Thursday, July 06, 2006

Poll: Severe Spankings

I was wondering about the incidence of severe spankings and decided to ask you, my dear readers.

I define a severe spanking as one where visible marks or residual pain remain after 48 hours. This definition is entirely arbitrary, but it fits with my experience. Following the vast majority of my spankings, I have neither marks nor discomfort two days later. Those cases where the results were still quite apparent on third day were the most serious of my spanking experiences.

If you have another definition that you prefer, please feel free to apply it here.

Is there a place in your relationship for severe spankings?



Anonymous said...

We're a lot like you, Bonnie. I get mostly gg spankings, and even when I do get spanked for being "naughty," they're never "severe" spankings. Now, I have gotten speckles from the CB paddle, and some marks from the LT spanking strop, but thankfully, they disappear pretty quickly.


cuddlybum said...

For me the severe spanking is the one that leaves ANY marks - my bum is horribly hard to mark........even with the evil cane!!!


MafiaBoy said...

I used to have a girl friend called Lucy who really enjoyed having her bare bottom caned severely. The thing that really used to excite her was 'Pencil Skirt Touch Toes Canings' as she used to call them. Many's the time she dressed herself up in a very smart pencil skirt suit. She looked a proper business woman.

On most occasions she hitched up her tight skirt and took down her panties and touched her toes to receive anything up to 36 stinging strokes of the cane. These strokes would leave her backside really striped and welted, the stripes and welts would eventually turn to deep bruises. On other occasions she would bend over and touch her toes with her skirt taut and she would be caned over her skirted bottom.

Mafia Boy AKA James

Paul said...

Hi Bonnie,
yes Mel did get severe spankings, aka punishment spanking.
Ours was a D D D/s marriage there were very few punishment spankings I didn't like giving them, I'm not a sadist, and believe me Mel didn't like taking them.
Our spankings were good girl mainly, attitude adjustment or brat spanking and stress busters. In 33 years I doubt there were twenty punishments, there were two main offences, breaking trust and failing to look after her health, Mel needed to receive them much more than I needed to give them.
The hardest thing that I ever did in my marriage was to punish my beloved as hard as she needed me to, but love demanded that her need be filled.
Considering how much we loved each other Mel tried very hard not to need punishing, and mainly she succeeded.
There you go Bonnie.

padme said...

I also have a hard time getting marks on my ass now. Master Anakin calls my ass "bulletproof". I love the marks and bruises but they don't seem to last more than a day or the beginning some would last a week. I really miss that sometimes...

jeanmarie said...

Dear Bonnie,
I agree with your definition, and with the theme running here that mostly I deserve and get moderate punishments. But every once in a while, about once every couple of months on average, I need a real good one. We both see it coming, like a gathering storm. And, true to that analogy, it's hard, loud, scary, intense and, God bless it, clears the air like nothing else.
Jean Marie

Cassie said...

Yes, I suppose they have their place but I really don't like them at all. Thank heavens that they come few and far between. As Paul with mentioned these are usually for, as Tom says "Putting myself at risk". Things like drinking a bit much when he is not around, avoiding medical tests, and a few other stupid things that I have done which I will write about later. Good question, but I don't like to think about it.


jeanmarie said...

You've had me thinking about severe punishments all day, ever since I first read your posting, and one more thing needs sharing. The more I'm marked across the bottom, the more mesmerized I am with looking at the evidence of the strict lesson, and the greater the sexual turn-on for me, for some strange reason. The first time I was caned I HATED the experience, but found myself staring at my bared butt for long intervals in the full length mirror for days afterward, and I was so randy until the tram-lines faded about five days later. Hard hairbrush paddlings can leave me bruised, and I think I detest that implement more than any other, but that doesn't keep me from dropping my drawers to have a frequent peek at the black & blue (and purple & green &...), and from needing to satisfy that itch, either by myself or by jumping on Kyle repeatedly. Do other subs share my feelings?
Jean Marie

Tigger said...

Hi Bonnie,

I'm a bit slow to make my blog rounds today... I'm sorry for my apparent absence thus far. But the topic of your question is actually also my "excuse," though not at all in a bad way.

Yes, I get punished severely... my markability depends greatly on implements, warmup, amount if time in spanking hiatus and most of all (as discovered today), the state of tension in my cheeks as they are being spanked.

My handspanking from a few days ago which I struggled vehemently against instantly bruised all over in shades and degrees never seen before on my bottom. But last night's thorough punishment spanking, which I eagerly accepted and remained mostly relaxed for, though perhaps the hardest I've ever received, left few marks and relatively little soreness, though I do still clearly feel the effect when I sit and walk.

Fascinating realization...

Damnation's Cellar said...

Jean Marie, absolutely. I spend a lot of time in front of the mirror when I have bruises or marks to gaze upon. I love to watch them change, too, and will often provide a bruise update for several days afterwards.

I'm not sure I can classify a spanking as severe based on how I've been marked. Like tigger said, implements, warm up, and tension can certainly affect my markability (Is this a word? I love it!). I've found more recently that medications and where I am in my cycle have an equal effect on the appearance of my purple souvenirs.

Still, I do receive what I consider to be a severe spanking from time to time. There is definitely a place for severe spankings in both my relationships.


dwcmike said...

I have only had a couple of spankings that leave my bottom reddened and sore two days later. Usually the afterglow is gone in a few hours. And like a few others have stated, I do find myself taking a look at my bottom in the mirror later in the day. If a real punishment spanking, the skin becomes red after a shower even three days later.

Anonymous said...

For a spanking to be meaningful, it must be just more than I really want, making me think, but not say,please no more, that's enough, as the implement continues to land on my bent over bottom. As for marks; I love checking on my striped rear, and if I sit on it, the thrilling twinge reminds of my ordeal, which I actually enjoyed ! Susan.

Dyke Grrl said...

We do have the occasional severe spanking in our relationship. But, as others have noted, there are a lot of factors that go into determining whether I get marks, and even whether I can feel the effects several days later. Often enough, a fun spanking will also leave me a bit tingly several days later; and even though punishment spankings are generally with more intense implements, and are done without warm-up, they don't always leave lingering marks or pain.

And I also get that impulse to check out the visuals of a spanking, for days afterward.

Bonnie said...

Tigger Too - Thanks for your insight!

Cuddlybum - I find that my bottom gets tougher with regular spankings. Many times, in fact, I don't see the marks I think should be there given what I just endured.

James - We'll mark you down in the "Yes" column.

Paul - Thank you for sharing your experience.

Padme - Randy says something similar about me. But that doesn't prevent him from trying to create marks anyway.

Jean Marie - I agree. There are times when I simply need a spanking that is considerably more vigorous than our usual play.

Cassie - I think it's very natural to feel ambivalent about this topic. While the benfits are undeniable, so too is the associated discomfort.

Jean Marie (the sequel) - Yes, absolutely! BTW, you've anticipated tomorrow's brunch topic.

Tigger - No excuses are needed here.

That's a really interesting point. I never thought of it that way, but your theory makes sense.

DC - You folks are answering my brunch question before I even asked it. But I like your responses!

Mike - Ah, yes. The warm shower relapse...

Susan - I completely agree!

Dyke Girl - You and the others are probably right about marks not being a reliable indicator of severity. We're all different and each of us can vary over time in our tendency to mark. I was looking for a simple definition of severe and grabbed that one. Perhaps some more looking is in order.

Thanks for sharing your wisdom.

Katie_Spades said...

Bonnie - I couldn't agree with you more about your definition of a "severe spanking" and if you know anything about me, which you cetainly do, LOL, you would know there is most certainly a place in my relationship for it! Great poll and idea!


badtom said...

Mmm great read. Now has me hankering after a severe spankering. Personally I define severe as when the strokes are hitting bruises already forming - to carry on at that point seems pretty severe. I like a spanking that feels severe even if isn't by that definition, but haven't often got that far.

I once had a long spanking running through plenty of different implements, and I so much wanted it to hurt to make it feel real, but I reached a plateau where nothing was getting through, and although my bottom looked a completely different shape from usual, it hadnt felt like a severe spanking. We must have done it wrong!

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