Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Un-Meme: The Big Picture

Here's a new meme of a different color. It has only one question, but ten answers.

What are the ten themes, thoughts, or ideas you would most like readers to take away from your blog?

Here's my list:
  1. There's nothing sick, wrong, or dangerous about thinking you might want to spank or be spanked.

  2. Spanking fantasies are very common.

  3. Many people enjoy living out their spanking fantasies in real life.

  4. There are many ways to incorporate spanking into a relationship depending upon the desires and preferences of the partners.

  5. Spankings can be fun and theraputic.

  6. Spankings and sex often complement each other quite nicely.

  7. Those inclined to explore will learn that beyond the pain lies a treasure trove of pleasure.

  8. People from every country, ethnicity, and class are interested in adult spanking.

  9. Spankings within a relationship can enhance communication and trust.

  10. With a few simple rules, spanking is a safe form of recreation.
If any other bloggers would like to try their hand at this un-meme, I'd love to read your answers.

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jeanmarie said...

I'm not a blogger, just a poster, but I have an important addition or two to Bonnie's ten.
#11) To proclaim to the world just how cute & sexy a middle-aged bottom in tight jeans can be.
#12) To provide a sane, sexy, intellegent, and interesting forum for the sharing of ideas on all things spanking-related.
Jean Marie

Mistress Sky said...

Bravo to jeanmarie! I love this idea Bonnie - heck, I love most of your ideas. You're the Blog-Mother to me! Another super post - I wonder what people really make of mine sometimes (lol)...even I get confused!
Sky x

New Beginnings said...

Oh Bonnie,
Thank you so much for this question. I listed my 10 on my blog and I have never felt so clear headed about what I am doing. If they have a sainthood for bloggers I am putting your name up!


Anonymous said...

Love your answers, Bonnie!!! You're always so insightful!!!


Eva said...


Awesome as always. My list will be on my blog tomorrow.


Mary said...

Hi Bonnie, Thanks for the message you send. I love your blogg because you encourgage us all to explore and share without judgement. You also provide a view of the playful, pure fun side of sharing spanking. Oh, and Tigger - I checked out your 10 and loved them too. How fun to be your husband's lover! You ladies are amazing to me!

A.S.S. said...

You've got a great list, Bonnie! The altruistic motivations behind your blog is one of the many reasons we enjoy reading it so much. Here are some of the things we want our readers to take away (well, as soon as we get some... lol):

~ Spanking isn't a strange perversion practiced only by a few strange individuals. There is a wide variety of people that enjoy spanking... many of whom are regular 9 to 5 family folks.

~ Adults doing what they want in a consensual and legal setting... is not sick or wrong.

~ There is a wide variety of types of spankings. From the erotic to the painful... playful to punishment. Some like/use all the different types... some use just a few... and some only use one type.

~ There is a wide universe of spanking information at your fingertips.

~ Pain is a very real part of many spankings, but it is only a PART. Spanking is far more than smacks on the ass.

~ It is possible to grow from a person that doesn't understand the appeal of spanking... to one that very much appreciates and enjoys it.

~ A spankee can play an equal role in how spanking is used in their relationship... and still maintain and enjoy a submissive role (if they wish).

~ The role of a spanker isn't as easy as it looks. Reading the moment, and knowing what is needed... is a skill. Anyone can smack an ass... but giving a proper spanking takes knowledge and instinct.

~ A person can be spanked by their mate, even in a very 'real' and harsh way... and still be a completely equal decision maker in the relationship. Doesn't have to work that way, but it certainly is a very-very real option.

~ Spanking isn't going to be for everyone. But, it doesn't hurt (ok, maybe it does a little)... it doesn't hurt to give it an honest try. At worst, it's an experience you can move forward having had... and, at best... it can really became a part of your life you enjoy.

-Todd and Suzy

Mary said...

Hi The blog credit goes to Elis - I really like your new beginings. My eyes scanned too quickly and tigger posted below you. Although tigger - I enjoy your input here. - However it seems that like me you'd rather participate than blog.

Anonymous said...

A wonderful post again! I just love your blog! I'd add: That spanking can be very romantic. It actually empowers and helps both involved. I think it enhances the romance.

Bonnie said...

Jean Marie - Thank you, on both counts.

Sky - Thanks. You're truly one of a kind. As someone who regularly walks on both sides of the lane, you share a valuable perspective that few among us would otherwise know.

Elis - I loved your list! In fact, I think I like it better than my own.

Tigger Too - Thanks!

Eva - I look forward to reading your list.

Mary - Thank you. As for the playful fun, just because many people consider spankings to be punishment, that doesn't mean we cannot derive joy from the same act.

Todd and Suzy - Those are great. Thanks. I'm delighted to see that your new blog is now fully operational.

Anon - Thanks. That's a really good suggestion. I wish I'd thought of that! I'm tempted to work it somehow.

padme said...

Great meme, bonnie. I'll have to give this a try when I have more time...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for teaching me so much about spanking. Like many other "normal" men I always thought it was vulgar to be brutal against a woman you love and it was always on my forbidden list.

My new wife loves to play all kind of roles and told me in the beginning that she wanted me to be her "boss". Slowly I have grown into the role as the dominant male with my playful and submissive wife even if I had my doubts how a gentleman should behave. One day she made me angry and I gave her a very painful spanking. Needless to say it turned into a fantastic sex.

Now I am humbly studying and practicing my role as a spanker and of cause I am particularly worried about how to find the limit. I am sure I will succeed and my wife seems to appreciate my new knowledge. It really turns me on to be a spanker and we feel closer to each other than ever before. Thanks for all good advises.

Bonnie said...

Padme - Thanks. I'd love to see your thoughts.

Anon - You're most welcome.

There's no real secret to finding the limit, except continuous communication. There's no reason why you can't talk before, during, and after the spanking. Exchange experiences, feelings, and impressions. Understand what worked and what did not for each partner. As time passes and you gain experience, you will begin to intuitively know where the limits are.

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