Saturday, July 29, 2006

Bonnie's Spankologue: Part Ten

Another week, another collection of wonderful spanko blogs. Enjoy!

Pink Bottomed Girls - Pink and Brat are a pair of twenty-something spanko lesbians. PBG is a journal of their spanking adventures. Pink is a switch, while Brat is, well, the name says it all. They occasionally involve dominant men in their play, just for a bit of spice. The writing, shared by both partners, is always intelligent and frequently very hot. Most of all, Pink and Brat offer good spankings with a heavy dash of fun.

A Little Bit of Spanking - Kelly's blog could be subtitled, "In Search of Spanking." She's a dedicated spanko student. She thinks about, writes about, and longs for that perfect bottom warming. Until now, it has mostly eluded her, thus feeding the desire. Kelly, it seems, is now on the verge of a breakthrough. I so hope it's all that she dreamed and more. I invite you to stop by A Little Bit of Spanking to learn how her story progresses.

Nothing Random About a Spanking - Eva is relatively new to both blogging and spanking, but she learns fast. An empty nest, a willing husband, and plenty of inspiration from the Web have allowed Eva to discover a cornucopia of erotic delights. Her spankings are a source of joy, not just for Eva and her husband, but for all who read Nothing Random. I hope she continues to share her delightful spanking experiences and insights for a long time to come.
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Eva said...

Bonnie- I'm humbled, touched, proud and nearly speechless (yeah, right) all at the same time. Thank you for featuring Nothing Random. I'm honored.


Tigger said...

Three GREAT choices, dear Bonnie!!! Though you've told me many times, it still amazes me how more and more blogs pop up to "replace" those that have fallen by the wayside...

Inevitably, just as I'm mourning a loss, a fresh new face, ah, bottom, ah, face pops up and endears me. I love all three of these sites and though I haven't had time to read quite as often or comment hardly ever, all of them deserve big standing ovations (with tremendously large paddles, he, he).

Big hugs to all three of you, and also to Bonnie for stepping up yet again!

Hidden Flames said...

Great choices... and Pink Bottomed Girls is one of my favorites!!

Cassie said...

Nothing Random is on my daily reading list now. I love Eva's stories! I will check out the other two soon. Love as always,


Kelly said...

Bonnie, oh my gosh! Thank you so much for featuring me! Makes me feel so special...hehehehehe.

New Beginnings said...

As always you have come up with three wonderful choice. I feel I have found a real guide and friend in Eva at Nothing Random.


padme said...

I'll have to check out those blogs. I havn't been to those ones before. I think this is a very good idea, bonnie.
I hope your able to stop by our star wars spanking party tonight!! we'd love to have you there!

Bonnie said...

Eva - It's my pleasure. I knew my readers would enjoy your blog, and they do.

Tigger - The spankologue has involved in ways that I didn't foresee in the beginning. It is now about making introductions. I direct readers' attention toward people and places I like. The byproducts are new connections within the community and new friendships. I don't expect that everyone will adore every blog, but all of them have merit and will appeal to some segment of spankdom.

I'd love to tell you this was my grand vision, but in truth, it just happened. The real credit goes to all of you who work so hard to maintain quality spanko blogs.

Hidden - Aren't they wonderful?

Cassie - I agree. There's a lot to like about Eva's blog.

Kelly - You ARE so special!

Elis - Thanks!

Padme - Thank you. The spankologue has been great fun. Back in the beginning, I wasn't certain how readers would react. Fortunately, they like it as much as I do.

Have a wonderful party!


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