Saturday, July 08, 2006

Bonnie's Spankologue: Part Seven

The spankologue is a weekly tour of some of the very best spanko blogs. This week's stops are again unique and excellent.

Katie's Spanking and Punishment Blog - Katie Spades burst onto the spanko blog scene with remarkable momentum. Almost overnight, Katie is on all the best blogrolls. Before she became a blogger, Katie established herself as a popular spanking model. As a result, she is able to share plenty of beautiful photographs and relevant insight. Her other half is Jake, a no-nonsense disciplinarian who employs spankings in equal measure to punish and reward. Katie is just as engaging as she is attractive. Check her out her blog!

Creative Spanko Wench - Patty's writing and drawing efforts truly live up to the name. Her original pictures attractively depict various spanking and sexual themes. Patty also shares many fictional and real life spanking accounts. As I was starting my blog, Patty was one of the spanko luminaries I sought to emulate, not for her unique content, but for her relentless drive, quality product, and prolific output. Patty remains an inspiration. Note: Patty can now be found here.

Random Thoughts from a Random Girl - Cuddlybum is an Irish woman living in England. She is obviously bright and successful, yet she has seen the coarse side of life as well. The blog describes the triumphs and frustrations of Cuddlybum's daily routine. Her beloved serves in the military and she sees him far too seldom. When they get together, love and spankings ensue. Her writing style is casual and conversational, occasionally bordering upon stream of consciousness. While some of the thoughts are indeed random, others reflect a deeper knowledge learned in the school of life.

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cuddlybum said...

Bonnie - I'm honoured - thank you!!



SmartNnaughty said...


Another 3 good sites. I like this feature.


padme said...

I have only been on patty's site but will check out the other two...they sound great...
patty was a huge reason I started my own blog...I love her art and writing very much...

Tigger said...

Three marvelously diverse selections, Bonnie! And bravo for the courage to offer Patty's blog up among them in light of the controversy. In my humble opinion, the heat and intensity of the controversy only emphasizes her obvious talent and appeal. JUst like for padme, hers was the initial blog of inspiration for me, closely followed by yours, and I feel eprsonally and deeply indebted to both of you.

Cuddlybum offers a fresh approach and throws herself headlong into her posts. She is thoughtful and brings a very "intimate" feel to her posts and her comments and she not only reads other blogs but responds consistently and thoughtfully.

Katie offers rare insight into the world of spanking models and has used that knowledge to build an interesting, informative and insightful blog. And yes, it is graphically impressive, as well.

Hugs to you, dear Bonnie... your choices here for these Spankologues and your reasons behind them speak even more to your character and the integrity of your spirit and the blog you have created.


Paul said...

Thanks for this service Bonnie.
I know all three blogs, I'm particularly grateful for your very fair assessment of Patty's blog, thank you for that.
Your spankologues are very useful for newbies.
Your generosity is well known and appreciated.

the wench said...

thank you bonnie

Katie_Spades said...

Bonnie - I just read this and am so honored, both by your mentioning my blog, but for all the kind words that you said! Really I cannot thank you enough. You are a true doll! Thank you again my dear.


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