Friday, June 09, 2006

Orchid in Full Bloom

Orchid over at Pistils and Stamens just posted a very hot story. I invite you to check out this excellent spanking and sex account as well as her wonderful blog.

"Waiter, I'll have what she's having..."


orchid said...

Thankee, Bonnie!

Paul. said...

Thanks Bonnie a great read, I've bookmarked that blog.

wind walker said...

thanks bonnie, i love checking out your links....always good quality blogs!!

Aiden said...

Fantastic read! It brought UP many things in my head! ;)

Bonnie said...

Orchid - Thank YOU for sharing such a wonderful tale.

Paul - You're welcome. I'm just sorry I didn't find Orchid's blog sooner.

Wind - It's great to hear a new voice and a different perspective on subjects we love.

Aiden - Welcome to MBS! When I read that story, I thought precisely the same thing.

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