Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Echos of Spankings Past

As I've mentioned before, very few people visited this blog during its first few months of life. During that time, I posted many of the very best stories from my archive in hopes of gaining readers. In the long run, this strategy was successful, but most of you missed these tales. In order to set things right, I would like to present for your reading pleasure some more literary highlights from the early days of MBS.

Getting to the Seat of the Problem - Even a tired Randy will spank given adequate provocation

Leap of Faith - A simple stress relief spanking evolves into something more

Two's Wild (Part One) - Wonderful weekend festivities

Two's Wild (Conclusion) - Lots more of the same, only different!

Business Woman's Special - A quickie, spanko-style

I hope you enjoy these tales of bared flesh and rollicking lust. I certainly did!

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Yours said...

these are some amazing stories bonnie. loved the 'leap of faith'!
btw....thats a nice pic too.

Paul said...

Hi Bonnie, I've read and enjoyed all your blog, but it's always worth another read. *G*
Lovely Bonnie, thanks.

Damnation's Cellar said...

Bonnie, you must be reading my mind. I was just talking with B about stress-relief spankings a couple of days ago. I'm going to point him to this one. :)


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Bonnie!!!


Cassie said...

I thought I had gone back through your site and read everything, but I had missed a few. Thanks for bring them back to the top. Fun reads!

Love, Cassie

Kelly said...

Oh my gosh Bonnie, these are great!!!


Bonnie said...

Yours - Thank you!


Paul - Thank you so much for loyal support and wise words.

DC - It's good to hear from you. Please use my story in any way that is of benefit.

Tigger Too - You're most welcome. I hope to publlish these retrospectives every few weeks for the benefit of readers who haven't necessarily been here since the beginning.

Cassie - Thanks. It's my pleasure!

Kelly - Thank you!

kate said...

lol love the photo... wish my bottom looked like that in jeans! hehehe

Not worried at all about attracting people to the site. I was reacting to others interested in viewing your site! Thats why I reposted... to give them the info! I am happy for the breath and variety of many different sites and topics! I am still impressed that so much can be said about the topic~! lol

Have a great weekend!

Cheers! Kate

Hidden Flames said...

Love these! I think I will pass them along to my R to read,
too! ;-)

Bonnie said...

Kate - Both you and your readers are most welcome here. I have to admit that this episode tickled me because, in my slightly twisted mind, this little spanko blog is quite tame compared to many other seriously kinky locales.

I too am amazed by how much there is to say about the topic of adult spanking. When I started this blog last year, I had a bunch of stories I had written and thought I could probably come up with some relevant banter once or twice a week. I figured after two or three months, I would have written every word possible on the subject. But here we are ten months later and I still have a long list of story ideas to develop.

Thanks for stopping by!

Hidden - Thank you. I hope my stories provide some fun inspiration.

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