Sunday, July 30, 2006

MBS Spanko Brunch #28

OK, blame my spouse for today's bizarre culinary selection! Next week, I promise we'll go back to something closer to our normal fare.

Today's topic deals with the warm-ups that often precede a spanking. In this context, a warm-up is typically a less severe spanking that helps to prepare the spankee for what follows (For an excellent description, see this post from The Viking's Wife).

Do you and your partner employ warm-ups during your spanking sessions? If so, in what situations are warm-ups used? What benefits do warm-ups provide?

I invite you to share your experience and knowledge. Please leave a comment below, send me an e-mail, or post a response on your own blog. Once everyone has submitted their responses, I will publish a summary of the discussion.

I look forward to hearing about your warm-up spankings.


Mary said...

HMmmm Warm ups. I love them! They are not always needed or given. But there is a comfort in being held on his lap and the gradual getting into it. Sometims his lap is my favorite place to be. We have used them in role play often, erotic play - very common, and also if it is punishment. If it is a punishment - a warm up centers me and I am scolded. Or he may start sharply instead to get my attention. For role play warm up is a way to let the scene build. For erotic play -- well warm ups can get me warm all over! All in all warm ups provide comfort, center me and help me feel connected.

jeanmarie said...

Warm-ups are frequently employed in this household. If the spanking is playful, the warm-up gets me in the mood. If the spanking is for punishment, as Mary just mentioned, the warm-up can be a time when I'm lectured or questioned. It can be the calm before the storm. Warm-ups generally are a consideration for my cute butt; the warm-up gradually brings blood to the skin surface of the target-area, which lessens the bruising that would occur otherwise. And that's why, in about twenty-five percent of my total spankings, the ones that are for severe punishment, warm-ups are not utilized. Kyle starts in hard and heavy with the "designated hitter" of an implement. The focus here is to shock and awe, to hurt, and to leave evidence that the bad girl just got a good lesson. I'm fair-skinned (and have toughened up back there over the years), so I don't bruise often. I know in the first two seconds of the start of the punishment if "it's gonna leave a mark." As we discussed in a past brunch, that's why bruises back there are special and memorable. Generally, harsh punishments are upsetting in this household to both participants, so warm-ups have a warm & fuzzy conotation.
Jean Marie

Eva said...

I do believe that my DH is not past the "I don't want to hurt you stage" so he never just goes at it fast and hard. There's always a warmup. In the long run that's for the best because I probably am handling it better than I would without a warmup. I have a feeling though that if I ever angered him he might go at it faster and harder and quicker. Ouch. We've been married too long. We don't fight any more. Hmmm... guess maybe I'm glad we weren't spankos in our earlier years. LOL

bella said...

Warm-ups are used in most of the time with me. I can take a lot more pain after a proper warm up. If he wants to get into some heavier pain, like the cane, he's really thorough about a warm-up.

The few times D has punished me, it's been in the form of spanking my breasts. Of course there was no warm up involved with that and those swats left lasting impressions.


Anonymous said...

Warm-ups? Oooooooh, yes!!! I always get a warm-up!!! And I sooooooo love getting them!!! Not only are they incredibly fun, but they also allow me to take a much harder and a much longer spanking!!!


Mija said...

Warm-ups, or what are generally thought to be warm-ups, are one of those things that don't work for me.

Sometimes I endure them; others, they knock me completely out of any headspace (though that happens less now).

I think it's because all my spanking thoughts center around punishment. Being warmed up doesn't fit anywhere and seems to have erotic overtones, something that definitely doesn't work. Starting hard and fast gets me into the right mindset. Though it hasn't often happened, I especially like the terrible and intense feeling of being caned cold.

It's hard to explain sometimes, but what I enjoy is the sense that I'm suffering, that I'm not on top of the pain, that I'm not in control. Being warmed up gradually gives me the opposite experience.

That said, I said "being warmed up gradually" because the fact remains, even starting hard and fast right away, I do get warmed up in the sense that if the scene goes on or I get spanked more times after the first one, my ability to take more increases.

Nice question Bonnie. But I've always been more of a corn pops kinda girl!

good girl said...

My first brunch! As a newbies to spanking, we usually do a warm-up before the harder spanking. It's usually just some light spanking, increasing in intensity to get the blood flowing. I like the warm-ups, they help me prepare for the harder spankings to come, both physically and mentally.

Anonymous said...

we find that spanking is the answer for man or wife when one or the other commits misbehavior which normally ends up with long drawn out arguments or total silence. the victim upon admitting a wrongdoing confesses and agrees to be given a whipping in order to clear the air. punishment to be an otk spanking on the bare bottom using a hairbrush. i find a session across her knees quickly has me convinced that a red hot bottom will prevent further action because it just is not worth the pain. she in turn only needed one trip over my knees and so far no repeats necessary.

Paul said...

I would say that about 95% of the time I used warm up spankings, severe punishments, very rare, didn't have warm ups.
Stress busters and attitude adjusters came with talk and warm ups to find what caused the stress or the attitude.
It helped me to understand why Mel needed the spanking, and Mel to know that she needed the spanking and as alway she was loved.
Good girl spankings were largely warm ups anyway. *G*
Thanks Bonnie.

kk said...

My warm ups are more along the lines of being told I will be punished for that early in the day. This gives my mind time to think about the pain I will be receiving.
Master has been known to get right to it with a good hard start and not let up until the end. No warm up needed when being punished for a bad deed.
No matter warm up or not I still enjoy my spankings.

A.S.S. said...

We probably use some form of "warm-up" in 98% of spankings. Some harder/punishment spankings start *very hard*... but very-very slow. A little different from building from moderate to hard spanks, but the slower pace does act as a warm up. Hard/fast spankings from the start are rare.

Lots of interesting comments... especially like jeanmarie's "shock and awe"... lol... certainly does describe the fast/hard ones well!

-Todd & Suzy

Anonymous said...

D has a theory that my first spank should be a bum-numbing, shriek-producing, cheek-scorcher, so that the rest of my spanking should be light relief, but I'm not at all sure that my bottom and I agree with this ! S

New Beginnings said...

I just hope to get past the warm up stage some day, so far its been pretty mild. If Nick ever actually spanked me when he was angry I wouldn't expect a warm up. But so far I can't picture that.


Bonnie said...

This is one area where Randy has really refined his technique during the past few years. For a long time, he was a subscriber to Jean Marie’s “shock and awe” philosophy. He wanted me to gasp at the sheer intensity of his initial blows. In truth, he probably got me to that point of acceptance faster this way, but it wasn’t nearly as much fun as a more gradual warm-up.

Lately, he’s been all over the map. Sometimes the swats are hard, other times comparatively gentle. Sometimes my spankings are fast and ferocious. Other times, they slowly escalate in pace and intensity. He particularly delights in giving me the spanking I least expect and then convincing me that I like it.

I think Randy knows that I can absorb a longer, more severe spanking if he warms me up in stages. So, yes, we often have warm-ups.

Cassie said...

If you asked Tom he would say that he always gives a good warm up. He usually does, but when he is upset with me I can't tell that he starts off very slow. He may see it as a warm up but I know it harder than usual.

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