Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Birthday Suggestion

This is what I want for my birthday. Here's where my husband can find it.


bella said...

Ooooh! I just ordered one. Different color and style, though, so we don't have to worry about us both wearing them if we're attending the same event.



FelineFrisky said...

Hi, Bonnie. Just stopping by on my trip around the blogosphere. Love the caption, should get one for HonBun. See ya 'round :) D

Anonymous said...

Love it, Bonnie!!! And I so have to have one, too!!!


Paul said...

Nice Tee shirt, I hope that Randy gets it for you Bonnie, and we get to see you wear it, if only a back view.

Fireman Chris said...

Nice find. :)

Check out CafePress as well (www.cafepress.com). They have literally thousands of spanking-related shirts and such (1,510 designs on 26,300 products, to be exact) and a number of birthday related ones.

Eva said...

Bonnie~ I gotta know... where would you where this shirt? Work? Shopping?

Bonnie said...

Bella - That's OK. I'd be proud to be mistaken for your sister!

FF - Hi! I'm glad you stopped. Yep, that's a fun shirt all right.

Tigger Too - It's all the rage this season...

Paul - The shirt doesn't have any markings on the back, but history is any guide I probably will!

Chris - Oooo. They do indeed. Thank you!

Eva - To bed, of course!

A'marie said...

A friend got me that shirt 2 or so years ago for my birthday. I LOVE T-Shirt hell, their newsletters are often hilarious. I just have a plain black shirt with white print. :)

With CafePress you can also design your own goodies - so you could have a whole 'My Bottom Smarts' line of casual-spanker-wear. :D

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