Sunday, June 04, 2006

Recap: MBS Sunday Brunch for June 4

Words can be every bit as powerful as a physical touch. This week’s brunch focused upon those magical words and phrases that can quickly transport a spankee into eager readiness or nervous dread, and occasionally, a bit of both.

Here are your enlightening responses:

Jean Marie: When things are clicking between us, almost anything out of his mouth is a turn-on. But here are some special favorites:

"Go select an implement that you think you deserve to feel." This puts the onus on me. I usually pick out several and hope that he settles on one I WANT to feel.

"You've had this coming, young lady." This phrase is always said when his hand is circling on one cheek and I'm about to feel the first spank. Kyle prefers this to be on the bare, unlike previous loves who liked to bare the target in the process of spanking. Unless I've been really bad, he always starts with hand spanking to warm me up first. This phrase gets my juices flowing. I usually make some smart-ass remark about wanting to cum, expressing how I want to get through the hurt and humiliation, and get to the making-up part.

"Please reach back here with both hands and part your cheeks wide." This signals that the anal play phase is about to begin, which means it's not punishment anymore and is about to get real good. (I don't know about others, but I enjoy being touched, penetrated, even spanked on this sweet spot.)

Finally, "Do you think you've learned your lesson?" He doesn't ask this until he's already certain that I have. I've never not been brought to a place of contrition when this is asked, so "Yes, sir," has been my answer every time. When we've come full circle, I always feel that I've earned the pleasure (warmth, cuddling, sex) to follow.

Tony: My partner and I have D/s spankings, good girl spankings, and just because I'm horny spankings. When she has done something naughty and I tell her she is getting "punished", that will get her juices flowing. The word "punished" is all it takes.

When we are doing a good girl spanking, she will often tell me that she is sorry that she did whatever and she deserves to be "punished". If I am horny, all I need to do is tell her "You’re getting punished" and she gets aroused.

"Punished" is the magic word for us.

Don: She enjoys force fantasies. One that never gets old is that after she has been warmed up and is squirming her bottom around in a most shameless manner, I whisper that "The next licks will be hard" and ask, "Can you take your licks like a good girl?" She asks if she has to and I tell her she must. That puts her over the top when she verbalizes her submission.

So for us, it’s not so much what I say, it her asking me if she has to submit that turns her into jelly.

kk: "Assume the position slave." I know when Master says that, my ass is in for a red hot time and I love it.

Mike: The phrase that can always get me going is, "Drop 'em". Pulling down my pants for a spanking has an instant reaction for me. For my wife, I believe it's the word "spanking." She has said her mind races when I say things like, "Turn over for your spanking." If I just say, "Turn over," she usually looks at me innocently and asks, "Why?" like she doesn’t know. Yeah, right.

In public we like to tease each other, but very subtly. At stores where we see a potential implement, we like casual phrases such as, "That might be handy" or "We could use one of those." Another favorite is any piece of red clothing, "That's a good color ...on you."

Rose: My spankings usually come in the midst of everything else. Sometimes I end up asking in a rather coy little voice, "May I please have a spanking?" Or he'll say "Come on Baby, time to spank you." That's all I need to hear to scramble to the bottom of the bed and bend over. Since Jefferson and I are both still relatively new to this world, we are still finding our way with each other and developing rituals and new spanking stances. Friday, our new toys were enough to keep me excited and dying for my spanking. So, "Let's try out those paddles" got me going. It seems there's still so much to discover, and the journey is so much fun!

Paul: In rather more than thirty years, we had a number of sayings that really turned us on. The one that lasted from when we started dating until the very end was, "Are you sitting comfortably?" This would start Mel giggling. If we were alone, she'd be over my knees and bare, I’d say "Then we'll begin," as the first smack landed.

There were many others, including:
  • "Bend over"

  • "Who's a naughty girl?"

  • "Assume the position"

  • "So what have you got to say for yourself?" if she had earned a real spanking,
Good Angel: Aside from the typical "Young lady," he calls me "Gina Marie" when I'm getting into trouble. His very deep, smooth voice just sends shivers. ::daydreaming::

Oh...sorry ::blush:: I think the one that has gotten me the most, was the day he told me that while he was reading my last entry on my blog, I was to go into the bedroom, remove my panties, and lie on my tummy on the bed, legs spread wide. "Maximum exposure, little girl."


Padme: I think some phrases which turn me on are:
  • "Assume the position" (whether that's over the pillow or desk or whatever)

  • "I'm going to go get my belt"

  • "How's your ass, slave?"

  • "You need a attitude adjustment"
Those get me weak in the knees ever time he uses them, and very turned on.

Tigger: The look in my hubby's eyes and the change in the cadence of his voice are enough to set me off. But I tingle all over when he says things such as:
  • "Drop 'em"

  • "Little girl"

  • "You've been a bad girl, haven't you?"

  • "Go to your room and wait for me"
And hearing his belt slide through his pants while my nose is stuck in the corner and my bare butt is sticking out just sends me right over the edge.

Bonnie: Here's a good selection of my favorites.

Cameo: Okay - a short list.
  • "Behave or else"

  • "Bare it and bend over!"

  • "You're cruisin' for a bruisin'"

  • "You're achin' for a bakin'"

  • "You're asking for it, young lady"

  • "You know how I love you in red"

  • "You know how good red looks on you"

  • "Keep it up and you'll get what's coming to you!"

  • "Would you like to go to the bedroom and have a talk with Mr. Paddle?"

  • "You're going to need a nap shortly if you keep that up"

  • "Behave yourself, wench"

  • "You're kind of pale. I think you need a tanning"

  • And when I'm really bad - "Keep sassing me, and you'll feel the flat of my hand on the round of your butt"
Janeen: I'm like a lot of others in that just the word "spank" sends tingles throughout my body. But I would have to say it's the look on his face when he says "I think it's time for a spanking." That look pushes my buttons every time!

Mary: I get wet when I am going to be "punished." "Come here, young lady" will do it. As well as when HE pulls my panties down. For me, there is something about him baring my behind. It feels so embarrassing and makes me feel like he is in charge and I am going to get it. That arouses my senses.

Cassie: If I have done something in public that is not ladylike such as cursing or telling an off color joke, my husband will lean over and whisper gently in my ear, "When I get you home, I'm going to wear you out."

If I do something that I know he won't like and I'm caught, I start to apologize, "I'm so sorry." He usually cuts me off with "Not as sorry as you are going to be."

Susan: "Nice and tight please," be it my skirt, jeans or skin. He says that tight bottoms sting more, and he's right!

Thanks to everyone who participated in this week's brunch. I don't know about you, but all these hot words put me in the mood for some rollicking fun. Until next time...

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Mary said...

I was on a plane this morning. Looks as if I missed a great topic. I get wet when I am going to be "punished". "Come here young lady" will do it. As well as when HE pulls my panties down. For me there is something about him baring my behind that feels so embarassing and makes me feel like he is in charge and I am going to get it that arouses my senses.

Anonymous said...

"Nice and tight please", be it my skirt, jeans or skin. He says that tight bottoms sting more, and he's right !Susan.

Anonymous said...

No kidding, Bonnie!!! Great reading!!!


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