Thursday, July 27, 2006

Secretary Style

Here’s a little gem I found while tidying up my archive.

Randy and I finally rented the movie Secretary last night. We had intended to see it in the theater, but by the time we found an agreeable day, it was already gone. So now it's out on DVD, we headed off to the video rental store after dinner. We had a funny, albeit slightly paranoid, conversation en route:

R: Now that the government is monitoring video rentals, do you think we’ll end up in some data base listed as potentially dangerous spankos?

B: Huh?

R: You know. The government is watching everyone’s video rentals and library loans to look for terrorists.

B: But we’re not terrorists.

R: That’s not the point. Once our rentals get into the computer, they can use that data for anything.

B: Like figuring out that we’re spankos?

R: Precisely.

B: Honey, how many times have you used your credit card to purchase spanking toys?

R: Oh shit.

I had very mixed feelings about the film. While I loved the groundbreaking nature of this first-ever Hollywood depiction of an adult spanking relationship, it was just that – a Hollywood depiction. Worse yet was the portrayal of Lee as a recently released, self-destructive mental patient. Is this who Hollywood would have Middle America believe is your average spanko woman? Ugh!

Nevertheless, the spanking scene was very hot. We loved it. In fact, we loved it so much that Randy decided to re-enact it after the movie was over.

He had me dress in a white blouse with a dark skirt. I wore pantyhose over full white briefs just as the character in the film did. He donned a dark suit, complete with tie and jacket. We cleared off the desk in our study and I bent my body at a right angle over it. My bottom was sticking out and very vulnerable.

Randy began to spank me using that underhand technique we saw in the movie. When his palm struck my skirt, it yielded a solid thud, but in truth, it didn’t hurt that much. I think the uppercut motion prevented him from getting a good swing. Four layers of fabric (the skirt was lined) didn’t help either.

Before long, my skirt was up and my panties and pantyhose were down. Now working on the bare, Randy’s blows definitely registered. As I lay atop the wooden desk absorbing many hard spanks, my mind pictured the visual we were creating. It had to be very similar to the scene in the movie that had so turned me on. While watching that scene, I had imagined myself in just this position. As I lived it, I was truly aroused.

Mr. Grey may not have had sex with his secretary immediately following the spanking, but we diverged from the script at this point. Randy found his pleasure right on that spot. I grabbed the far lip of the desktop and held on for dear life as he aggressively penetrated me. I was in such a frenzy by this stage that I couldn’t have held off my climax had I wanted to do so. The feeling of his thrusting muscular pelvis repeatedly colliding with my freshly spanked cheeks sent my mind into orbit. It was all wonderful.

Even if we did land ourselves on some super secret government naughty spanko list, that rental was worth every cent!

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A.S.S. said...

Agree with your views about the movie. The spanking was hot... very hot, actually. But, the office was full of crazy. Not only was the secretary a mental patient... but the boss, with his obsessive behavior... could have been one too! Oh well, I guess a movie with a couple of 'normal' spankers... would have been... too normal for Hollywood. huh... maybe that actually says something positive about spanking?

-Todd and Suzy

Yours said...

lol loved that convo!
i havnt seen the movie but have heard great things abt the spnakings.
and i like the idea of sex right after a spanking much better than what the movie plays out!!

Katie_Spades said...

Bonnie - That convo was hilarious! I was in hysterics reading it and I thought your comments regarding the movie were spot on! I mean what the average spankophile has to be a recently-released mental patient!?!?!? What is that? Also, thanks for sharing such a great account. I bet you guys had a fantastic time!


Mija said...

Nice picture Bonnie! This is discussion I've had with other people about Secretary (I think the film tends to divide spankos). My first attempt didn't post (it may have been too long), so I'm going to try and write this again quickly and more briefly.

I don't think the film trys to present the "average" or "normal" people in the scene anymore than _The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert_ represents the average/ normal drag queen or _Last Tango in Paris_ represents gay life. The film, to me, seemed a human drama set in a surreal (rather than realistic) setting. Human drama is rarely about the well balanced and adjusted -- there's just not enough conflict there.

One of the things I liked about the film was the both people are flawed (especially, I would say, the male top) and haveto grow a lot to accept themselves and each other -- sort of like a kinky _Pride and Prejudice_. In that sense, within the surreal film, the dynamics felt very real to me.

Mary said...

I thought the movie was hot. I didn't think so much about the character's flaws. I thought it was interesting her cutting was exchaned for his dominence - perhaps exploriong masochim as much as spannking. Yet, there could be another film with a more health strong woman -- the conflict and drama coming from the conflict of submission and pleasure vs feminist ideas. There is conflict there - how can you be strong, effective, a leader even in one setting, yet get such a thrill be bending over a desk for a spanking. The drama could center around the conflict many of us women felt as we start to explore this side of our nature - the desire to submit - the fear of what it will mean, yet the strength doing so returns to us. Any producers out there --- read the brunch conversations and make the next secretary movie!

Paul said...

Bonnie, haven't seen the film so can't comment.
Very much liked your take on it and the description of your follow up spanking and it's conclusion, very sane if you ask me.

Cassie said...

I haven't seen the movie either. I like the picture you posted.

Bonnie, I have a challenge. You are the best I know of in the writing department. Write us a screen play from our point of view. Some brave soul in Hollywood would surely produce it.

You know you could do it in all your "spare time"! Oh well, maybe someday.


ross said...

I've seen this movie 10 times at least. It's an anthem to the sexually unusual. The characters' madness notwithstanding, I cannot think of a more humanistic film. It's Spader's best performance, by far.

Anonymous said...

OMG...We did the same thing, we acted the whole scene as soon as we saw the movie. Our is roleplaying, so that was normal for us.

Had very mixed feelings about the film too.


wind walker said...

i haven't seen the movie, but i am familiar with hollywood's "spin"...

then again, if someone was going to make a movie about my lifestyle, it would probably be boring....working, living life, and getting spanked....i think audiences would be disappointed to find that i am in fact a normal, healthy person...

eh, what are you gonna do?

padme said...

I really liked your blog post today, bonnie. We also did some role playing to the Secretary movie after we saw it. I am sure after Miami vice tommorow we will be doing some role playing with him being Crockett. Thanks for your comments on my blog, bonnie. I am finally getting around to my blog's been a roller coaster week for me...

rose said...

i love that you two re-enacted that scene! it was one of the best in the movie.

my problem with them movie was spader's character.....he had such guilt about being a spanker. that bothered me. i sort of saw the secretary as becoming a healthier woman from their relationship. she did, after all, throw away all her cutting paraphenalia once they started having a relationship. but, it wasn't a very fair representation of our world.


ps: guess we'll all be on that government list, huh?

good girl said...

I agree with you (and pretty much everyone else) - that scene was hot :-) Griz spanked me for the first time after we watched it actually. :-)

Bonnie said...

Todd and Suzy - I wrote this story some time ago. Since then, I've had more opportunity to think about the film and actually see it again. I believe it could have been just as compelling without making Lee so defective. I agree the boss was pretty odd himself.

Still, it does present our kink in a fairly positive light.

Yours - Yes, that was the only way I'd ever want to end the story.

Katie - Thanks. We did have fun. I hope you're feeling better.

Mija - That perspective makes a lot of sense. In fact, I should know better than to take any Hollywood production at face value. If we accept Secretary on its own terms and not try to compare it to RL, it becomes a kind of fable where kink is the resolution.

It's almost a study in the redemptive power of submission.

Mary - Now there's a film I'd like to see!

Paul - Thanks!

Cassie - What you're reading *IS* my spare time.

Ross - I still find myself a bit ambivalent, but the spanking scene is sensational.

Jennifer - As you can probably tell, we love a good roleplay spanking as well.

Wind! - Hi! Welcome back. I hope you're doing well.

I would pay to see a movie of your life. I know you and Storm have plenty of fun!

Padme - Yes, I can see it's been a difficult week for you. I hope things are beginning to return to normal now.

Have fun with Miami Vice. Here's hoping your South Beach gets nice and warm.

Rose - I guess that's what disturbs me as well. It's the implication is that people who partake in kinky activities are somehow deficient or damaged.

Perhaps the next spanko film (and there will be one) will present a more balanced portrayal. Suppose, for example, the lead characters in an otherwise vanilla film happened to enjoy a mutually satisfying recreational spanking in a place where they might otherwise have had a love scene. In the next scene, life would go on without any special mention of it. When that film is made, we'll know spanking is mainstream.

GG - How cool is that? That scene is certainly fine inspiration.

Denise said...

Wanting to leave a comment and not being sure of my ability to get my thoughts across clearly is frustrating! Here goes. I saw her illness as her inability to accept who she was at her core, submissive. Therefore I did not find her having spent time in a mental facility offessive, more sad. As was said they helped to heal each other and transform themselves. The end of the movie shows them living in a "normal" neighborhood. As my memory serves me. It's been awhile since I watched the movie. For me the transformation of the two characters once they accepted who each was at their core was powerful. Hopefully this makes some sense. Thanks

Anonymous said...

It was a convincing looking spanking, and evidently very effective as Bonnie found out when she re-enacted it, and also Maggie when in the next scean she inspects the marks on her bare bottom in the wash room. Perthaps not as good as the all time great, McClintock, when John Wayne spanks Marueen O'Hara on the seat of her wet bloomers with a coal shovel, and in the same movie his daughter also gets a taste of the shovel from her boy friend. D & S

Doc said...

What in heaven's name would the government need that information for... Conscript the nations best spankers out to show those terrorists just how persuasive a sore bum is?

Lol, that was very cute.

Bonnie said...

Denise - Thanks for your insight. It makes perfect sense.

I can accept the characters and the story as is. In fact, I liked the concept of discovering kink as a redemptive process.

It just bugs me that the first time Hollywood portrays a spanko in a sympathetic light, the character has to be so dysfunctional.

D & S - I recall reading an interview with Maggie Gyllenhaal, the actress who took that spanking. The producers had encouraged her to wear a pad in that scene, but she elected not to so that her reactions would be realistic.

After several takes, her marks were so bad that they had to cover them with make-up for a love scene later in the shoot.

Perhaps they should have hired Katie or Adele as a technical advisor.

Doc - Given what we read in the news about government surveillance, it's not all that far-fetched. Without getting too political, it seems as though there are certain factions that seek to persecute anyone who doesn't fit their narrow definition of "normal." The rhetoric seems to revolve around saving marriage or protecting children. The truth is that our marriage is just fine and we don't allow children in the bedroom when we are making love.

Marcus said...

Heh. I watched the movie months ago, but after seeing it, I think I think it made me feel like I never wanted to be associated with spanking. Even though the spanking was hot. I've never really been into the power trip possibilities and her being mentally off didn't help.

Fanny Annie said...

You mean we spankos are NORMAL? But Normal is Boring. At least that's what a shirt my mother gave me before I went off to college all those years ago said. And Mother is always right.

What a delicious roleplay, Bonnie! And your ending was much better than the movie's.

ross said...

I feel I have to add one last comment about this movie and the mental state of the female character. I feel very strongly that you're missing the whole point. Once the secretary finds herself involved in healthy relationship, she stops hurting herself. Her spanking relationship with the Spader character leads her to happiness. For them, thus, spanking is healthy and "normal." Like it is for you and for me and for so many of us.

sixofthebest said...

My personal favorite spanking movie is 'Roots of Heaven' Were a character by the name of Morel, spanks a naughty lady game hunter, called Madame Orsini. If they ever make a remake of this movie, I would like you Bonnie, to play her part. Up would go your evening gown, down would come your panties, and on that voluptous bare bottom of yours a would deliver 12 of the best with a cane.

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