Saturday, July 01, 2006

Bonnie's Spankologue: Part Six

Let's continue our tour of excellent spanko blogs.

Spanking Bethie - Bethie is a multi-talented blogger. Not only does she operate a very popular spanko blog, she is also loving partner to SpankBoss from the Spanking Blog, and manages the excellent Spanking Den forums. Bethie's subject matter cuts a wide swath through the spanko universe. Her features tend to be more personal than those on the Spanking Blog, but no less interesting. Spanking Bethie is a must-see destination for any spanko.

Sierra's Punishment Diary - If you knew only that Sierra Salem was the beautiful girlfriend of spanking legend Dallas, you might fall into the trap of believing this blog exists solely to lure visitors into his pay site. Nothing could be further from the truth. Sierra is a conversational diarist who shares many aspects of her life as a spanking model and beyond. Lots of great photographs accompany her well written and entertaining narratives.

Thoughts for My Master - The Viking's Wife maintains this journal as a continuing tribute to her dominant husband. The spirit of this blog is best captured by VW's own prose, "Submission, slavery, dedication, love, satisfaction, surrender...all words describing my life." Her writing exposes her innermost feelings on all these subjects. TFMM celebrated its one year anniversary last month and it's still going strong. VW provides an excellent account of the experiences of a loving submissive.

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Tigger said...

Thanks for these Bonnie!!! VG at Thoughts for My Master was one of the first spankos online who actually wrote back to me and sort of took a personal interest in me... she's awesome and though she has been through many struggles and terrors of late, she seems to be gaining self-confidence and rekindling her zest for life. Her relationship with ehr Master is truly an awe-inspiring thing...

Bethie is amazing!! How does she find the time to do all that she does online and still offer such intense submission?? Her psersonal stories are the best part of her site and her recent post on what submission means/is to her is perfection personified!

Sieer'a site is really different and equally inspirational... she is so amazingly down-to-earth and nonchalant about not just her spankings on and off the camera but also her entire life. She is an open book and that is a wonder to behold!!

Thanks for yet another marvelous and well-rounded, diverse selection of cool spanko sites!! I hope you're enjoying your time away!


Anonymous said...

submission to be spanked in my marriage is common. often arguments or doing wrong is paid for with a spanked bottom. they hurt but it beats hours of dickering and comlpete silence. we both submit to be whipped aqnd the air is cleared promptly,

Bethie said...

bonnie, thank you so much for your kind words! And you put me in such good company that I'm blushing.

Bonnie, I hope it won't offend you if I say something here to Tigger.

Tigger, thank you for your compliments! You know, sometimes I wonder how I'll find time for all my projects and be as devoted to Dan as I like to be. Somehow it all works out though. It helps that his computer is within arm's reach. ;-)

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