Friday, June 30, 2006

Spankings Remembered

While visiting The Spanking Writers (highly recommended), I encountered a post by Haron where she provided a brief summary of some of their older stories along with links. Her logic was that since their blog is now much more popular than it was when the stories were originally published, many readers didn't even know they existed.

When I read this, I was inspired. When this blog began nine months ago, I sought to attract visitors. I did this by posting several of my very favorite spanking tales. In the long run, the strategy worked, but only a handful of people ever read those early stories.

I doesn't seem fair to simply repost the stories as if they were new, but Heron's summary with a link presentation would be splendid. So, here are six spanking accounts from the early days of MBS:

Anything But That - My dear husband bends my submissive mind and swats my bottom in this erotic adventure.

Good for the Gander - I definitely got more than I bargained for when I tried to turn the tables on Randy.

When It Rains - A well-executed "quickie" spanking.

Spanko's Night Out - We took our show on the road with fine results.

Forty One Candles - One of Randy's Amazing Birthday Extravaganzas!

The Long Way - On this weekend trip, we took the long way home and included a stop for a midnight spanking and sex outdoors.

We're going to be on vacation for a few days, so I invite you to enjoy these stories in the meantime.

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Mistress Sky said...

As usual, you inspire me to continue in my quest for improvement (both self- and blog!) Have a marvellous time and I look forward to reading the stories while you're away!

Sky x

Tigger said...

Enjoy your vacation, you two... hopefully it will generate NEW stories once you return. In the meantime, I, too will enjoy revisitng the older posts...

you never have to ask me twice to consider reading good spanking stories... and yours are always the best!


adam said...

Hi Bonnie: I just dropped by for a visit...I know I've been absent from viewing your blog for a while--Sorry!!.

Noticed you included, "Adam's Spanking Stories," to your Links List..

Thank you, so much, for including me...I've been bad, not reading here. I'm so glad I returned. I'll be sure to add your blog to my links.

And, I'll be back, to read some more!!

xx, Adam.

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