man with a One Track Mind: I have a small balcony on which I like to give quiet spankings.

Anon: Silent spankings? Forget it. You can't. Much of the thrill is the sound of a flat paddle, thwacking onto a rounded bottom or the seat of a taut skirt.

Those are some great ideas. Thanks, everyone!

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Grace said...

I missed this brunch, but I'm glad to hear so many different responses.

This is a big dilemma at my house. Lucky for me, my husband has a flexible work schedule and can come home when the children are at school to administer needed spanking. I cannot be spanked when I even think the children can hear. It just doesn't work for me.

Unfortunately summer is our downtime when it comes to spanking. Unless we can get rid of the kids, no spankings will occur. Needless to say, summer is not my favorite season!


Man With A One Track Mind said...

i have a small balcony which i like to give quiet spankings on

Anonymous said...

Silent spankings - forget it, you can;t. Much of the thrill is the sound of flat paddle, thwacking onto rounded bottom or taut skirt seat.

Anonymous said...

Great reading, Bonnie!!!


Anonymous said...

Thin,whippy(a switch) is as quiet as we've found for application. Gentle application to lessen volume on other end or a pillow to sob and blubber into. Great reading!

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