Monday, July 03, 2006

Bonnie's Mailbag

Another month has passed and it's again time for Bonnie's mailbag. I receive a lot of e-mail. I appreciate everyone who takes the time to write. I often incorporate your suggestions and contributions into the blog. I try to answer every message, but I get backlogged sometimes.

Now for the questions...

Question: Is the reason you never show naked pictures of your ass because you have cellulite?

Answer: No.

Question: Will there be a third installment in the My Blogging Smarts series?

Answer: Nothing is certain until I get around to writing it, but I can give you a definite probably.

Question: I've never heard you talk about a flogger. Do you and Randy own one?

Answer: Yes, we have one somewhere and it does get used from time to time. Randy generally chooses the playthings and he's partial to the traditional corporal punishment implements.

Question: What do you do in your job?

Answer: I need to be somewhat vague here to protect my identity, but I am a writer. The documents I create and maintain at work bear no resemblance whatsoever to what you find here.

Question: Have you ever had a raw place on your bottom that just doesn't seem to heal? If so, how did you care for it.

Answer: Yes, I have. Any time I am spanked frequently, I am susceptible to this problem. I have one such spot right now that's down low and toward the outside of my right cheek. It doesn't hurt much, but it looks bad and will open up if I am spanked directly on that spot.

To care for this kind of sore spot, I do a couple of things. If it's open at all, I will clean the spot carefully, apply Neosporin anti-bacterial cream, and then cover it with a bandage. Once it closes up, I apply a cream with aloe and vitamin E. This seems to reduce the irritation, speed healing, and prevent scarring.

The most important step, and perhaps the most difficult, is to avoid spankings on that spot. Whether that means no spankings at all is up to you, but I can promise you that direct hits on your sore spot are likely to send you back to the beginning of the healing process.

Question: Can I lick your coochie and spank your ass?

Answer: That's Randy's domain and his efforts are quite sufficient.

Question: What do you wear while sleeping?

Answer: I usually wear a loose fitting nightgown or nightshirt and a pair of comfortable panties. If I'm dressing for my man, there are obviously other choices. But you asked about sleep.

Question: What do you do about your marks during bathing suit season?

Answer: I avoid wearing a bathing suit.

Thanks, everyone!

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Tigger said...

Hi Bonnie!

Welcome back, if you're back...

I always get a kick out of the questions, and an equally big kick out of some of your replies... polite, informative and funny all at the same time.

However do you do it? Years of writing experience, I'd imagine... but then at least some of us had already guessed that before reading this post... your talent is obvious!

Oh, and I DO need a pillow today... just as I suspected.

Hugs and happy 4th!

Cassie said...

Dear Bonnie,
So sorry to have missed brunch. I enjoy it a bit late. You receive very interesting and diverse mail. Your answers are wonderful! We have been away too so I am glad to be back to enjoy more stories! Keep in touch,


jade said...

I love how you answer all the questions so seriously! (ex What color are your panties?) Too funny!

Bonnie said...

Tigger - Thanks. We're physically home, but not yet back into our abnormal routine.

I want to answer readers' questions. If they take the time to ask, they deserve some sort of a response, especially if it provides information that might help others. I've discarded a couple of questions that I found utterly offensive and one I suspected came from a young person. But most questions I do answer.

With that said, I reserve the right to answer questions as I choose. If I seem to be dodging, you can reasonably conclude that I'm not ready to share the complete answer. There of some details of my identity and my life that I doubt I will ever share.

I'm quite aware that some of the questions are frivilous. I try to afford them all of the respect they are due, but not one bit more. I want to make Q&A less dry and more fun. The goofy questions work well into that plan.

So how do I do it you ask? I have no idea! I simply sit down at the computer and just start writing as I always do.

I hope your spanking was a good one.

Cassie - Thank you. No problem about brunch. We'll save you a seat for next week!

Jade - Ah, yes. The ubiquitous panty questions... I have to admit that I've nearly exhausted my supply of clever one-liners about my underwear.

Katie_Spades said...


Those were too funny, the questions, and the fantastic way you answered each one! Isn't it funny the emails that people send, LOL? Your mailbox idea is excellent and so eloquently wel done! I absolutely loved it and thank you! BTW Happy Fourth and happy spankings!


Anonymous said...

Too funny!!!


Bonnie said...

Katie - I have no doubt you receive your share of interesting mail as well. Feel free to borrow this concept if you like.

Tigger Too - Thank you!

Mary said...

I have had worried about marks and bathing suits before - usually only a stray cane bruise or pink lower cheeks upper thighs. I minimize complete exposure - complain to my sweetie and get a "Well I guess you ought to think of that before you misbehave" Or "I try to be considerate - but sometime you move too much" To which I reply with a pout- "You trying being still when you bottom is on fire and a belt is lashing at it" (Of course I know this is only egging on another spanking for being a snot :-) ). Aren't I rotten? I guess bottom line - if it is a public place where people really don't know me - I will be descrete - but really not worry about what others might notice - odds are they won't notice unless they are a spanko - and if they are - they will likely only smile - glad to see someone is having fun.

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