Friday, June 09, 2006

Billboard with a Wiggle

Now that summer vacation has arrived, I see lots of young women who make a curious fashion choice. They have words emblazoned across the seat of their shorts. Some bottoms feature a brand name. Some display an alluring word such as "Sexy." Still others are decorated with letters signifying a college or sorority. To my mind, this advertisement means either "Look at my bottom," or "Since you're looking anyway, here's what I have to say..."

Carrying the concept a bit farther, I see shorts as the ideal medium for delivering spanko messages. Envision, if you will, the reaction that might be generated by these alternative slogans:
  1. Sore
  2. Target
  3. Ouch!
  4. Aim Here
  5. Spanked
  6. Redder Inside
  7. Can't Sit
  8. Love Swats
  9. Tender
  10. Heat Me
OK, it's not the next million dollar idea. But it's fun!

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padme said...

Very cute post, bonnie.
Enjoy your weekend.

orchid said...

I like it! The simple "spanked" is my fave. If my ass weren't so big and I weren't always trying to minimize it when I'm out, I'd consider buying a pair of sweatshorts and adding the letters myself. But I'll save that for lovelier asses than mine. ;)

Anonymous said...



Janeen said...

Aim here is my fav, but I also like...For Spanking. (I'm pretty sure that's too many letters to fit!)

Very cute.

Bethie said...

I'd love to have some shorts like that! Very cute and sassy!

Tigger said...

Hey Bonnie,

How about two red handprints, one on each cheek? (leave it to me to think in the form of alternative communciation)

This is actually a GREAT idea... just imagine how well such things would sell in the spanko community.


wind walker said...

personally, i liked "spanked"...

i hate it when someone finds out you are into being spanked & think they can spank you....

Marcus said...

Darn, and I so wanted to try out spanking the 100000 girls that might wear Spank Me!

Paul said...

Bonnie, with shorts like that around, I'd never get my shopping done.
Trouble is I've never really needed any encouragement to look, an intriguing idea.

Anonymous said...

What about a few cane stripes? You can quite often see them through thin tight trousers anyway.. Susan W.

Damnation's Cellar said...

If you build it, they will come! I think these would sell, Bonnie.

Bonnie said...

Padme - Thank you!

Orchid - I think they'd look lovely on you. :D

Tigger - Thanks!

Janeen - Too many letters? Perhaps for you. I have ample room for a short novel.

Bethie - It is a fun idea. Perhaps just for around the house... No, wait. That would make it open season on my posterior. I'd probably never sit again.

Tigger Too - I like the handprint concept. Men are sometimes not so good at picking up non-verbal cues, but I'll bet they'd get this one!

Wind - Yeah, I guess that might be almost as big a problem as outing yourself.

Marcus - Fear not. Just because the 100K don't advertise doesn't mean they don't still want that spanking.

Paul - That's a good point.

Susan - That would work, but only for dedicated spankos. Everyone else might mistake those strips for having sat on a freshly painted park bench.

DC - You might be right. Any buding entrepreneurs out there?

Storm Rider said...

Im getting old Bonnie!
Lately I have been seeing sweat clothes that say "Pink"
Maybe its just me, but when I see some young girl who is ten or eleven years old wearing it, I think to myself "YOUR PARENTS SHOULD BE BEAT WITH A TWO BY FOUR FOR LETTING YOU WEAR THAT!""
Maybe its just my twisted mine, but I dont see the reason to have a word say "Pink " on your clothes!
(now Im showing my age!)lol

Bonnie said...

Storm - I've seen that Pink apparel as well, though not printed on the seat. The funny part is that sometimes neither the garment nor the letters are actually pink.

I think it's all right for girls to wear that stuff if they choose (as long as it's reasonably tasteful in other regards). After all, what could be girlier than the color pink?

Mary said...

I would buy red shorts with white lettering saying "redder inside"
Or "AIme Here" THere are a lot of spanko's out here - you might make a forturne if you sold something like that ! Try Cafe Press

Shimon said...

what about 2 paddles with the palm of each paddle on a buttock

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