Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Quiz: Are You a Hardcore Spanko?

You scored as Hardcore Spanko. You are a spanko through and through. It's both in your genes and in your jeans. Spanking is a thrill you definitely want as part of your life.

This quiz was brought to you by My Bottom Smarts.

Hardcore Spanko
Softcore Spanko

Am I a Hardcore Spanko?
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Hint: If you want to post your results in a blog and it messes up the format, try leaving out the bar graph.

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Anonymous said...

Hardcore, here, too, Bonnie!!! *grin*

Cute quiz!!!


Mary said...

Yep, I am a hardcore spanko too! What are the other categories by the way?

Paul said...

I'm a hardcore spanko too Bonnie, surprise, surprise. *G*
Excellent response to you delurk post, always nice when they come out of hiding.

Yours said...

good quiz!

Hidden Flames said...

Great quiz! I posted my results on my blog...:-)

A'marie said...

I like the quiz. :D

BTW, some peopple might find help in leaving out the width specification (there are 2) to make sure it fits in your blog. It might scrunch it up a bit, but that may also take care of some formatting problems. :)

tggrstripes said...

Hey Bonnie,

I haven't even done the quiz yet but hardcore is a certainty... I watched over Dante's shoulder when he did it last night and am sure I will score at least as high as him...

Sorry for my absence here of late... modem issues! Hopefully I'll have that issue resolved within a few days. Until then, Dante and I are sharing his computer so my time online will be shortened a bit.

But I'm still here in mind no matter what!


Bonnie said...

Everybody - Either I made this quiz too easy or my sample is biased. I'm inclined to think it's the second possibility.

Mary - There are only two categories - hardcore and softcore.

Paul - Yes, I'm delighted by the delurk results. As I suspected, my lurkers are an interesting group.

A'Marie - Thanks for the advice. I always end up fiddling with the generated HTML until things look more or less right. Unfortunately, I'm not so good at explaining after the fact how I fixed it.

Tigger - No problem at all...

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