Tuesday, July 04, 2006

The Birthday Ritual

I was saving this nugget for a special occasion. It seems only right to celebrate Independence Day with a bang. This classic birthday adventure story is from my archive.

My husband, Randy, is quite fond of ritual, especially when it concerns my birthday. His concept of ritual involves intense bare-bottom paddling. Every year, he picks out a different surprise locale for our celebration. With each birthday, I marvel at his ability to conceive of a new place and motif for my annual tail toasting. This birthday was no exception.

In truth, my birthday isn't for more than a week. Most years, however, Randy likes to get this event over early. I suspect this is to allow him to spank me again on my actual birthday. How could I complain?

I wondered if Friday might be the magical night, but as usual, I really didn’t know. At Randy's suggestion, we dined out. He picked one of my favorite restaurants. It features seafood. It's casual and unpretentious. It's a place I might choose. If my darling wanted to wine and dine me, he wouldn't take me there, right? He'd choose one of those upscale continental establishments as the perfect prelude to a spectacular evening. Right? As well as I think I know this man, he can still cross me up. This was definitely one such occasion. He had me completely at ease. We talked and laughed and just enjoyed our evening out. He was in a good mood and seemed in no hurry to get anywhere. We lingered over dessert. All was well.

When we left, Randy drove in the direction opposite of our normal path home. At this point, I began to become suspicious. He was up to something. I just knew it. So I innocently asked, "Where are we going?" He turned his head toward me and smiled broadly. It was a smile that said everything and nothing. In my heart, I now knew. In my mind, though, I wasn't so sure. "Is this my birthday spanking?" I inquired boldly. No sooner had I spoken the final fateful word than butterflies took flight within my stomach. After a long, agonizing pause, he told me "Oh, you're going to get spanked all right." He voice was deep and even, almost matter-of-fact. Now owning an answer I wasn't certain that I wanted, I sat quietly as Prince Charming drove on.

We pulled off the freeway at an exit near the edge of the city. By now, it was completely dark. I couldn't imagine what could be of interest in this neighborhood. Soon enough, I received another hint as Randy pulled into the parking lot of a self-storage company. This is the type of place where you can rent a locker or a room to keep your old furniture, appliances, or other belongings. It was surrounded by a high fence and seemed well lit. Randy got out and I followed him in the office. Inside, we saw an old man intently watching a football game on a bad television. Randy told him he was here to pick up a couple things. With an absent-minded wave of his hand, the man gestured for us to enter.

We walked out through the back door and onto the lot. No else was there. Randy led me to a locker all the way in the back. He unlocked the sliding metal door and rolled it upward like a garage door. All was dark inside. He walked in and led me by the hand. On came the light and down came the door. With that, he exclaimed, "Surprise!"

It was a surprise too. The dingy locker was about the size of a small single car garage. A lone, bare bulb mounted on the unfinished ceiling provided the only lighting. The air was warm and musty. Yet, the storage space was oddly festive. Streamers, balloons, and a happy birthday banner decorated the room. On the floor was a piece of carpet I recognized from our basement. Atop it was a piece of furniture I hadn't seen before. It was a kind of a footstool. The base was chrome. Above that was a rounded wooden platform shaped like a broad 'U'. Between the sides of the 'U' was black leather covered padding. While hardly the classic spanking bench, in this context, its purpose couldn't have been more obvious (especially when there were five wooden paddles leaning against the side). Yes, my dear spouse had spent quite a bit of effort preparing this special spanking.

"Happy birthday, Love" Randy whispered as he held me tight. I was, for once, at a loss for words. I cooperated as he stripped off my clothes. He stopped along the way to give me a kiss here and a nibble there. I'd come this far. I wasn't about to turn back. When I was naked, he positioned me face down against the stool. He asked me if I was ready to be paddled. I quietly replied, "Please paddle me."

Paddle me he did. Before the first set, he informed me that this spanking would be a celebration of my life as a spanko. Taking in hand the smallest of the paddles, Randy reminded me that as a stubborn, headstrong child, I was spanked often (it wasn't really that often, but he was on a roll). He counted out whacks one through ten. They hurt, of course, but I was doing fine.

Next, my lover took the next larger implement. He told me that as a horny teenager, I first established the link between spanking and sexuality. Ten more hard swats left me breathing hard and wondering when the small locker had become so warm.

In my twenties, I discovered the joys of a spanking relationship. Randy commemorated this era by applying my sorority paddle to my glowing seat another ten times. By now, I was becoming really sore. Randy sensed my distress and asked me if I needed to stop. I said I didn't know. He was nice enough to give me a break. His fingers and mouth explored my body. I cooed with pleasure.

After this momentary distraction, we returned to the business we had come to transact. In Randy's hand was the teardrop paddle. He recalled that, in my thirties, I learned how spanking can be a lifestyle choice. Whacks thirty through thirty-nine seared my skin. My lifestyle, I decided, wasn't going to include sitting for quite a while.

As for my forties, they are a book that was still being written. Randy told me he thought our lives together were improving with each passing day and each swing of the paddle. Twice more the teardrop found its stinging mark. I was almost done (to a crisp that is...).

I knew what was next. The Mother of All Paddles wasn't there as a decoration. It was to delivery the legendary "one to grow on." This implement is too big and too heavy to be used often. Fortunately for me, we don't. However, the time had come again. I took a deep breath in anticipation of its sudden impact. "...and one to grow on" crooned Randy. BOOM! The swat resonated like a firecracker inside the small room. The sting was immediate and intense. It was over.

Randy stood me up and we embraced. His hands soothed and caressed my skin. I cringed as his grasp reached my crimson posterior. "Let's go home," he said. After I dressed, we left. On the way out, the old man asked the obviously empty-handed Randy if he got everything he needed. I blushed when he replied, "No, but I will in a few minutes." I practically ran back to the car.

It was late when we arrived home. We rushed up to the bedroom and made passionate love. I was hot in every way. As is his way, my Prince Charming stoked my fires before finally extinguishing them.

Yes, this was yet another birthday to remember. My treasure chest of memories is feeling just a bit more full tonight. But I know that plenty of room remains!

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Sassy said...

Great posting, Bonnie! Thank you for sharing it. Randy has a great mind!

Paul said...

Lovely reminiscence Bonnie, does Randy get to spank you on his birthday too.
Mel used to offer her bottom up as a birthday present for me, one that I never declined, *G*

Tigger said...

Wow, Bon -

That was hot enough to rekindle the burning that still lingers in my own posterior... and other nether regions, too, *wink, wink*...

He is such an innovative man, isn't he? And so thoughtful and attentive... much like my man, actually, though I'm only just now learning to truly appreciat what I have really had all along.

Great story! Enjoy your Fourth... and thanks again for the pillows, I've needed them all and will almost certainly need them yet again after tonight...


padme said...

Happy early birthday, bonnie.
Happy 4th of July!

Mistress Sky said...

He certainly made it a special time for you Bonnie! Lovely story...Happy 4th July to you Americans!!
Sky x

CeeCi said...


A different paddle for each decade, what a wonderful way to mark the passage of time! Happy Birthday, a tad early, but heartfelt all the same!


Anonymous said...

The drawing above "silly spanking games' - we found it on Discipline Domestique, so not you Bonnie, but it could be just what lurks beneath those famous jeaans. D & S

Cassie said...

It sounds like the older you get the better it gets. Maybe someday in the future folks like us will really liven up the old folks home!

Happy 4th,


Cameo said...

Man, I sure wish I had had something like that to look forward to this year (I was SUPPOSED to, but...). WEG. Well, there's always next year, and who knows? I know that SOMEWHERE out there, there is a man who will spank me lovingly as well as correctingly, and who I can learn to love as much as he will love me. (The heck with dunderhead anyhow - who needs THAT kind of love? *grin*)

Yours said...

wow...that was so erotic! wonder what he will have planned for the next time!! ;-) hope u had a great day!

jeanmarie said...

You put fireworks in the 4th! Great story, thank you.
Jean Marie

Anonymous said...

Bonnie you have the most gorgeous ASS!! it was definitely made spanking, it's so cute in those jeans i'd spank it right through it's jeans with my big school paddle, god what an ASS,BOB

Anonymous said...

Add to our last comment, on Discipline Domestique, you can also spank that bottom on the computer using the mouse !lots of fun. D & S.

Anonymous said...

Incredibly yummy, Bonnie!!! And soooooo love the idea of using all those different paddles!!!


Katie_Spades said...

That was a great story and pic of the paddle and I'm glad you had a great fourth! Thanks for sharing!


My Inner Hell said...

I feel the need to be spanked after that! Great post!

Bonnie said...

Sassy - Thank you. Randy does have a great mind, though its slightly twisted.

Paul - Yes, as a matter of fact, I am spanked on his birthday as well. We don't, however, have any intricate rituals (so far).

Tigger - Thanks. If you run short of cyber-pillows, do let me know.

Padme - Thank you, and a belated Happy Canada Day to you.

Sky - It was special. Thanks!

CeeCi - Yes, I was going to save this story until my birthday in September, but it was screaming to get out. In any case, this wasn't the only birthday spanking story in my archive.

Anon - I'm sure they linked to the same goofy game that I did.

Cassie - So far, so good!

Cameo - That's the spirit. Full steam ahead! Best wishes to you.

Yours - Thanks. I'm sure his fertile mind is even now cooking up some unlikely locale.

Jean Marie - You're most welcome.

Bob - Thanks. I'm rather attached to it...

Anon - You can do that here as well. It's the same link.

Tigger Too - Thanks. I felt such wonderful warmth.

Katie - Thank you!

MIH - Well, these things do happen...

Incorrigible Girl said...

He certainly took some time planning that one *grins* I am heading to DC for my own bday spankings this weekend, TND has set up a nice variety and process for my 42...steps can be doubled in quantity if I miss anything... strap through hand... my ass will be a lovely shade when it is done... ;)

Anonymous said...

Bonnie,i can see why you're attached to that pretty ass, in more ways than one! mother nature has blessed you with a very beautiful pair ASSCHEEKS.when look at your cute spankable butt i want to take down my big thick leather prison STRAP and use on --WELL YOU KNOW!!! WARM REGARDS,BOB

Anonymous said...

Wow, that must have been nice!

Lucky you!

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