Sunday, July 09, 2006

MBS Spanko Brunch #25

Welcome to our twenty fifth Sunday brunch! To celebrate this milestone, I've set out a little of the bubbly for your enjoyment.

Our topic this week deals with the most obvious after-effects of a spanking.

Please describe your feelings about spanking marks. Do you enjoy wearing or viewing visible marks? Do you find them a turn-on? Or would you prefer to be finished with the spanking soon after the swatting concludes? Does the context of the spanking alter your opinion?

I hope you will share your thoughts. Please leave a comment below, send me an e-mail, or post a response on your own blog. Once everyone has submitted their responses, I will publish a summary of the discussion.

Thank you, as always, for sharing your experiences and insight.


paqster said...

i am all about marks, seeing them on me, seeing them on my lady, i LOVE them and wear them proudly for only a special person to see :)

LOVE them

Marcus said...

I like a pink bottom, or for one major swat, seeing my handprint. I've never been one for bruises, but than again, none of the women complained about the bruises, so I never thought much about it.

Pink... pinker... red.

Yep, that's what I like to see.

cuddlybum said...

I like to see marks - a bright red bum is all very well and good but when its still sore the next day adn there's nothing there to prove it - it really irritates me - mainly cos the belvoed doesn't always get how blasted sore my poor bum still is!!! lol

On the few occasions the marks have lasted more than a couple of hours - I've been showing them off to the beloved at every available oppurtunity!!!! Not a turn on exactly - although me showing him my bum is!! - but more a feeling of pride.....don't know why....Type of spanking doesn't really matter when it comes to marks - they're a kind of bonus when they happen but not exactly necessary for him to feel he's got his message across!

jeanmarie said...

There is a place in my world for all kinds of spankings/disciplinings, and just as much as I enjoy the subtle afterglow of a pinkened posterior from playful pats, I get off on feeling and seeing the evidence on my bottom of strict lessons. I may intensely dislike the actual caning, but wearing the welts becomes this red badge of courage that absolutely thrills me. If I have to get a hard paddling, I at least want there to be residual bruises to show for it. I love & get aroused by looking at my marked behind in the mirror. I love seeing how the tramlines or bruises fade, love pressing my abused round flesh against the cool flat mirror glass. On occasion, I've actually been punished again (& harder)for wasting too much time standing in front of our full-length mirror looking back over my shoulder at my bared butt proudly.
My backside is the blank canvas on which we (me by my behavior & consent, Kyle by his actions) paint a portrait of punishment. It really is a work of art when I'm warmed, reddened, or marked. We're art aficionados, and get excited by it. too.
Jean Marie

Cassie said...

I do love to see mark, but it is rare for me. Strangly I can barely bump an arm or leg and I have a bruise. Tom can go to town with a hairbrush and I have nothing to show for it the next day. I can feel it but I can't enjoy it visually. But I love to look in the mirror at the color. I do get very red and it takes a long time to fade.


Cameo said...

LOL - man, I LOVE marks. Okay, so I'm not one for disciplinary spankings, but I've always loved marks. When I had my trailer, before I moved to FL for a while, the bathroom had a HUGE mirror in it, behind the sink. That mirror ran from ceiling down to the top of the vanity, and every time I had a spanking that left marks, I was in there CONSTANTLY admiring my bruises, lol. The purple and blue were so pretty to me. *grin* I don't like it when they start to turn brown, though - ugly!!!! Haha. Now all I need is someone special to mark me up once in a while again.

veronica said...

i love seeing marks after a spanking...i mark and bruise very easily...not as easily as i used to...LOL...but a decent spanking marks me up pretty can always see the residual effects the next day, and usually for a few days after...and it's a big turn on for both of us to see them...i'm unmarked right now because my honey is out of town...but when he gets in tomorrow...oh, boy...LOL...i'm in for it...especially if he sees this...>:)...:D

bratscorcher said...

"purple and blue" -- oh my! some of you girls have clearly had to endure some very sound corrections. marks are not just a matter of fascination for the spankee -- I like to view my wife's bottom after a caning and point out how the 12 pink lines are all parallel and low on her naughty bottom. this gives her an opportunity to thank me, because if the strokes of the cane were to cross (ouchie!) It does upset me when I see photos of a poor girl whose cane marks extend all the way to the hip or down to the thigh. that is just too severe. nature has designed the bare bottom as the perfect place for a naughty girl to receive her punishment. in general, marks are great though a way to continue to savor and marvel over the intensity of the spanking.

jeanmarie said...

I hope you know and are gratified by how this brunch profoundly influences my submissive life. Many is the time I've left my computer with a jism-slick mouse after reading and posting on a Sunday morn, only to go directly upstairs to rouse my lover. Today was no exception, it was a superlative. I'd gotten a riding crop lesson early in the week, but no trace of that remained on my bottom. I wanted to be marked, but did not want the cane or the hairbrush; they're punitive, and I wanted it to be sexy. I put on my pony costume and got out the dressage whip. I won't go into graphic detail because I don't think many of your fellow-bloggers share a taste for this refined kink, but I was made to prance until my bouncing boobies hurt, until I was sweaty, until my backside was a lattice-work of fine whip marks, until I cried freely and cried out into the bit in my clenched teeth, until on the verge of a most sublime climax.
I'm typing this standing up (I don't think I'll be able to sit all day) and Kyle promised to spank my already stinging derriere for leaving him in bed alone, but I had to tell you what a divine muse you are in my life. Gotta go...
Thank you sincerely,
Jean Marie

padme said...

Hello bonnie,
Congrats on the 25th brunch. this is a great idea for the brunch. We had a spanking party last night on our blog. Lots of fun. *grins*
I LOVE to wear marks and it's not a real spanking for me unless I have some the next day. They are a proud mark for me to wear the mark's of my Master's...
I am wearing several cane marks from last night right now. :)

Paul said...

marks don't do a lot for me, but Mel was very happy when I marked her butt, like most of you she seemed to spend a lot of time in front of a long mirror
What we both enjoyed most was turning her butt really red and hot, most nights she received a long good girl spanking we always slept with her glowing warm butt nestled in my stomach, it's one of the things that I miss most.

Annie said...

There's something wonderful about the warm inner residual glow after a hot lovemaking session, but nothing like the visual reminder such as that left behind (pun intended) after a good spanking.

Yeah, marks rock.

Anonymous said...

I rarely seem to be without marks of some kind on my bottom, and they are often still there after the soreness has faded. They are a permanent reminder of to whom my bottom belongs ! Susan

Lily said...

Hi Bonnie.

I have answered your question on my blog, hope that is ok.

Take care,


Pandora Sox said...

My man lives in another country and I only see him every 1-3 months.

When he leaves and I have his marks on my bottom, it keeps him with me for a little bit longer.

Anonymous said...

We have two implements that leave marks...the CB paddle, which leaves little red speckles, and the LT spanking strop, which can actually leave light bruises and the feeling of lactic acid build-up, like from a workout. And while I don't mind the little speckles because they disappear quickly, I'm not much for the bruising left by the strop. However, I only got bruises the first time I got spanked with it, mainly because the strop was new to us, and I kept asking for it harder!!! What was I thinking!!! *grin* Now, though, my hubby's more experienced wielding it, so I don't get bruises from it. Which is good, considering I like to run around in shorts and a bikini most of the time!!!


Bonnie said...

I don't bruise much, but I do manage to pick up a few welts. Like many of you, I love to sneak a peek after a spanking. I also like showing them off to Randy. It's a huge turn on for both of us.

CeeCi said...

My first spanking created a rainbow of bruising. We'd used the red-devil spatula on my newbie butt and OMG the bruising was gorgeous, I loved it! I'd sneak a peek every chance I could find. I've experienced a couple of little marks since that first time, but nothing to compare.

I adore looking at my reddened hindquarters in the mirror. I'll pose and twirl and point out their finer features to the Mark Maker! He always seems so pleased with himself, usually because I've turned into a wild woman and f****d the stuffin' out of him!

Happy 25th Brunch, Bonnie!

Bethie said...

Congrats on your 25th Brunch, Bonnie!

Dan likes to see marks more than I do but despite his best efforts, my bottom just doesn't mark for long. I guess over the years, my bottom has become somewhat resilient. I've always liked hard spankings so that may be part of it.

All I know for sure is that it takes quite an implement to leave any mark and even they fade quickly. I can have the prettiest red marks and in a couple of hours...nothing! I'm like Cuddlybum that way, and it really irritates me too sometimes. I'm sore and have no physical indication of my spanking.

I really like seeing my bottom when it's got that nice "just spanked red" glow. I wish it lasted longer though so I could enjoy looking at it more. Sometimes if Dan gives me a good spanking in the morning, I get to enjoy it for a little while anyway. If it's before bedtime, by the time I wake up, it's gone.

We don't do much discipline so the majority of my spankings are erotic. I don't think it makes much difference to some of us spankos though; a spanking is a spanking. I enjoy and get excited by the look of my well-spanked bottom no matter what. It's the visible representation of my spanking fantasies. I see my red bottom and I know I've been spanked. That's the bottom line (no pun intended) for me. :-)

Dyke Grrl said...

Bah! I had a nice long comment talking about the various ways that I like being marked, and it didn't go through.

So I'll be more brief this time: Congratulations on the 25th brunch. I love these, even if I don't always have time or energy to participate.

I definitely love being marked, and admiring the marks afterwards. Bruising is pretty rare, partly because W is worried about hurting me, and partly because I guess I just have a tough butt. The last time I can remember *bruises* was my 30th birthday, and I turn 32 in August.

I do get marks pretty often from the evil "loopy toy." Partly, I think that's because that thing most often comes to play in disciplinary spankings, so there's less warm-up. And partly, it's because that thing is evil incarnate, and gives a deep impact in very little space (if we used canes more often, I'd probably also end up with marks from those). Now that it's summer, I need to get better about pulling down my pants for spankings, to give W a clear delineation of spaces that are unlikely to show up when I'm wearing shorts....

Honestly, though, I think I get more benefit from the lingering discomfort after a spanking than I do from the visible marks; I'm usually calmer and more focused and more, well, good while I can still feel the spanking when I sit down.

Anonymous said...

This topic along with the recent poll raises some interesting issues. My lover and I have recenly experimented with adding 'spanking' (as opposed to random swats on the bottom) to our life. we talked about a safe word and were often reduced to giggles as we tried to some up with one that would be clearly heard and not misunderstood. Do y'all use safe words? Is there a time when safe words are properly ignored? If the safe word is used and the activity is stopped, can the spankee be punished later for having used the safe word?

Bonnie - if this isnt the proper place for this comment/question, please move it to the right place.

Bonnie said...

Anon - Welcome to MBS! I usually don't respond to individual brunch contributions. I'd rather let folks speak their minds unencumbered by my opinions (to which they're subjected the other six days of the week). However, your questions warrant answers.

I definitely recommend a safeword for everyone. For two people with plenty of imagination, ours is pretty lame. It's "red." A safeword should always be honored, no matter what. That understanding is an important part of the trust upon which this type of relationship should be built.

The spankee can indeed be spanked later, but it shouldn't be for invoking her safeword. It should be a continuation and completion of the original spanking (for whatever reason). As I said, a safeword is a matter of trust. It shouldn't be used except in times of crisis.

Even after many years and many spankings with Randy, I still use my safeword occasionally. Here is a description of one such time.

On the right side of this page, near the top, I have a drop down box where you can select tutorials. These are essays I have written on subjects of interest to couples who are just getting started. I invite you to browse and hope you will find something of value.

Best wishes and happy experimentation,

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