Saturday, July 22, 2006

Bonnie's Spankologue: Part Nine

The spankologue is our continuing tour of quality spanko blogs. This week, the hits just keep coming as we examine three more great destinations.

Life as slave kk - kk is living every moment of a joyful metamorphosis from long time closet submissive to happy erotic explorer. In the process, she has acquired a love for serving her Master and Mistress, intimacy with both genders, exhibitionism, and all sorts of caning, cropping, paddling, and flogging fun. Through it all, kk remains delightfully receptive to each new experience. Her diary contains a wealth of hot adventures.

Spanked Minxy Wife - Minx is a spanked wife living in the UK. Her blog offers a rich mix of real life adventures, original fiction, cartoons, humour, and fun pictures from the Web. She and her husband, EH, obviously enjoy a good spanking, and she gets plenty to describe. Their sessions range from erotic to disciplinary. For some good spanking fun, I recommend Spanked Minxy Wife.

Breathing In and Breathing Out - Dyke Grrl is a happily partnered lesbian spanko, graduate student, and author. BI&BO, now entering its second year, is essentially her life journal. It covers the expected spanking and relationship issues, but adds topics such as smoking cessation and dealing with past child abuse. Dyke Grrl can be alternately clever, mischievous, analytical, or passionate. This range, combined with excellent writing skills, makes her a fine diarist and a voice worth hearing.
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Paul said...

Thanks Bonnie, your Spankologues are always interesting, I read slave KK and Minxy, I've seen Dyke Grrl in comments now I've bookmarked her to read latter,

Copper said...

I haven't read Minxey before. What a find! Thanks. Oh, and my bad - here you are blogging on the weekend! :)

kk said...


Thank you very much for listing me on your great spankologue. It is a great honor for me to be placed on it. I just love how you put my life in one paragraph, you are great.

I never dreamed I would do any of this in my lifetime let alone share it with others online.

My life has truly changed since Master came into it. I really was in a closet before him. I am a very happy person and enjoy all that we do together.

Again spanks a lot for your support. It means a lot to me.


SpankedMinx said...

Oh Bonnie, Bonnie, Bonnie, thank you so so much for the mention! I've been so BEHIND (geddit) but am so chuffed and honoured!

Thanks so much

Minx x x x x

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