Monday, June 05, 2006

Bonnie's Mailbag Revisited

It's time again to open the mailbag. I've received a lot of mail this month. I want to thank everyone who sent words of praise and encouragement. You folks make this blog worth the effort.

Now, on to the questions...

Question: Would you be interested in spanking a man? How about another woman?

Answer: Actually, no. As much of a spanko as I am, my preferred role is the recipient. I am grateful the world includes plenty of dom(me) types, but I don't happen to be one of them.

Question: Do you find it difficult to be a submissive?

Answer: Wow. That's a great question. I could write a whole article about it, and perhaps I will.

The short answer is being submissive is a fundamental part of my identity. It would be far more difficult to try to deny this aspect of my personality. I accept and embrace this lifestyle and my relationship with Randy. It's who we are. So I guess the answer is no.

Question: Can you tell me about some of your spanking experiences?

Answer: I encourage you to read the blog. I've chronicled many of the highlights from years of spanko fun.

Question: Is there really a National Erotic Spanking Month?

Answer: I wish...

Question: Will you link to me?

Answer: As you may have noticed, I recently liberalized my link policy. I will link to sites that:
  1. Are blogs
  2. Have significant spanking content
  3. Don't depict children or non-consensual activities
  4. Are non-commercial
  5. Are updated at least once in a while
  6. Are not offensive or exploitive (as defined by me)
If your blog meets these criteria, I will link you.

Question: If I pay you, will you send me a pair of your worn panties.

Answer: Sorry. That's not a business I choose to pursue.

Question: Will you take a look at my new blog and give me your opinion?

Answer: Sure. Send me the URL. I haven't time to debug template problems, but I'd be glad to share some general impressions.

Question: How do you find the time to do all this?

Answer: Managing a blog is time-consuming, but I have a few tricks. For example, I often prepare several days worth of posts in advance. Although this article will be posted on Monday, it was written on Saturday afternoon.

My other ace in the hole is my library. I've written and saved many spanking accounts over the years. About once a week or so, I drag one from the archives and share it with you. These stories are often mentioned by readers as their favorites.

Question: Will you come to my town?

Answer: I'm a blogger. I do my best work here at the keyboard.

Question: How can I become a successful blogger?

Answer: I don't know if there's any set formula. You need to deliver a product that readers like and to which they want to return. I have posted some of my specific observations here and here.

I wish you well!

Question: When you will be posting more pictures of your butt?

Answer: As much as I want to believe the attraction is my prose, I am well aware that there is a segment of the visitor population that doesn't come here for the articles. Stay tuned. I do have more photos and I will post them in the near future.

That's it for this month. Keep those cards and letters coming!

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Anonymous said...

Love to read the mailbag questions, Bonnie!!! Love your answers, too!!!


padme said...

Hi bonnie,
Loved your mail bag answers. Someone really asked for you to send them your worn panties? Oh man. I can honestly say no one has asked me that before. That's quite a question for you. lol.
You are right...managing a blog is very time consuming. I have learned a few similar techniques for managaing my blog.

:) Hope you had a good weekend.

orchid said...

Wanted to thank you for the link! It's really boosted our visitorship, according to our Sitemeter. :)

Happy pinkbottoming! (It's been days, days, since I got a spanking, and I'm feeling a craving!)

Bonnie said...

Tigger - Thanks. I just never know what I'm going to find in that mail bag.

Padme - I'm regularly amazed by the level of interest in my underwear. It's obviously a far more interesting topic than I ever imagined. :D

Orchid - The pleasure is mine. I've enjoyed your site over the past couple of months. I wanted to acknowledge your fine work and invite my readers to do the same. Best wishes as your blog comes into full blossom!

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