Sunday, July 23, 2006

MBS Spanko Brunch #27

After last week's comparatively serious topic, it's time again for some fun and games. I propose we talk about our toys, but with a slight twist.

Other than spanking implements, are there any toys you employ during a spanking session? If so, please describe your favorites and how they enhance your experience. If not, are there any such toys that you would like to own?

I invite you to share your knowledge and experience. Please leave a comment below, send me an e-mail, or post a response on your own blog. Once everyone has submitted their responses, I will publish a summary of the discussion.

I look forward to hearing about your favorite toys.


Hidden Flames said...

I posted my answer on my blog!

Anonymous said...

Ginger root. We sometimes use a Ginger root butt plug during a spanking session. It provides a burning sensation from the inside out and the spanking provides a burning sensation from the outside in. This is known as figging.


Mistress Sky said...

Bonnie - Raven almost always starts off with a pink latex flogger, then a heavier flogger, then his hands, then often employs a riding crop and, if I've been really naughty (!) the cane! Then he winds back down again in reverse order....mmmmmmmm! I shouldn't have started this - you've got me going already (and today there just isn't time to play). Afterwards of course, the sex is always excellent. What more could this girl want?
Sky x

cuddlybum said...

Well, we have a selection of butt plugs, vibrators, handcuffs, dressing up clothes........

Actually its amazing how many we have......

Mostly though its us! The main attraction - the toys are mere accessories and don't really matter at all in the end. The handcuffs are the best in my experience - that feeling of being caught and not able to escape and having to submit whether you like it or not - my collar makes me feel the same way....... it means most of the flirting has to come through my eyes rather than my hands and we both love it!!


jeanmarie said...

Growing up, a girlfriend's mother used to employ a ritual of sitting the offending daughter down on her bed and lecturing her while she brushed her hair back, then tied it with a piece of velvety ribbon. This was to keep the girl's hair out of her face when she was turned over the knee and spanked with the (same) hairbrush. My friend told me about this, I thought it was sexy. I told my lover years later. Soon thereafter he came home with a whole long roll of velvety ribbon on a cardboard spool, and put it and a big hairbrush on the bed. I saw it and wet my pants. We employ this ritual sometimes, and it's just as sexy as it sounds.
This has opened the door for improvisation. I've been blindfolded with a length of ribbon before a spanking, which makes it even more sensual. I gift-wrapped my naked body once with just a length of this ribbon, tied with a bow at my butt, and greeted my lover at the door that way as a present.
The only difference is, my childhood girlfriend had black ribbon because it was somber and funereal to get spanked, whereas we employ scarlet red ribbon, which my lover then tries to match by spanking me crimson.
So, I have several different sized butt plugs, and a whole host of implements, but the ribbon is special.
Jean Marie

Bonnie said...

We have plenty of toys that are not spanking implements. Our collection includes vibrators, blindfolds, bondage cuffs, plugs, oils and lubricants, and a bunch of DIY restraints.

My favorite would have to be the vibrators. When properly applied, they can send me straight to the stratosphere. Occasionally, Randy will take one in each hand for a mind-blowing buzzing duet.

I'm also fond of Randy's DIY bondage equipment. We don't have a lot of fancy restraints, other than my cuffs. He likes to tie me up with scarves or pantyhose. He also attaches ropes or bungees to my cuffs. Finally, he constructed an effective spreader bar from a wooden rod.

It's all good fun!

CeeCi said...

On my last trip to the grocery store I added two more rulers bringing our collection to seven. These new rulers are rubbery and extremely flexible, unlike the other five that are plastic and rigid.

Our collection of toys has been growing and growing. It's amazing all the things we have discovered to enhance our time together.

One discovery lead to over 8,000 hits when I wrote about it and Bacchus linked the post to ErosBlog...the infamous Gilette Fusion Razor vibe. When the blade is removed there's a little bitty knob at the end of the unit. When the tip is applied to the right spot it can send me into orgasmic orbit!!!

Big Hugs Everyone! I think I'll come back later for more ideas, so far what I've read has been wonderful.

Anonymous said...

We have several things that we use. Among them are several vibrators, the Hitachi Magic Wand being my favorite!!! Then there's the Ripple butt plug, which I absolutely love!!! And our newest toy is the KY Warming Massage Oil!!! I absolutely love when my hubby massages my red-hot bottom with it after a spanking!!! Not only do I get a fantastic massage, but it makes my bottom feel hotter and even more stingy!!! It's completely and totally yummy!!!


kk said...

yes we have used all of the above, except for the ribbon idea.

my very first spanking from Master had me handcuffed bent over a bed legs spread and tied with a butt plug inside.

i knew i had found the right man for me that day. we also have used the ginger root on occasion to really fire up my back side.

Mayye said...

Ummmm ginger root and plugs! Yesterday, I made the 10 hour round trip journey to Valdosta, GA and back to get my son. I saw lots of BB advertising upscale adult stores. Me and my sweetie have just begun putting together a toy chest. We have discussed how terribly sexy and embarrassing it we be to take a shopping trip together!

rose said...

wow, i always feel like such a novice when i come to brunch! toys, hmmmm.....well, i do have this favorite vibrating butt plug that i like sometimes when being spanked. and jefferson has a plug that he uses sometimes when spanking me. most of the time the double sensations really send me over the edge. but, honestly, i so love a good spanking, and love to bound during them that i would gladly take just the spanking implements used for the day along with being restrained. pure bliss for me!

i have a new play partner on the horizon......he's got a few tricks up his sleeve, so....i'll probably be less of a novice and have more to add!

bratscorcher said...

A bright red ball gag! -- sometimes when in a hotel or when you are in one of those little cabins on a cruise ship and it is important for the spankee from crying out too loudly. filling my beautiful wife's mouth with a bright red ball gag has come in very handy. it allows for a good sound spanking to be administered without alarming the entire hotel / or ship. Only plaintive and urgent mewing / begging can be heard from my sweet sexy wife as her bottom receives very necessary correction. the added benefit is her beautiful mouth rounded around the bright red ball accentuates and heightens the sensuality of her already quite lovely mouth.

(btw, I LOVED your story jean-marie of the naughty girl having her hair tied with the ribbon. my that is HOT HOT HOT! indeed it is very important for the hair to be kept out of the way so the spanker can have a clear view of the naughty girl's beautiful face -- to be able to appreciate her expressions of sorrow, shame and agony. very nice indeed!)

Paul said...

Our favourite toys, not spanking implements. lets see.
The schoolgirls uniform, Mel's favourite, she would happily take a good caning and I mean happily, almost as hard as a hard punishment, and positively dive into subspace.
We had a harem girls outfit made of diaphanous gauze, I also made two lightweight whips which had good sting but no thud.
Mel was cuffed to the bedposts or newel post at the bottom of the stairs, as she was whipped the clothes would slip off and she would dance and wriggle, she loved every moment and so did I.
After the whipping we often couldn't wait to untie her, the sex was glorious. To add the final touch I would lay Mel on our bed take our large bottle of White Horse muscle embrocation and rub the embrocation well in all over her body.
This will ensure that her muscles relax and that the glow created by the whips lasts a lot longer.
Now I think I'd better take a cold shower. *G*
Thanks Bonnie, your brunches are always interesting.

Mija said...

My first thought was... nothing. I guess that goes to show how much these things have become just part of wiiwd.

Things we use (at least sometimes):

* Lots of dressing up stuff, especially school uniforms, stiff collared shirts and school knickers.

* a corner of the room (is that a thing?)

* a high stool or a regular chair (for bending or being tied over.

* pillows

* rectal thermometer (o-the-shame)

* plug (o the shame)

* enema stuff (O THE SHAME)

Use rarely:

wrist cuffs

Things we don't have but I'd like to get:

spreader bar

Great question Bonnie! This is great fun.

Cameo said...

Lesseee...what have I used other than implements as toys?

Hands - definitely hands. I know a guy who has extremely MAGIC fingers, holy CRAP can he work magic with them!

Plugs, vibes, dildos, of course.

Cuffs, ropes for some light bondage. Gags and blindfolds for extreme (for me) fun.

Not real adventurous in the toy department, I think, lol!

Hidden Flames said...

Jean Marie - The story of the ribbon and the hairbrush is so wonderfully hot!! Thank you so much for the idea!

Tigger said...

Hey Bonnie,

I know I missed the deadline for this one but darn it all, it's right up my alley, especiallly recently. Does the microwave or power saw count, he, he??

We have tons of sex-related stuff, all the boringly traditional clips and clothespins, lube and vibrators, dildos and butt plugs. But our "collection" literally spans every room in the hosue at any given moment and I've been "entertained" by a strip of molding from the wall, every part of the Venetian blinds, teased with swimming pool "noodles" and taunted with phone cord.

For Dante and I, the real question is only whether there is anything that we wouldn't be willing to try at least once? (This from the girl who mooned the train a year or so ago, he, he).


Anonymous said...

Hi Bonnie. Nice to see you again. I just found your blog, following a link from Mija's sss post.

Most of the toys I use with Stephen are spanking implements I would expect anyone to recognize as such. But there's also an inflatable gag...*squirm* It didn't start out being squirmy, or even something I thought of as a toy. I thought of it as a horrible uncomfortable nuisance, that we had to use when we weren't in a place where it was safe to scream. Yet somehow, over the past few years, being gagged for the most intense scenes made me associate the gag with surrender and submission.

He also has a pair of weighted gloves. They don't *look* like spanking implements. The surface sensation feels like he's wearing thin leather gloves. It just exaggerates the impact of every spank. It's really amazing for ageplay. (Unfortunately, they're illegal in Massachusetts, which equates them with brass knuckles.)

I have another partner, with whom I switch. (I never thought I'd switch. *blush* She inspires me.) My hands aren't capable of much spanking, even with a cane, so I get to define clothespins and hot wax as toys. Or assistive devices, or something.

Adrian Turtle

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